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Hi folks..theres a lot of great FPS games coming out this summer/ lets get a start and have a look at some of them!

I pretty much had to start with HALO is too big a title to want to go last! I for one cant wait for the next installment of the Halo storyline. We'll pick up where we left off, with the Master Chief and Cortana drifting in deep space..but its not long before Spartan 117 is back in action..against elements of the Covenant..and a new greater threat!!

.Weapons are now more balanced out and will supposedly have optimal usage ranges and abbilities.
.Sprint is a permanent option now,though it will have a usage meter so you cant run around like some mad armoured gazelle with a battle rifle!
.Battle Rifle is coming back!
.Certain armour abbilities have been changed,tweaked or removed.
.New mode called Spartan campaign mode with new missions regulary released.
.Spartan Ops is more team based and objective centric and allows you to use the custom Spartan from this mode in multi-player too.

***BATTLEFIELD 3-Close Quarters***

The new DLC for BF3 to be released in June
It includes four new maps,and 10 new weapons to be unlocked through assignments.
So far we've seen demos of 'Ziba Tower', which is a modern,expensive looking high rise office building with multiple floors to fight over.
The second map that has been shown is called 'Donya Fortress' and is a large,old middle eastern fortress with plenty of dark corridoors inside and deadly exposed courtyards.

All four maps will feature the new micro HD even more places torn to shreds by gunfire and rockets!!

Later in the year two more map packs are being released..'Armoured Kill' and 'End Game'.
'Armoured Strike' will feature large maps designed for epic vehicle battles, and will include more tanks,AFVs,jeeps etc. It will be a bigger tactical picture and a return to what made BattleField great. This map pack will appeal to the Battlefield purists more than 'Close Quarters'.
'End Game' is the last map pack..and no one knows what it will entail..some people even suggest it might be a futuristic BF 2142. I was hoping for another 'Nam dlc using the new Frostbite 2 engine..unlikely i know,but i can dream!


A classic of FPS gaming and its returning to PC,PS3,360. It will be downloadable on both PS3 and 360-not a disc release.
The game will feature the following....
.A more balanced weapons system.
-SMGs to be a better mid range option
-Shotguns to have advantages at shorter ranges.
.New heavy weapons,pistols,shotguns.
.Adjustable weapon variables..improving performance of a selected firearm.
.New equipment including Molotov cocktails for area denial,Decoy grenades to trick enemies with firearm noises.
.Kevlar for everyone.
.New maps and a few fan favourites that are coming back too.

Its in BETA testing with various high level gaming pros of CS at the mo..but more details will come out soon.Its looking mighty fine indeed and a welcome more serious FPS option this summer.

***Ghost Recon-Future Soldier***

Another big hitter this summer ,and one im really looking forward to!
GRFS will feature..
.Co-op split screen plus up to four players.
.10 maps available in all four game modes.
.Four game modes
-Conflict=TDM with variable objectives ( check out the BETA videos on YouTube now! )
-Decoy=Objectives that have to be searched..two are fakes and only after the first two are cleared
the third and final objective is revealed and has to be destroyed.
-Saboteur=A centrally located map on the map must be captured and then taken to the enemy base and
-Siege=Capture objective & defend from enemy..NO respawns so its more intense!
.Guerilla mode=Up to four friends on 360 or PS3 playing as a team through 50 waves of enemies-like Gears 3.
Theres up to 30 odd hours of gameplay across four maps in this mode,and you can save
between levels so you can continue at a later date with your friends.
There is also a 'confidence' system in this game where as you start trying to capture an objective the more teammates around you the quicker you can capture the objective. There is also certain bits of equipment availiable to speed up the process. Its a good idea as it makes teamwork even more vital.

'Gunsmith' mode is a special and massive feature that allows you to fully re-engineer your weapons..ALL stock,barrels,gas parts,magazines,side rails,under barrel attachments,scopes, etc.. and the changes will determine how your gun plays in the game.
Theres 52 weapons and 48 doubt more to come out as dlc too..supposedly up to 20 million combinations!!
You can test out your tweaked weapons on a shooting range and try parts out before you buy them.
I cant begin to describe how insanely cool this mode is..check out the videos on YOUTUBE to see for yourself!
Released 25 May..not long to wait!!

So there you have it,just a few of the amazing games coming out soon..a mixture of platforms and types..from serious to regular run'n'gun. Its going to be a hard choice what to buy and play..but at least we have a strong and varied lineup to choose from. Something for everyone!

I included a pic of CRYSIS 3..another option this year,and ive included a quick look at Black Ops 2 in another post.More on CRYSIS 3 soon....

Phew! thats a lotta shooting to get through!
As always,happy gaming!

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