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Posted 6/10/12 , edited 6/10/12
Welcome pal u hae been approved
Posted 6/10/12 , edited 6/10/12

1. RainbowNekoLuv
2. Crystal 3.shy, loves to be happy, and very sneaky she is a neko
4. knows how to fight,uses magic 5.likes;reading,magic,laughing,friends dislikes:meanies ,bugs, all kinds of creepy crawlers 6. my picture:
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20 / F / in my warm cozy b...
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2.senri shiki
3.he's a level b vampire.(a vampire who can control their lust for blood,and has aspecial power) he is an emostionless night class student at cross acadamy. he rarely talks to people, ecept rima toya his classmate and friend.he is also a top male modol.
4.his power is blood weapons
5.he likes pocky,being with rima.
6.dislikes...alot. picture is this character.
Posted 6/10/12 , edited 6/10/12
All i can say is WOW!!! that is one cool cat lol welcome pal )
Posted 6/10/12 , edited 6/10/12
(Welcome pal glad u finally registered lol)
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1. Hongyinyu
2. Keiko Fujiwara
3. Taken from Death at the human age of 25 in an automobile accident. Now a 300,000 billion year old demon served as the devil and devil's family's personal heavy-duty bodyguard/assassin in the underworld for the devil and his family. Before she became the devil's personal bodyguard, she was the head Lieutenant of the devil's military. She continues to serve the devil and his commands. She does not speak very much, rarely smiles or laughs, and is emotionless.
4. Immortal dark arts magic, swordsmanship, mind body and soul possessions, multiple transformations, and black voodoo. Her form is very little clothing, curled horns on her head, skeletal wings and arrow-shaped skeletal tail generated by demon blood. She doesn't eat or sleep.
5. She likes to serve the devil and his commands, she enjoys consuming demons.
6. 1) Human form, 2) Assassination of a traitor in Hell, 3) Mission outside of Hell.

Side characters: Members of the Phantom Troupe, Victoria Watanabe (white cat form, fallen angel, nemesis of Keiko, and bodyguard of Majesty Hikaru)
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RainbowNekoLuv, is that some version of patchouli from touhou ;D?! it sure looks like it hehe.

nd u knew people sure look amazing.
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Welcome to the group pal u are free to join us at Cephiro
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24 / M / Shreveport LA
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2.Gin Rummy
3.ex marine served for nine years first as a combat engineer then an infantry captain. Cocky, outgoing, lighthearted, tenacious, sarcastic yet lovable.
4.heightned sense of perception, military knowledge, supernatural strength.
5.dislikes: laziness, promiscuity, liars. Likes: loyalty, ambitiousness, cookies.
6.anime version of my picture, imagined until I can find one.
Posted 6/12/12 , edited 6/12/12
Very well, welcome you all and have fun!
Posted 6/15/12 , edited 6/15/12
i love touhou and yesh it is i also llove remilia scarlet XD
Posted 7/3/12 , edited 7/18/12
1: Username: Spartanboy104
2: Neko vampire
3: Do not tempt his wrath I only exist to serve him
4: Need blood to be get energy
5: Likes
*I like meeting new people
*I like Role Playing
*I love neko girls and vampire girls
*Iove how you really are

* I dislike bullies people
* I hate those who blame stuff to innocent people
* I don't want to make friends who don't apprecaite me who I am

Posted 7/3/12 , edited 7/3/12
Welcom to the group pal
Posted 7/3/12 , edited 7/4/12
thank you sir *pats him on the shoulder
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Posted 7/4/12 , edited 7/5/12
1. Username: DarknSassy_Angel

2. Name of Character: Ayame Megasse

3. Background of the character: has been living with her older sister, Hoshika, for 10 yrs since their parents died. her sister is part vampire, while herself is part vampire witch. she doesn't yearn for blood, but for the color red. shy towards new people, but talkative towards close friends. sometimes courageous. she gives out no emotions and sometimes looks tired. during a witch lesson gone wrong, she's able to act/think/see everything of someone she wants to know about during physical touches.

4. Skills/Abilities: plays the flute, piano, and violin. love using bow n arrows, fans, and daggers. fights for a good cause. learning how to use witchcraft. she always carries a black and teal metal fan that has hidden kunais in between them. her witch chakras allow her to control the wind, sound, and water.

5. Like:cooking, reading, sleeping, studying, lazying around, the color teal, strawberries, nature
Dislike: bullies, annoying people, liers, traitors, thieves

6. Picture:
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