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Posted 5/1/12 , edited 5/2/12
Moderator Application


- must Accept any Graphic Request (min.1)
- Make profile (1 mod 1 theme for 1 moth)
- Finish the mothly assignment (1) that have been send to your own Inbox.
- Make a group creative + active.
Games + Forum

- Make games
- Delete a post ween it is out of rules (the post) [not request thread]
- Make the group creative + active

- Accept Drawings Request
- Make drawing class (not have to)
- Draw an art of anything, it will be posted on the Profile each week(or moth) new art.
-Make the group active + creative.

Literature Mods

Depend on the Position.
(Literature Desingers or Literature Manga-Ka)

Q: How do we be one of the Literature Mods?
A: You must be a mod first, then if you get a PM with a Title "Literature Acceptance"

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