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Kallen Stadtfeld (カレン・シュタットフェルト Karen Shutattoferuto?) is a half-Britannian, half-Japanese teenage girl. Her father is Britannian and her mother is an Eleven; her father comes from a prestigious Britannian family, which Kallen benefits from. She attends the Ashford Academy, where she pretends to be ill to explain her prolonged absences. She later becomes a member of its student council and one of the school's most outstanding students. Kallen is a member of a Japanese resistance cell originally led by her brother, who died in to the first episode, and later joins Zero's Black Knights. She is the group's most talented pilot and on par with the Knights of the Round. Throughout the series, her devotion to Zero is unmatched among any of the other members of the Black Knights. She is one of the few people that understands that Zero Requiem was intended to turn the whole world against Lelouch.

Nunnally Lamperouge (ナナリー・ランペルージ Nanarī Ranperūji?) is Lelouch's younger sister. She was born as Nunnally vi Britannia. Injured in her mother Marianne's brutal assassination, she is wheelchair-bound and blind from psychological trauma. It is on her behalf that Lelouch pursues the destruction of Britannia and the forging of a peaceful world. Following her return to the Imperial Family in the second season, she retakes her birth name, Nunnally

Arthur (アーサー Āsā?) is a stray cat which Third Princess Euphemia besfriends after she arrives in Area 11. Arthur is later chased throughout the school grounds by the entire student body after wandering into the Lamperouge residence and escaping with Lelouch's Zero mask stuck on his head. The student council adopts him and builds a cat house in the council room. A running gag in the series involves Arthur constantly biting Suzaku in various places. Despite this they are still very affectionate towards each other.

Milly Ashford (ミレイ・アッシュフォード Mirei Asshufōdo?) is the granddaughter of the school superintendent, and president of the Student Council. Milly enjoys teasing Shirley and is eager to discover Lelouch's weaknesses. Milly is aware of Lelouch's identity as a former prince of Britannia, her family having supported Empress Marianne. Marianne's assassination led to the family's nobility status being stripped. The Ashfords arrange for Milly to marry Earl Lloyd Asplund to restore it. After the events of the first season, Milly remains a student on campus because she failed her examinations, although it is noted that she did so on purpose to remain on campus with her friends. In the second season, she eventually earns enough credits to graduate and after graduating she becomes a reporter on the local TV news and breaks off her engagement with Lloyd in an effort to become more true to herself.

Rivalz Cardemonde (リヴァル・カルデモンド Rivaru Karudemondo?) is one of Lelouch's friends, usually driving Lelouch around on his motorbike as an ante for their bets on chess games. He has a part-time job as a bartender/waiter and carries unrequited love for Milly Ashford, especially when it is announced that she is going through a marriage interview. Shown in-series and in the DVD-exclusive bonus material, Rivalz forms a fast friendship with Suzaku after he joins the student council at Lelouch's request. Rivalz's real surname is not Cardemonde, which is his mother's maiden name that he uses after his parents became estranged.[3]

Nina Einstein (ニーナ・アインシュタイン Nīna Ainshutain?) is introduced as a bookish member of the student council at Ashford Academy. Nina demonstrates an acute xenophobic reaction to Elevens and is initially intimidated by Suzaku when he arrives in the school. She develops a deep obsession with Third Princess Euphemia after Euphemia helps her during a traumatizing hostage incident at the Lake Kawaguchi Convention Center Hotel. Lloyd Asplund is interested in Nina's personal research regarding the possibility of using Uranium-235 as a fuel. Following Euphemia's death, Nina becomes emotionally and mentally unstable. In a misguided attempt to avenge Euphemia, she arms the Ashford's Ganymede Knightmare Frame with a prototype nuclear reactor and intends to detonate it and take out all of Tokyo, but it fails to explode.Nina is recruited by Second Prince Schneizel as chief of his "In Vogue" research team headquartered in Dallas, Texas.[4] Under him, she eventually creates a working bomb, F.L.E.I.J.A. (Field Limitary Effective Implosion Armament, pronounced "flaya"), that vaporizes everything within a specific radius. Nina is shocked and devastated by the destruction caused by her own weapon, which causes more than 35 million casualties when fired on Tokyo Settlement. Nina is forced to go into hiding shortly thereafter within Ashford Academy, as she is considered a criminal for her connection with the development of F.L.E.I.J.A. Lelouch enlists her aid in creating a countermeasure to F.L.E.I.J.A., learning that Schneizel made it even more deadly. She is later seen as a prisoner of Emperor Lelouch, along with the rest of the Black Knights and several Lelouch supporters, though she's not slated for execution.

Shirley Fenette (シャーリー・フェネット Shārī Fenetto?) is a friendly girl and is a member of the swimming club. She admits to being infatuated with Lelouch since his enrollment on campus, but finds it extremely hard to get his attention. She has a habit of always calling him "Lelou". Shirley was awarded 19th place in the 29th Anime Grand Prix for Favorite Female Character. After the Black Knights, led by Lelouch's alter ego Zero, indirectly cause the death of her father, the distressed Shirley discovers that Lelouch is Zero, and shoots Villetta Nu to protect his secret. She tries to write a letter about her feelings on the situation to Lelouch, only to throw it aside. Mao then uses his mind-reading Geass to manipulate her into killing Lelouch for him, but she cannot bring herself to do so. To alleviate her suffering, Lelouch uses his Geass to erase Shirley's memories of him. Shirley rediscovers her letter near the end of the first season, but cannot confront Lelouch about it because of the rebellion that takes place.
In the second season, Shirley's memories, along with the rest of Ashford's Student Council, have been rewritten by the Emperor, while her affection for Lelouch has returned. Her memories are restored by Jeremiah Gottwald's Geass Canceler. After coming to terms with it, she comes to understand Lelouch's motivations and forgives him after realizing that he is alone in his quest. She resolves to support him, but before she can find him, she runs into Rolo. She attempts to reason with Rolo so he can help her join Lelouch, but when Shirley mentions that she wants to help Lelouch reunite with Nunnally, Rolo mortally wounds her and plants the gun in her hands so that it appears to be suicide. Lelouch finds her bleeding to death and she says that when she is reborn she will fall in love with him again.
Though Lelouch was rather oblivious of her feelings in the beginning, in truth he deeply cared for her, as he felt immensely guilty over her fathers death and blamed himself over her suffering at the hands of Mao. When she kissed him in the rain over guilt over her fathers death, he returned her kiss for compassion and wanting to help her. During her last moments of life, Lelouch desperately tried to save her with his Geass and begged her not to die. When she confessed her love for him, he was so moved he was brought to tears of sadness and guilt over her death and even screamed in agony after she died, admitting that he loved her. Shirley's death had a huge impact on Lelouch's personality, as he became very distant from every other person he ever cared for, as he refused to ever get close to anyone ever again, even if it meant acting cold and uncaring towards others so they wouldn't share the same fate as Shirley.

Sayoko Shinozaki (篠崎 咲世子 Shinozaki Sayoko?) is a kindhearted Japanese woman who serves as a maid to the Lamperouge siblings in their residence. She was originally Milly Ashford's personal maid, but was reassigned to Lelouch and Nunnally when they were placed under the Ashfords' care. Her relatively benign appearance contrasts with her position as the 37th successor of the Shinozaki School (篠崎流 Shinozaki-ryū?) of martial arts. She is a highly skilled martial artist, carrying smoke bombs and a number of kunai strapped to her thighs, and has matching athletic talents.[5] Lelouch reveals his secret identity to her in the second season, and she poses as his double at Ashford while he is away. Though she is able to play the part somewhat convincingly, she portrays him as a womanizer. During the second battle of Tokyo, she leads a mission with Rolo to secure Nunnally, and is almost caught in the blast radius of the F.L.E.I.J.A. bomb. However, both she and Nunnally manage to escape in the ship and are taken to Schneizel. Sayoko escapes, though wounded, and returns to Lelouch to warn him about Schneizel's plan. When the Avalon is boarded by the Black Knights, Lelouch had her release the U.F.N. hostages under the guise of betraying him. She is later imprisoned alongside Rakshata, Nina, and Cécile but is set free after Zero Requiem.

Rolo (ロロ・ランペルージ Roro Ranperuji?) is introduced in the second season as an assassin posing as Lelouch's brother, placed there to observe Lelouch following his memory rewrite at the end of the first season. Rolo pilots the Vincent Prototype, and possesses a Geass power in his right eye that allows him to temporarily freeze the subjective experience of time for all persons within a given range. Whenever Rolo uses this power, his heart stops until the effect ends. He is manipulated by Lelouch into supporting the Black Knights and seems to become dependent on Lelouch over time.

Sophie is Shirley's roommate and fellow swim team member who is seldom seen in the anime. She makes her first appearance episode 3 and then is again seen in episode 14 under Lelouch's Geass. In the audio drama "Ticket of Dreams" Shirley seems to indicate Sophie is a lesbian.[6]

Miya is a student at Ashford Academy and member of the swim club only seen in episode 12 of the second season. She grabs Lelouch's hat but he uses Geass to get it back.

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