[2012~KDrama] Yawang / Night King / Queen of Ambition
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Drama: Yawang
Screenplay by Choi Ran-I (최란)

Airing dates : 2012/__/__~Upcoming

A former announcer who gets fired after rioting against her husbands death, becomes the first female president of Korea. Another story of "Daemul - Big Thing"'s creator Park In-kwon.

Kwon Sang-woo and Su Ae back to dramaland?

There’s a new drama pairing afoot: Kwon Sang-woo (Pain, Daemul) and Su Ae (Thousand Day Promise) are in talks to possibly star in the new manhwa-to-drama adaptation from Daemul writer Park In-kwon. This series is called Yawang or Queen of Ambition, which is a best approximation in translating the title, a play on “queen” and “ambition.”

It’s about a woman who’s so dirt-poor that she doesn’t even have the means to properly bury her mother, but she pulls herself out of poverty and starts to dream big, deciding one day that she’s going to become the First Lady. The character is described as chock-full of ambition, a woman who will use any means to get what she wants. She sounds as scary as she is impressive. The story isn’t surprising, coming from the creator of Daemul, about the first female president of Korea.

The hero is a nice guy, an innocent man who loves the heroine and will do anything for her. Anything like become the president? Or anything like get his nice guy bum trampled on, while she marries the guy who’s going to be the president? There are two VERY different ways this could go for you, Mr. Nice Guy.

The drama is being produced by Verdi Media, and the screenplay will be adapted by writer Choi Ran (of Iljimae, the Lee Jun-ki version). Yawang hopes to broadcast later this year, and meanwhile Su Ae will be shooting her film with Jang Hyuk, and Kwon Sang-woo his film with Jackie Chan. Busy busy.

Via Mk.co.kr


Kwon Sang Woo-Soo Ae Potential Leads For ‘King Of The Beast’

Actor Kwon Sang Woo and actress Soo Ae may harmonize for the first time through drama 'King of the Beast.' On the 30th, according to agency representatives, Kwon Sang Woo and Soo Ae have received the offer to act as Choi Kang Chan and Yoon Nari of 'King of the Beast,' the work of painter Park In Kwon who became known through 'Dae Mul' and 'War of Money.'

'King of the Beast' is third of the 'Dae Mul' series, as Kwon Sang Woo will once again fatefully meet with another cartoon series following that of 'Dae Mul.'

According to Soo Ae's representative, "Currently, Soo Ae has received the offer to be casted in the drama, however, has not made any decisions. Kwon Sang Woo's representative as well revealed, "We are in the process of discussing the offer, but are waiting for the final organization of the drama."

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Anti-heroines are fun. We don't see them leading k-dramas very often. I'm not crazy about the screenwriter, but I'm willing to give her another shot.
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Kwon Sang-woo and Soo-ae confirmed to star in drama "Yawang"

Actor kwon Sang-woo and Soo-ae have been cast for the drama "Yawang". According to Berdi Media on the 12th, kwon Sang-woo and Soo-ae signed a contract with "Yawang" which should proceed quickly with the finalizing of other supporting acts.

24-part drama "Yawang" is relevant to the third episode of the "Daemul - Big Thing" series by Park In-kwon, about Yoon Nari (Soo-ae) a woman who desires to overcome poverty and become the 'first lady' and an innocent man named Choi Kang-chan (kwon Sang-woo) who sacrifices everything for her. The betrayal and love that occurs in the process spreads out like a panorama along with unstoppable greed and plots, the destruction of the human existence and esthetics of salvation.

Previously, Park In-kwon's "War of Money", "Daemul - Big Thing" and "Hot Blood" have become famous as dramas.

The production claimed, "The drama will start filming in August and aim for broadcast in the later half of the year. There have already been pre-sale offers from Japan and China as well as South East Asian countries. We expect a great reaction for the drama as it is made up of an amazing storyline and actor kwon Sang-woo as well as Soo-ae".

kwon Sang-woo who has been in "Daemul - Big Thing" said, "The original was so good I decided to star in it without hesitation". Soo-ae said, "I believe in the original and I felt attracted to the character".

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Su Ae and Kwon Sang-woo’s Yawang secures time slot

Su Ae and Kwon Sang-woo have signed contracts to star, and the show has now secured a Monday-Tuesday slot on SBS’s January broadcast schedule. The 24-episode series will focus on the story of a fiercely ambitious woman who is dead set on becoming the First Lady and fights tooth and nail to get there.

The production plans to finish casting and start shooting by November, and airs in January on SBS.

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"Yawang" Lee Mi-yeon

Lee Mi-yeon is about to come back with the SBS drama "Yawang" for the first time in 2 years. Lee Mi-yeon is looking through the script for the leading role of SBS drama "Yawang". Agreements have been made on both sides but the contract is yet to be signed.

Lee Mi-yeon had a break after the KSB historical drama "Merchant Kim Man Deok" and recently appeared in the recent movie "A Company Man".

"Yawang" is a sequel to the SBS drama "Daemul - Big Thing" about a woman of desire (Soo Ae) and her revenge on the man (kwon Sang-woo) she gave everything to but who betrayed her. Lee Mi-yeon is a plutocrat and the person in between these two.

"Yawang" will start shooting in December.

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“Night King”: New still cut of Kwon Sang Woo and Soo Ae to be released!

The upcoming drama “Night King” recently teased viewers with a new still cut of actor Kwon Sang Woo and actress Soo Ae.

The still cut, which was taken from the first filming of the two co-stars, showed Kwon Sang Woo and Soo Ae moving into their newlywed house. Kwon Sang Woo was carrying a heavy bundle and suitcase while Soo Ae could be seen carrying a ramen box.

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I am glad you are excited about these actors and their upcoming shows but a thread needs more discussion than one person posting over and over. If you want to discuss these shows with other users feel free to start a new topic about them and ask what other users think, but as this thread stands it is more like a blog than an actual forum topic because there is nothing really to discuss it is just various pics and news headlines.

If you want to keep posting newer images or info about these shows I would suggest using their actual CR Library pages to do so. Also you could use your own CR profile page. However the forums aren't really for posting headlines or official updates about shows, they are for discussions and conversations between the users.

Thanks for using the CR forums either way and hope you are enjoying what Drama programs we have to offer on the site!
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