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Posted 5/3/12 , edited 5/3/12

Bethesda finally unveils the new DLC for Skyrim..and not before time imo.
Its titled 'DAWNGUARD'...aaaand thats all we really know at the moment.
Details will be revealed at the upcoming E3 show in not too long to wait.

There has been plenty of speculative ideas about what 'DAWNGUARD might contain.
Some people claim it will have new vampire animations and crossbows, and that it may contain content about Daedra and snowelves and even completely new parts of Tamriel.

At the moment everything is pure speculation,some ideas being more plausible than the new areas of Tamriel theory ( due to a PC player discovering an entire new area by technical jiggery pokery and breaking through the edge of the map..the scenery was plain and had no detail but was vast in scope and might prove to be true..)

Personally id like to see something to do with the dwarves..maybe a mysterious return or maybe travel to where they disappeared to?

More details as and when i find out something official.

What ideas would you guys like to see?


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