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Posted 4/29/12 , edited 4/29/12
Hello! This isn't exactly a random thread. Instead, we would have conversations on a topic over here. The topic may change depending on a person's comment but please do not force the topic to change like:

A: So, who likes cookies?
B: Me! I like chocolate chip.
C: Me too, but I prefer white chocolate over milk.
D: Speaking of chocolate, I really hate pure cacao. <- Acceptable, because the previous persons have talked about chocolate.

A: So, who likes cookies?
B: I don't. But it's fine once in a while.
C: I love cookies!
D: How about muffins? <- Do not jump to a different topic.

//I made this thread at 1 in the morning. If this doesn't make any sense, I'm sorry. Gaah...need to sleep now.

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