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*waiting patiently for active RP players to play with her*
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Username: AZFox
Character: Azerari
Background: Azerari is the pet/bodyguard mystical fox beast of Lady Q. Orphaned when his parents got caught up in a flood, he stumbled for days scraping for food to survive until Lady came to his rescue. giving him a home, and more. Over time he came to love his master deeply and pledges all loyalty to her. During his time with her he learned how to control his mystical power as well as transform to a humanoid like form and even learn how to speak..
Skills/Abilities: Usually in the form of a fox, Azerari can transform into a humanoid fox with enhanced combat abilities and can manipulate energy, as can he in his feral form. Extended use can be tiresome, and he is fully restored in moonlight.
Likes: Most everything
Dislikes: Anyone who tries to harm Lady and chewing gum.
No Pic

Ok, I think that's good. =o Let me know if I need to change anything?
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i guess you are good to go, the pic i rather say its optional but is most referable so we can have a better picture of the acts, so yeah, you are ready to role
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wiliang wrote:

very good, now you are ready to role and hope you keep an active profile here ^.^ come join with us whenever you want

Maybe I just want to join you... in my headquarters.
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F / x_x
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2:Shino moonlight
3:no one knows his past before he lived with sarumi he is really suppose to be the next universe god but lost all his memory's b4 he met sarumi and his abilities
4:has many techniques and is alot like sarumi in his fighting skills
5:likes:sarumi,friends,good food,fighting
dislikes:most everyone,demons,anyone who tries to hurt those he cares about
pic: *in pics*
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Second character approved of
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1. Hachikobubble

2. Rairi

3. She's a bit vague, but, her childhood experiences were awfully dark and morbid. She's witnessed her parents deaths, they were both brutally murdered. Despite her awful experiences, she manages to keep a positive atmosphere for herself. Sometimes she's stubborn, but, other times she is sweet and kind. She will never turn her back on anybody, and is strong and confident. She isn't human. She's part wolf, but, *only transforms when she feels things are getting too out of hand. She prefers fighting with her weapon. She's also in search for her older brother, that left when she was very young. Her parents never mentioned his name, so that obviously wasn't very helpful to her. She changes into an entirely different person when she fights...

4. She carries around a large scythe as a weapon. She is very skilled with it, all though she may not look like she can fight. *She can transform into a wolf, but, only when needed. You will see more abilities later on.

5. Likes; Singing, winter, soft things, the smell of lavender, body jewellery,(she has a little nose stud and multiple ear piercings), rings,(she wears a thumb ring), nice people, fire.
Dislikes; Rude people, spicy foods, remembering sad memories, traitors, doesn't like to fight unless she has too .


(I apologize for before. I thought I had already filled this out, but apparently it didn't post, so I went back and re-typed it. But, here you are! xD)

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very good, welcome to the group and hope to see you here for long
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1. xoxo_akatsuki_xoxo
2. Flandre Scarlet
3. she's a full demon, with a taste for blood. she was locked up in basement her entire life, due to her constant thirst for blood. she was released after 200 years, able to control her thirst. she's very destructive, however, when she wants to be. her past was morbid. seemingly innocent sometimes, she's quiet. but, she can be very destructive when angered, or challenged. she appears as a small child, but, has lived on many years. when in fighting mode, it appears she no longer looks like a small human child. She is 495 years old. She's hinted to be mentally unstable, otherwise has a childish personality.
4. Super strength, speed, flight, summoning, shape shifting(certain things), immortality,, regeneration, remote destruction, ability to make clones of herself, ability to scatter into bats and mist, can make herself invisible, energy blasts, There are many mysteries to her abilities. She draws pentagrams in mid-air and uses them from energy blasts and light, to cast spells.
5. Likes: blood, death, candy, bats, nocturnal animals, the color red, dark places, people screaming, secretly she likes people who are nice to her. Dislikes: people in general, sunshine, crosses, holy things.
6. Picture:

Hachiko-san?! ur in this group? yay! ^.^
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^ I think Scarlet is a pretty name.
Posted 6/6/12 , edited 6/6/12
yup, scarlet is one of the few girl names i like (theres like 13 that i like)
Welcome to the group, you can start rping now
Posted 6/6/12 , edited 6/6/12
Seriously dude? woah sme here btw anywy welcome pal
Posted 6/6/12 , edited 6/7/12
Because Scarlet Johanson (sp?) is attractive. xD
Posted 6/7/12 , edited 6/7/12
thanx guys :D!
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2.Rima Toya
3.shes a level b vampire which basically means a vampire that can control their thurst and has a special power,she is emotionless,and talks only if someone talks to her first,thats all you will know for now.
4.her power is lighning and blood weapons
5.she likes pocky,being with friends even though she wont admit it,she kinda like her classmate senri shiki
6.she doesnt like level e vampires (e =end) ,violence she tries to avoid but if you tick her off she will definatly do something or calmly walk away,and she doesnt like school but shes in a night class profile pic is what she looks like
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