[2012 K-Sitcom] Shut Up Family
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Posted 5/4/12 , edited 8/16/12

Title: 닥치고 패밀리 / Shut Up Family
Genre: Sitcom, Family
Episodes: 120 (To Be Confirmed)
Broadcast network: KBS2
Broadcast period: 2012-Aug-13
Air time: Monday to Friday 19:45

This drama is about a marriage between a Wealthy family with another terrible but full of enthusiasm family.

Hwang Shin Hye as Woo Shin Hye
Park Ji Yoon as Woo Ji Yoon
Dasom as Woo DaYoon
Sun Woo Yong Nyeo as Na Il Ran
Lee Bon as Woo Bon
Ahn Seok Hwan as Yeol Seok Hwan
Park Hee Bon as Yeol Hee Bong
Choi Woo Sik as Yeol Woo Bong
Kim Dan Yul as Yeol Mak Bong
Nam Neung Mi as Goong Ae Ja
Kim Hyeong Beom as Yeol Hyung Beom
Shim Ji Ho as Cha Ji Ho
Min Chan Gi as Al
Park Seo Joon as Cha Seo Joon
Park Sung Kwang as Koong Sang In
Kim Dong Bum as Bin Dae Cheol
Wang Ji Won as instructor
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Posted 6/11/12 , edited 6/11/12
SISTAR’s Dasom cast in upcoming sitcom ‘Shut Up Family’

SISTAR‘s Dasom has been cast for KBS‘s new daily sitcom, ‘Shut Up Family‘!

On June 11th, PD Jo Jun Hee confirmed, “Dasom has been confirmed for a character in ‘Shut Up Family’. She’ll be playing the role of a high school student, and I feel that she was the right fit for the role. As she is one of the major cast members, I’m looking forward to the broadcasts.”

The PD continued, “The sitcom is expected to begin airing mid-August, so we’re not able to drop any further details on the show yet. We’re still casting the leading roles.”

‘Shut Up Family’ (temporary title) will be about two families, rich and poor, coming together as one family.
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Posted 7/4/12 , edited 7/4/12
'90s star Lee Bon returns to television

Sexy '90s star Lee Bon is set to make a comeback to television after a 14-year hiatus.

A representative from KBS 2TV's new sitcom "Shut Up Family" said yesterday that Lee will take part in the program, marking her first starring role on a television show since "Pure" back in 1998.

"She's as beautiful as ever and is set to bring her unique personality and charisma that charmed viewers back in the '90s", said a spokesperson from the show, who added that they were expecting great success thanks to Lee's eagerly awaited comeback.

The sitcom is based on a single mother with seemingly perfect kids who falls for a single father with kids who are a handful.

Lee will play the role of an aunt on the mom's side of the family.

Sistar's Dasom is also set to star in the comedy show, which is set to broadcast from next month.

Despite the fact that the 39-year-old actor has been absent from dramas, she has hosted the '90s music show "Comeback Show Top 10".
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Posted 7/27/12 , edited 7/27/12
Upcoming KBS sitcom, "Shut Up Family," reveals more of its cast

Upcoming KBS2's TV sitcom "Shut Up Family" has been receiving attention because of its strong line up of female characters. The show features representatives from each era with actresses such as Park Jiyoon, Hwang Shinhye, Sun Woo Yongnyeo, Lee Bon and SISTAR's Dasom.

Although Dasom was previously revealed to be part of the line up, not much else was known regarding the cast. In addition to these four ladies, Shim Jiho, Choi Woosik, Park Seojoon, and Park Heebon are expected to act in the show.

The show is set to air sometime in August and will center around the interesting conflicts and compromises that will occur among these strong women. It is expected to be an extremely colorful and extraordinary depiction of this family's life. Scheduled to run for about 120 episodes, this drama will broadcast after "I Need A Fairy."
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Posted 7/29/12 , edited 7/30/12
Park Ji Yoon On The Set Of Sitcom ‘Shut Up Family’

Photos of singer-turned-actress Park Ji Yoon during filming of her newest sitcom were revealed.

On the 27th, producers of KBS2 TV's daily sitcom 'Shut Up Family' released a few photos of Park Ji Yoon's poster filming.

In the revealed photos, Park Ji Yoon flaunted her beauty and grace with her flawless skin and fresh outfits. With her thin figure over 170 cm in height and city-like facial features, Park Ji Yoon's image, even standing still, captivated fans.

According to a representative at the filming site, "Despite filming over a long period of time, Park Ji Yoon continued to film with a bright expression to my surprise. Park Ji Yoon livened up the filming site with her goddess beauty and matching body.

In contrast to her mysterious charm and devilish personality in Channel A's drama 'Goodbye Dear Wife,' which ended at the beginning of July, Park Ji Yoon plays an oblivious and funky character in sitcom 'Shut Up Family,' premiering in August.

'Shut Up Family' is the story of a passionate mother of a dominant family and an angelic father of a dedicated, but flawed family who remarry.

Through this sitcom, Park Ji Yoon will make a 180 degree transformation from her normal sophisticated, city image.
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Posted 8/15/12 , edited 8/15/12
The Sitcoms Battle Begins! ‘Shut Up Family’ VS ‘Standby’

The second round battle between KBS and MBC for their sitcoms have begun between shows 'Shut Up Family' and 'Standby'.

According to AGB Nielsen Media, KBS2 sitcom airing of 'Shut Up Family' on the 15th received a rating of 4.8%, approximately 2% less than the previous episode. Meanwhile, MBC sitcom 'Standby' recorded a rating of 3.6%, 1% less than its previous episode recording.

Both shows are recording low viewer ratings, though 'Shut Up Family' has been taking a slight the lead in viewer ratings.

'Standby' stars actors Lee Gi Woo, Im Shi Wan, and Jung So Min developing as love interests, with recent episodes showing some stability in the dramatic development of the series. 'Shut Up Family' stars Hwang Shin Hye and Park Ji Yoon supported by an eccentric cast that is well received by viewers.

The battle between two sitcoms, viewers are curious as to which program will rise as the victor.
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Posted 8/18/12 , edited 8/18/12
Pics from Press Conference

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