[2012~KMovie] Covertness / Covertly, Grandly
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Movie: Covertness
Revised romanization: Eunmilhage Widaehage
Hangul: 은밀하게 위대하게
Director: Juhn Jai-Hong
Writer: Hun (comic)
Release Date: October, 2012
Language: Korean
Country: South Korea

Three handsome North Koreans spies attempt to live in South Korea as ordinary men. The men are characterized as a stupid man, a wanna be idol singer and a high school student. All three men live in a poor neighborhood in Seoul, South Korea.


1. Based on webcomic "Covertness" by Hun (birthname Choi Jong-Hoon). "Covertness" was first published from published June 30, 2010 to May 4, 2011 on Daum website.[1]
2. Movie budget is 4,000,000,000 won ($3.6 million USD).
3. Movie adaptation & casting is expected to finish late February, 2012.
4. Filming begins October 17, 2012 and shooting is scheduled to last 4 months.

Kim Soo-Hyun - Won Ryu-Hwan (North Korean spy)
Lee Hyun-Woo - Lee Hae-Jin (North Korean spy)
Park Gi-Woong - Lee Hae-Rang (North Korean spy)
Son Hyeon-Ju - Kim Tae-Won
Kim Sung-Kyun - Seo Soo-Hyuk
Park Eun-Bin - Yoon Yoo-Ran
Lee Chae-Young
Jang Gwang
Ko Chang-Seok
Shin Jeong-Keun
Lee Yeon-Kyung


Kim Soo-hyun takes role of pretty-boy spy

Kim Soo-hyun has picked his next project, after hitting it big with The Moon That Embraces the Sun, which netted him a recent Baeksang Award, and it’s a spy movie with an entertaining premise called Covertly, Grandly. That’s the literal translation; perhaps a better-sounding English title will be released later.

It’s an adaptation of a popular webtoon series on Daum by writer HUN, and Kim will play the lead, Won Ryu-hwan. He’s a 24-year-old secret agent from the North who’s dispatched to South Korea with an airborne unit. Once he infiltrates a remote town, he assumes a new name and the cover of, essentially, the village idiot. Heh. Fluent in five languages (including English and Russian) and an expert sniper to boot, Ryu-hwan gets to know the villagers and gathers intelligence on their political and military leanings, which he reports back to the North.

But wait, there’s more! He’s not just a spy, but an idol boy spy. Haha, way to incorporate all of Kim’s past roles; his assumed identity is an idol wannabe, and he comes with two comrades from the North. Together, they make up a “flower boy idol trio.” Oh man, now I’m picturing two stiff soldier types as his sidekicks, like The King 2 Hearts’ Shi-kyung as an idol boy, or maybe Ryu from Myung-wol the Spy (who are cut from similar cloth). Or better yet, both.

On top of that, the film will be directed by Jeon Hae-hong, who directed the tense thriller Poongsan starring Yoon Kye-sang, which also dealt with the North-South divide.

Sounds like a movie to keep our eyes on. Covertly, Grandly begins filming in July.


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OMG YES He deserved that Baeksaeng Award! From thief to spy, hahaha I like all the undercover movies he's been signing up for. Looking forward to it already.
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“THE CHASER” Star Eyes Role in Kim Soo-hyun’s New Movie

SBS’ hit series “THE CHASER” star Son Hyun-joo may land a new role in Kim Soo-hyun’s upcoming movie. An official from Son’s agency Faith Entertainment told the magazine Tuesday that the veteran actor is weighing up to star in the rising actor’s new movie translated into "Secret to Greatness."

The rep said the pic’s producers have suggested Son the role of a North Korea army’s elite instructor who crosses the boarder to eliminate spies that refuse to follow the order. After being handed with the script, Son is reviewing the work with a positive attitude, he said.

Kim and “For You in Full Blossoms” star Lee Hyun-woo, who are also on board for the forthcoming pic, have been filming the film adaptation of the 2010 web cartoon of the same name since July.

Helmed by director Jang Cheol-soo of 2010 thriller “Bedevilled," “Secret to Greatness" circles around a group of North Korean undercover spies who pretend to be next-door youngsters--a goofy man without a job, an aspiring guitarist and a high school student.

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Kim Soo Hyun, Park Ki Woong and Lee Hyun Woo's Movie 'Covertness' Starts Filming In October

The good looking men of Korea are in the upcoming movie 'Covertness.'

The movie is based on the popular cartoon that was on the 2010 portal website 'Daum.' It is about the North Korean sply Won Ryu Hwan(Kim Soo Hyun) who is confused about his identity, and his relationship with the village people. It is a heart warming story with dynamic action and a moving narrative. Also, Park Ki Woong from 'Bridal Mask' and Lee Hyun Woo from 'To The Beautiful You' are in it.

Kim Soo Hyun was casted for the role of Won Ryu Hwan who is a member of the North Korean elite troop. Kim Soo Hyun's acting skills were shown through the movie 'Thieves,' and in this movie, he is to show a cute village person who lacks intelligence, as well as a charismatic and cold spy.

Actor Park Ki Woong, who was known for his charisma in 'Bridal Mask,' is to act as Ri Hae Rang, who is Won Ryu Hwan's rival. His character is very playful and has free charms. Lee Hyun Woo who showed cute acting on 'To The Beautiful You,' is to act as Ri Hae Jin, who is a good looking high school student who always follows the rules.

Also, the actor Son Hyun Joo who was known for his great acting skills in the drama 'The Chaser' is to act as Won Ryu Hwan and Ri Hae Rang's chief instructor for the special forces. He is to show great charisma and action, and is making audiences more curious to see it. The new actor Kim Sung Kyun from the movies 'Nameless Gangster' 'Neighbors,' '557 Project,' is to act as the NIS North Korea Leader named Seo Soo Hyuk. He is cold and sharp, which creates a nervous tension.

The movie 'Covertness' is led by the director Jang Chul Soo that directed the film 'Bedevilled' that was invited for the 63rd Cannes Film Festival.

They plan to start filming on the 17th of next month. After 4 months of filming, they are going to release the movie in 2013.

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