Post Reply Nice to meet yah!
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Nice to meet yah! :3

What can we call u? What can u call me? Hikari or Miu, or just make up a nickname is okay. ^_^
What do u like to do on your free time? What things do you like? Do u have a special talent?

It's nice to know new people, so let's start!

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I'm Aiko, nice to meet u. x'3
I'm with my computer, hanging on CR, yt, and other stuffs on internet.
I read sometimes too. I write and draw. ^-^

Hmm, I don't think I have a special talent. It took time to be good on drawing and write good.
To say it easy, u get step for step better for everyday by training.
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I don't say I'm best on drawing (manga I usally do) but I don't suck on it either. ;3
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Hihi, cool and okay. :3
Kitsune-chan! ♥
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