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Posted 5/2/12 , edited 5/2/12

Today i turned on my 360 and was confronted with the advert for the new Black Ops game.
As i had a few minutes to spare i thought lets watch it and see if it looks any good...

As you can see its looking VERY futuristic compared to the last game!
The basic premise is that in the future most of the US armed forces are robotic..walkers,drones,planes etc...annnd someone has managed to take control of them. So the mainland US is in trouble and has to call on the 'obsolete' spec ops guys to sort out the problem before everything is wrecked and WW3 is started with China! (nothing to serious then..)

Check out the demo thats online now..see what you think. I must admit i was surprised by the direction taken..but maybe it will be a refreshing change..after all there wasnt that many conflicts left to cover really was there?

Fans of the zombie mode will be happy to hear its back, and that it will be something pretty special by all accounts.

I must admit im more of a BattleField 3 fan..teamwork etc..but i did enjoy the first Black Ops game,mainly because of the 60's setting-and running around as JFK & Nixon shooting zombies was pretty cool!

Thats all for now folks..more details as and when they come out. Opinions welcome!

..Oh and please enjoy a random pic of horses charging a Hind attack chopper-always a good move!..( it appears in the game).
The bottom pic is the main charachter in the new game..( looks like the US army was REALLY hard up and just started arming up outlaw bikers! )

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