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Hello again everyone!
Im actually on time for once :)..dont worry this is the real Wolfsan and not some android replacement with a better sense of deadlines..its me,really!..( though wouldent the android me say that too ..?!)

Anyway..this week ive played a lot of good games,a few irritating ones,watched some really great anime and started reading a cool new manga.

This week i purchased the first installment of this game based on the cool tv show 'The Walking Dead'.
Its going to be in episodes-five in all- and you have to make decisions which will determines what happens next,who might die etc..its pretty intense.
The graphics are akin to a digital graphic novel..and i think its a look that works well and helps set the atmosphere and charachters off nicely.

You play as Lee Everett, a guy whose day starts pretty badly and only gets worse!..hes a decent kind of guy and you will decide what he tells people, who he helps and if he even survives!
You are able to have pretty good conversations with the various folks you meet-all fully voice acted- and as mentioned you can decide if you want them to know the truth about you,or leave a few details out.
Whatever you decide to say and do the people you interact with will remember-so choose wisely!

Zombies...where to start..yes they are quicker than youd like and they are genuinely scary in this!
Your not a hardened merc or a STARS member..just a regular joe trying to survive.
All i will say is that when fighting the zombies..get the head!..i wasnt as precise and paid the price!!

I cannot recommend this game enough! its availiable on PSN, XBOX LIVE,PC,MAC ,IOS so everyone can enjoy it.
It doesnt cost much for what you get..about 400 points on Xbox live and is a surprisingly big slice of horror fun for the money!
Its not perfect-like the cliched slipping on blood to get away from a zombie..kinda dumb,but its true to the tv show where i see things like that all the time-which makes me shout at the tv in despair.
Overall its A LOT of fun,looks and sounds amazing and will really get you into the role your playing.
Get it now!!


I also downloaded the demo for 'Dragons Dogma' as soon as i saw it was up on Xbox live marketplace.
I wasnt sure what to expect to be honest..i was wary of not investing too much hope in how i wanted the game to be.
Luckily i was pleasently surprised!
The initial charachter creation is excellent and i spent literally ages tinkering around with how my hero looked and sounded..not too mention your 'pawn'-read helper ( see my preview in another post!)
It really helped to make the hero my own..exactly how i wanted them to look..even height and getting to make them with elfin ears! hooray!!

When you start the demo proper, you get to see how nice the landscape is,and the hero and his buddies..and then a huge Griffon swoops down and its game time!
Your companions are constantly jabbering away with advice and helping you out-magical healing for example.

Im not usually fond of fighting huge monsters,bosses etc..but i actually enjoyed this fight. The Griffon was no knock-over..but i felt i had a fair chance and really took it too the flying monstrosity!

I hope the final game is as good as this (crosses fingers and prays to video game gods!)
If you get a chance, have a go and see what you think..


This weeks veiwing pleasure-and it truelly was- has been 'YURU YURI'.
A brilliant show about four junior high school girls and the 'Amusement club' they set up. There are a variety of other girls they interact with on a regular basis,all with their own particular quirks and peculiarities!
I'll not go too in depth here as i plan to do a longer review of the show,but suffice to say its a sweet show about friendship and love and will definetly make you laugh.
Best of all is that a second season has been if you enjoy it,you'll not have long to wait as season 2 is reportedly out in July 2012!

Above are the main charachters and the members of the 'Amusement club'.
my fav is the one on the far right,the cheeky and utterly self centered 'Toshino Kyoko'..she is one of my top anime charachters in recent months.
Go forth now friends,and watch this great show..12 episodes of pure gold!


Another show ive been watching..'Sora no woto' or 'Sound of the sky' is a tale about a young girl that joins the military to learn to play the bugle after being inspired as a small child by the music made by a soldier and her trumpet.

Set in a near-earth post apocalyptic setting and by the look of the uniforms and technology etc set around the mid 1930s of our history ( because of said global apocalytic war ).
Sorami Kanata is assigned her first posting in the Helvetian army at a remote outpost next to a quiet peaceful town.
She meets her fellow platoon members who become her friends. Its a very close knit unit and they look out for each other as they are so far away from their own forces.

I havent finished this series as im taking my time,but so far its been very enjoyable. Pretty simple,fairly slow paced-but in a good way- and its well drawn and sounds great too.
It has been described by some as military K-on!..and you can get that vibe from it,but thats no bad thing.
If you havent seen it,give it a try! :)


FF7..the final battle against Sephiroth.
It was the first game where i went all out to get the best weapons,all my levels maxed out JUST to beat the hell out of this guy.
It was a close thing,but i did it-and in style with the ultimate limit break!
The thing is..are boss fights REALLY nescessary? I cant remember the amount of times that ive been soundly thrashed by end of level baddies and have had my enjoyment of a game stopped dead in its tracks.

Personally i preffer games that dont have the all powerfull least not one that annoy you enough that you stop having fun with your game. Hordes of minions and maybe a weak boss is better to my mind.
After all,you've hacked or shot your way throught the low and mid level goons only to be faced with a monster or machine where you have to shoot the left foot first,then poke its eye out and all while avoiding a hideously unfair super attack!
Im guessing its probably just me..but i cant be the ONLY anti-boss fight person out there..can i?
Is there not a better way? or is it just lazy programming..tried and tested and why bother to try something new..
Comments welcome ;)


Just a little thought i had..but how does everyone else watch their anime?
Do you watch it in your front room with friends? or maybe you cocoon yourself away in your room and play it on your laptop..
Personally i like to cut off the outside world and sit down,room door shut and my headphones on and immerse myself into the anime for maximum enjoyment. Its a great way to unwind after a hard days work/study etc no?

I also use the great CR app on my android phone..wherever i am i can watch any number of great shows any time i want.I think my phone has become a portable anime viewer first and phone/internet portal second!

Id be interested to hear how anyone else preffers to watch their favourite shows :)


Ive recently started reading this manga and have loved it!
Its a fairly simple tale of a travelling trader in a renaissance-era type world and how he happens to find a new friend and travelling companion in a young girl called Holo.
Holo actually turns out to be Holo the wise wolf and is the harvest god for a village but after centuries of holding her word and ensuring good harvests for the village she wishes to return home,to the far north.

Lawrence the trader is a kind soul and agrees to take Holo with him,and ultimately home and in return she will help him in his trading-as she is very wise ( a fact she regulary points out!)
Holo also REALLY likes apples..and the pics of her eating the apples with such relish are really great and drawn with real love and is all of the manga.

I will continue to read this brilliant series..its a wonderful story and you really get attached to the charachters.Im really enjoying it.
It is also an anime,but i have yet to see it. The offical UK release isnt out yet,but its not long and it'll give me something to look forward to!

Well thats about it for now..i hope you found something to interest you in my ramblings.
As always have a great week and feel free to leave any comments or thoughts!


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