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Posted 5/7/12 , edited 5/8/12
i will go be special...
also i feel the choices are kinda... small.
tbh, ihaven't watched most of these because i'm a n00b.

Squad Leader: Koko Hekmatyar. (OTL i'm sorry i really had to. i know lelouch or luffy would've been a much better pick but Koko has this extensive knowledge of guns, and she smiles in the face of danger. i like her character.)
Frontline Division: Kenny!! (so when he dies i can turn to the zombies and scream "YOU KILLED KENNY YOU BASTARDS!!")
Range Division: Alucard (he looks like he can kill. WHY THE HECK IS FUNCO THERE? what the heck???)
Assasin: Lucy (so cool!!)
Magic Division: Eucliwood Hellscythe (moeeeeeee!!! she's so adorable who doesn't want a necromancer who tells people they're faggots? but her true full potential still isn't really revealed yet...)
Support Division: what are with all these characters that i don't know... xept sakura but i don't like sakura... eh... let's chose sakura and feed her to the zombies.
Information Division: L Lawliet (so cool!!)
Mecha Division: GAT-X105 (it looks cool. no honestly, i don't like mecha stuff. so i chose the one that i felt looked coolest.)
Backup: Edward Elric (he' cool alchemy will be helpful.)

oh yeah right, my results?
i am hecka screwed!!
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Posted 5/7/12 , edited 5/8/12
Vegeta. He's the only character I'll need.
Posted 5/8/12 , edited 5/8/12
My anime team for the zombie apocalypse (with reasons):

Squad Leader - Jomy Marcus Shin - leader of the Mu and powerful psionic being - can easily communicate with squad and teleportation comes in handy and his psionic energy blasts are like mini-Kamehamehas

Frontline Division - Kenpachi Zarachi - he can take a lot of punishment but can also dole out some punishment - plus he'd be happy fighting on the frontline instead of sitting back and waiting for orders

Range Division - Vash the Stampede - The Human Typhoon - enough said

Assassin - Hei - he'll fry your brains and manipulation of electricity is only a the tip of the iceberg of the powers he got from Bai (I would have chosen Train Heartnet but I like Hei more)

Magic Division - InuYasha - wind-scar can probably kill thousands of zombies and has very large AOE and lets not forget his Tessaiga's other abilities and InuYasha's other powers (would have chosen HellScythe but InuYasha is cuter)

Support - Kuro Hazama - reliable - (I would've chosen Sakura but she pisses me off)

Information Division - Yoruichi Shihoin - can get in and out of enemy territory quickly and can take care of herself and most importantly - she was captain of the 2nd Division of the Gotei 13 and their jobs included reconnaissance and assassinations and she is SEXY

Mecha Division - GAT X105 - coz it's a fucking GAT X105

Backup - Yusuke Urameshi - someone with S-class demon blood can come in handy in times of need - and let's not forget that his spirit gun can destroy mountains and register a 5.0 on the Richter scale
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Posted 5/8/12 , edited 5/8/12
The Thread should soon sTarT dropping characTers also I mean should be seeing who can ouTlasT insTead of more characTers. Unless bonus laTer on or someThing
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Posted 5/8/12 , edited 5/8/12
Squad Leader: Monkey D. Luffy (Dislike the choices for this section other than luffy)
Frontline Division: Himura Kenshin (Good Choices for this section)
Range Division: Alucard (Good choices for this section)
Assassin Division: Shihoin Yoruichi (Dislike all choices for section though)
Magic Division: Eucliwood Hellscythe (Can't she control zombies though? Instant win?)
Support Division: Kuro Hazama (though Sakura is probably a better choice, since she could defend herself)
Information Division: Yuki Nagato (Don't really like any of the choices though)
Mecha Division: Nirvash (OK I'M PISSED THAT YOU LEFT OUT super dimensional fortress macross!!!!)
Backup Division: Edward Elric
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Posted 5/8/12 , edited 5/8/12
I love the people choosing Unit 01, have fun when the supershort battery runs out
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Posted 5/8/12 , edited 5/8/12
Squad leader: Yuri Nakamura - She was a good leader in Angel Beats so I'm assuming she would do ok in the zombie apocalypse

Frontline: InuYasha - Demon powers should be enough explanation.

Ranged: Makoto Kusanagi - She's a cyborg she shouldn't miss shots.(would have been Vash but I'm unsure if he would feel the same way about killing zombies as humans.)

Assassin: Lucy - She's crazy.

Magic: Marisa Kirisame - Seemed as good a choice as anyone else in the magic division.

Support: Nurse Joy - I figured you could just put the characters into balls and heal them instantly

Information: Okabe - If worse comes to worse I could just have him go back in time and stop it from starting in the first place.

Mech: Unit-01 - Eh, I'm not sure about how eating zombies would affect this "mech"

Backup: Ash Ketchum - After all these seasons he has to have a good collection of pokemon he could throw out. Flamethrower would go a long way.
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Posted 5/9/12 , edited 5/10/12
I don't know a lot of these characters but I'll go with

Squad leader: Luffy (he is pretty tough and can stretch which could be usefull)

Front line division: Inuyasha

Range division: Henritta

Assasian: Shihoin

Magic division: Orphen

Support: Sakura

Information: L (he can figure out the best strategies)

Mecha: Unit 1

Back up: Edward Elric
Posted 5/10/12 , edited 5/10/12
Squad Leader
1st choice - Monkey D. Luffy
2nd choice - Lelouch vi Brittania

Frontline Division
1st choice - Teresa
2nd choice - Zaraki Kenpachi

Range Division
1st choice - Alucard
2nd choice - Vash the Stampede

1st choice - Lucy
2nd choice - Shihouin Yoruichi

Magic Division
1st choice - Gray Fullbuster
2nd choice - Lina Inverse

Support Division
1st choice - Haruno Sakura
2nd choice - Ruriko Ikusawa

Information Division
1st choice - MakubeX
2nd choice - L Lawliet

Mecha Division
1st choice - Unit 01
2nd choice - Mazinger Z

1st choice - Yusuke Urameshi
2nd choice - Edward Elric
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Posted 5/10/12 , edited 5/10/12
I'm still hoping the OP actually runs this as a game.
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Posted 5/10/12 , edited 5/10/12
Squad Leaders:
I'm only familiar with Lelouch in this list, but he depends on calculating the behavior of his enemies. Zombies do not plan, they simply act, so there is no strategy to counter.

Koko Hekmatyar looks serious, so I'll choose him.

Front line:
Teresa, easy choice.

Alucard. I really like the others, but if you're going to be fighting supernatural beings....

Lucy, another easy choice. Massive damage to large groups.

Magic Division:
Eucliwood Hellscythe. That's a given.

I don't know any of these characters, so um... Ruriko Ikusawa I guess?

Information Division
Yuki Nagato. Android processing power!

Mecha Division:
Unit-01. Another given. It's designed to take on massive, otherworldly creatures.

Saya, but I'm not very familiar with the others.
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Posted 5/10/12 , edited 5/10/12
Squad Leader - Lelouch Vi Britannia
I'd say he'd be pretty quick at setting up the proper defenses for handling a zombie horde.

Frontline Division - Kenpachi
If your looking for a tanker, Kenpachi is the man obviously.

Range Division - Alucard
Crazy as a flute and ready to kick ass.

Assasin - Hei
I didn't know the others so I picked Hei

Magic Division - Gray Fullbuster
Freezing zombies must be a plus right...?

Support Division - Sakura
Shes a good medic but could also knock you into next week if you pissed her off.

Information Division - L Lawliet
World's greatest detective gathering intelligence is a win.

Mecha Division - Guren Mk- II
Since the squad leader knows that model best, its probably good to stick with that (and I dunno about the others )

Back up - Edward Elric
Knowing alchemy and having a robotic arm has to be some kind of advantage
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23 / M / My own, made-up w...
Posted 5/10/12 , edited 5/10/12
I like the idea of this thread, however i don't think that we should be limited to the characters given. So i kinda went off and picked most from your list but also some i think would be better suited.

Squad Leader - Lelouch. The obvious choice.

Frontline Division - Kenpachi - A beast in CQC, also a swordmaster.

Range Division - Lucy - Can fight from long range and rip enemies to shreds!

Assasin - Itachi - Before you even see him...He mindfucks you.

Magic Division - Eucliwood - Who wouldn't want a necromancer?

Support Division - Edward Elric - Can CC with his Alchemy, and shield allies with matter.

Information Division - L - A information master. A Genius, and an ace detective.

Mecha Division - Nirvash - only one i can name.

Backup - Aizen - Cuz he's smexy.
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Posted 5/11/12 , edited 5/11/12
- Added 3 new characters for each division (27 new characters total)
- Removed Alucard (cuz he's far too over powered)
- Replaced Alucard with Seras Victoria

Now accepting character requests.
Posted 5/11/12 , edited 5/11/12

rotenburk wrote:

- Added 3 new characters for each division (27 new characters total)
- Removed Alucard (cuz he's far too over powered)
- Replaced Alucard with Seras Victoria

Now accepting character requests.

Alucard is far too overpowered...? This list includes the like of Kenpachi Zarachi and Yusuke Urameshi and you are saying Alucard is overpowered... I'm not saying they too are overpowered but certainly they can dish out an ass-kicking like Alucard can...

Oh and can you include Natsu Dragneel...? I would love to have a dragon slayer in the squad...
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