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Posted 5/3/12 , edited 5/3/12
sq Luffy
- his abiliTies alone make him a excelenT choice For a zombie apolcalypse. Think abouT how many zombies would Fall To any one oF his abiliTies.

FronTl inuyasha
- i almosT picked kenpachi buT Then inuyasha has more Tools as Far as his abiliTies go and seemed The choice To make.

rangediv UpoTTe
- Alucard was clearly The FirsT choice buT I mean whaT iF he geTs injured and has To heal I mean sure iT would Take a lot To bring him down but wiTh mosT of the people dead where would he geT his blood From... The resT of The Team. Then I Thought The android and well in a posT apocalypTic world she wouldnT be easy To repair despiTe The facT she anT become a zombie. Than I ThoughT FNC. Since bulleTs donT kill her and in The end she is a FNC I doubT she would Fall To a zombie virus.

assassi Yoruichi
- Her speed and abiliTy made her a beter choice over hei as i donT Think elecTriciTy would phase zombies all ThaT much

Magicd eu
- iF done righT who knows how many zombies would be Taken down by The word die

sup sakura
- her medical skills and her oTher ninja abiliTies as well

inForma rinTaro
-hardesT decision For me in This game cause surpsingly i have limiTed knowledge oF all The shows in This Team caTegory

mec gat-x105
-iTs a gundam

bacup edward
- uTiliTy basically

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Posted 5/3/12 , edited 5/3/12
Squad Leader - Lelouch vi Brittania. Without plans or clear objective, you won't survive this situation.

Frontline Division - Guts. A hardened war veteran, with his demonic strength(thanks to the curse) and experience, he'll proved to be an invaluable ally.

Range Division - Vash the Stampede. A horde of zombieblobs? No problem! Vash has a weapon that can punch a big hole on the Moon.

Assasin - Junior. Thanks to his mother, he can phase through any solid objects.

Magic Division - Lina Inverse. One large order of zombie BBQ coming right up!

Support Division - Kuro Hazama. Because he can make an artificial anus (mot related pun).

Information Division - Yuuki Nagato. Wait what? There's a ninja zombie on the loose?

Mecha Division - Mazinger Z. Blasphemy! Where's mah Mazinkaiser!

Backup - Recca Hanabishi. You want your zombie medium or well-done?
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Posted 5/3/12 , edited 5/4/12
Squad Leader - Luffy: He wouldn't die anywhere near quickly.

Frontline Division - Kenpachi: Psychotic fool could be used as bait, if nothing else.

Range Division - Alucard: Dracula... what more do I need to say?

Assassin - Lucy: Invisible vibrating hands that slice through anything from a distance without a trace; 'nuff said.

Magic Division - Gray: Ice weapons/armour/buildings out of nothing; very helpful.

Support Division - Nurse Joy: Don't care for Sakura nor recognise the others, so... yeah.

Information Division - L: He's a genius and can still fight his way out if he got caught.

Mecha Division - Clearly Unit-01; mostly due to Evangelion being one of my favourite anime....

Backup - Edward Elric: Alchemy could save my ass from time to time.
Posted 5/3/12 , edited 5/4/12
leader yui
fronteline kenshin
range vash
assasin lucy
magic defintly nanoha
info nagato
mecha ?
back up ash
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Posted 5/3/12 , edited 5/4/12

Squad Leader

Monkey D. Luffy/ Yuri Nakamura

Dracule Mihawk/ Kenshin Himura

FNC/ I wish Usopp was in the choices


Eucliwood Hellscythe / Gray Fullbuster



Guren Mk-11

Edward Elric/ Yusuke Urameshi
Don't really know mech since I don't watch mech shows. The mech looks cool.
I wish Zatch Bell was in the Backup section. :(
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Posted 5/3/12 , edited 5/4/12
Squad Leader:Lelouch

Front line division:Himura Kenshin

Ranged division: Alucard

Assassin: Lucy


Support: Sakura

Information: L Lawliet

mecha: Nirvash

backup: Edward
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Posted 5/3/12 , edited 5/4/12
Squad Leader
Monkey D. Luffy - He has haki, and his rubber body lets him travel around freely + take less physical damage.

Dracule Mihawk - He can cut the air, taking care of zombies without getting near them.

Alucard - Looks the craziest

Lucy - She'd take care of anything in the area around her, I don't see how it'd be possible for zombies to even get to her

Magic Division
Eucliwood Hellscythe - She's a necromancer that can kill with words.. she can just revive other dead team members and have them fight more too.

Support Division
Sakura Haruno - She could use her insane strength to burst through walls and make paths for everyone to escape + she has healing.

Information Division
L - Could come up with the best strategies/find weaknesses in zombies

Mecha Division
Guren Mk-11 - Only mecha I've seen

Ash Ketchum - He could summon his pokemon like Charizard so they could fly over all the zombies.

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Posted 5/4/12 , edited 5/4/12
Oh, this looks like fun.

Squad Leader:
Monkey D. Luffy - His rubber body and haki abilities will defeat anyone in his way.

Frontline Divison:
Dracule Mihawk - The best swordsman and Zoro's teacher.

Range Divison:
Alucard - I love Vash, but Alucard's gun handling skills are mindblowing.

Lucy - All she needs is to be within range. Even if she doesn't work out, everyone else on the team will be enough.

Magic Division:
Eucliwood Hellscythe - I don't know her, but she looks capable.

Support Division:
Sakura Haruno - Her healing skills were taught by the best around.

Information Division:
L Lawliet - He's a genius. You can pay him in sweets.

Mecha Division:
Nirvash - I don't know any of them well enough. I chose a mecha based on the design.

Edward Elric - I hope this is when he still has his powers.
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Posted 5/4/12 , edited 5/4/12
Squad Leader - Lelouch because he is a genius and a proven leader

Frontline Division - Inuyasha because he can cut down large groups at a time and is very agile.

Range Division - Vash because hes just a crazy dude

Assasin - Lucy because her Vectors can be useful for more than just combat.

Magic Division - Eucliwood Hellscythe because she is incredibly powerful

Support Division - Sakura because she probably has the best medical talent

Information Division - Yuki Nagato because she is the most intelligent and can alter reality

Mecha Division - GAT-X105 because I'm a Gundam fan

Backup - Yusuke Urameshi because hes a bad ass
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28 / M / Norway
Posted 5/4/12 , edited 5/4/12
Squad Leader - Luffy

Frontline Division - Mihawk

Range Division - Yoko

Assasin - Lucy

Magic Division - Eucliwood

Support Division - Nurse Joy

Information Division - Rika

Mecha Division - Guren MK-11

Backup - Edward Elric
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Posted 5/7/12 , edited 5/8/12

chrome_mist wrote:

Squad Leader
Monkey D. Luffy - Can't get bitten. Unless zombies know how to use haki.

Yes they can use haki
But only in the later waves. As it says the longer you survive the stronger they become.

AnimeKami wrote:
Harem team:

Squad leader: Yuri

Front line division: teresa

Ranged division: Yoko

Assassin: rider

Magic: Eucilwood

Support: sakura

Information: rika

mecha: nirvash

Backup: saya

I love your harem team hahaha.

AHTL wrote:
Don't really see the point of this thread, nor how it creates discussion.

Compare which team is better or how would each characters help the team with their abilities or a PvP Your Team vs. My Team.
But you're right, I've been away for 4 days and the thread is buried 3 pages below the board. I will update the pic soon and add a bunch of new characters, hopefully it will generate more discussions.

TotalPotato wrote:
Dude, if I chose Okabe or Nagato, one of them could just change the past/rewrite reality so that there was never a zombie apocalypse in the first place. It wouldn't even matter who else I picked.

Dude where's the fun in that? We want to see some action. I should put a rule where characters cannot change time and reality.

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Posted 5/7/12 , edited 5/16/12
Squad Leader - Yuri Nakamura or Lelouch Vi Britannia or Monkey D. Luffy : Lelouch the Smartest, Luffy The Strongest and Yuri plain awesome ^-^
Frontline Division - Xaraki Kenpachi : Guess what happens.... Overpowered!
Range Division - Henrietta : Ho ho ho Henrietta~
Assassin - Train Heartnet : They won't see what's coming Hahahaha~~
Magic Division - Nanoha Takmachi : Oh Yeah! Best Magic Division Ever!
Support Division - Haruno Sakura : Please don't ask why.
Information Division - L Lawliet : A Genius.....
Mecha Division - Gat-X105 : Gundam, what else do I need to say It's Gundam!
Backup - Kisaragi Saya : She really will take care of everything. EVERYTHING I SAY!

Maka, Hisoka, Haru is Added wow I really don't know who to pick now T.T
Posted 5/7/12 , edited 5/8/12

AHTL wrote:

Don't really see the point of this thread, nor how it creates discussion.

I was about to say the same thing
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Posted 5/7/12 , edited 5/8/12
can I just say 'the crew of a space ship'?
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Posted 5/7/12 , edited 5/8/12
Squad Leader - Lelouch

Frontline Division - Zaraki Kenpach

Range Division - Alucard

Assasin - Hei

Magic Division - Hellscythe

Support Division - Sakura

Information Division - Rintaro Okabe / L - honestly L is better but Okabe is a boss

Mecha Division - Niraveh

Backup - Edward Elric

Biggest OP set-up
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