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Post Reply Registrations!
Posted 4/28/12 , edited 4/28/12
Here you will register to take part on the rp sites posted around the forum.
To register, you can do the following steps...

1. Username
2. Name of Character (Can be a name of any anime character or just make your own)
3. Background of the character
4. Skills/Abilities
5. Like/Dislike
6. Picture

A example can be like mine which goes like this:

1. Wiliang
2. Kaito Kid/ Kaito Kuroba
3. Son of a magician who suddenly dies, he finds a secret room in his home an ever since then he has been stealing jewelry and other important artifacts around japan for later to return to their respective owners.
4. Master of disguises, master of voices, magician, trickster.
5. Likes pretty women and using magic, dislikes tuna and mean police officers

Make sure the picture is in a spoiler box, the background and such doesn't have to really 100% or even 10% match up with the original descriptions so you can change some stuff like the likes or dislikes, when you finish your registrations, wait for a creator, moderator, or senior rper to verify and accept the registration, the verification will be posted on this same forum, you can also have supernatural powers or abilities but make sure they aren't like godly or anything, FYI, you cannot kill a character in this forum
'Good Luck with the Rp!!!
Posted 4/28/12 , edited 6/10/12
2.Cool ninja
3.Not worth mentioning
4Powers and Abilities: U'll find out soon enough
5Likes pretty cool hot girls
Posted 4/28/12 , edited 4/28/12
good, i guess its good enough now, you are officially registered and ready to role
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23 / F / Wherever life tak...
Posted 4/28/12 , edited 4/28/12
1. Chibbycookie
2. Tesimoku
3. She's a werewolf that's very secretive and shy
4. She's a skilled fighter
5. She loves sweets
6. Picture
Posted 4/28/12 , edited 4/28/12
ok, now you are ready to role!!
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F / San Antonio, TX
Posted 4/28/12 , edited 4/29/12
1.) DarkAnimeFreak
2.) Suigintou
3.) Shy, but has a dark, sad side
4.) Can fly, enter through people's hearts and see their world.
5.) Likes: Nighttime, music boxes, nature.
Dislikes: Other people, loud noises, cities.
Posted 4/28/12 , edited 4/29/12
Cul ur redy to role
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20 / M / Somewhere in arizona
Posted 4/28/12 , edited 4/29/12
1. Greatace
2. Havoc
3.He's a skill gun master and master assassin's he's train everyday to be the best
4. Gun master
5. Likes Guns fighting Cars/Dislike Books Waiting
6. Picture
Posted 4/28/12 , edited 4/29/12
cul welcome ti de group u can now join our anime!
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20 / F
Posted 4/29/12 , edited 4/29/12
2. Utaune Nami
3.Its very unknown to people but she was raised in a bad city.
4. rogue
5. You will find out soon
Posted 4/29/12 , edited 4/29/12
Alrite ur gud to go feel free to join our anime ougyina
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F / x_x
Posted 5/1/12 , edited 5/2/12
2:Sarumi Elizabeth Phantomheim
3: a beautiful girl thats usually silent her father is the devil and her mother was murdered in front of her
her entire life she has been training in every art of fighting for a while she was an assassin and excellent thief now shes a detective does not trust people easily but she will fight for what she believes is right if u do become her friend she will protect u with her life has many talents is a new idol so shes not very popular yet one of her only weaknesses is a curse that turns her into a cat under certain conditions
4:she has many skills, a master fighter ,can grant peoples wishes if they arent evil,a warm smile that makes everyone feel happy is extremely kind to those she trusts,can fly
5:likes weapons,fighting,motorcycles,books,cherry blossoms,drawing,friends,delicious food/dislikes Devil,Pervs,almost everyone
6 (will upload in pics of group)
Posted 5/2/12 , edited 5/2/12
good, now you are ready to role and i hope you stay an active member of this group
Posted 5/7/12 , edited 5/11/12
1. Username: Pinkrusse
2.RP character: Lady Q, 'Lady'.
3. About RP character: Human; orphaned and raised by Grandmasters at martial arts academy. Cute Asian woman in her late 20s with slender body, cute personality, and enjoys less clothing to wear. Volunteers at Kung fu academy as a teacher assistant and has a part-time job as a shot girl at local fancy club/bar. Lives alone in a beat-up apartment, rides a motorcycle. She has a white, fluffy fox (demon fox) that lives with her and protects house from ghosts and other evil demons and also trinkets and calligraphic Asian writing flyers on all doors to ward evil away. She enjoys traveling and will bring her pet fox along.
4. Studied Shaolin Kung fu and Tai-chi for 25 years at China Kung fu academy. Specializes in swords and archery.
5. Likes: 80's music, calligraphy, antiques, sightseeing/travel, dance, food, sealife, and sex (weakness). Dislikes: bullying, violence, animal abuse, and littering.
6. <--- My avatar and this:

Posted 5/7/12 , edited 5/7/12
very good, now you are ready to role and hope you keep an active profile here ^.^ come join with us whenever you want
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