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PKMN: Road of Champions - ☆The Dinner Party Arch☆
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Posted 5/4/12 , edited 5/7/12
PKMN: Road of Champions - ☆The Dinner Party Arch☆

ALRIIIIGHT!!! Trainers....This is the start of your path, your destiny, your path to greatness....

This big stepping stone guys so lets do it right. lets have drama, conflict, secrets, love, and whole lot more. My first post will kick off the Event but I will need the Mods help to keep this thing going. Also this Arch Idea was brought to you by one of our Mods Rai-Kage. So this he is the big dog on this arch. I'm just throwing him Ideas. So if you have an Idea on how this arch should run then PM the man. He loves fresh Ideas. I would like if all the characters on the list make it to this grand event. These type of events are for character growth and to create the Group's Main story. So everyone have fun and enjoy the Arch. Down below are a few things to know.

1) Known Black Dawn members are not officially invited, but they WILL play a huge part in this Event Arc.

2) Most of the trainers invited are "famous" or "talented" in some way and have proven their skills to the League.

3) If your character is not invited, it DOES NOT mean we are leaving that character out. This is only for the dinner party. The entire point of this Event Arc is to introduce the Pokemon: The Road of Champions saga that is about to unfold.

4) If a character is not listed above and still attends the dinner, the guards at the front door will not grant him/ her admitance. EVERY character must go through the front door to be checked in. The guard will be played by one of the Moderators.

5) Keep your characters in- character. We love diversity in the RP. Hence, the reason why this list is long!

The Guest List

World Champion Xavier Jones played by Moderators Only (If he shows up....)

Legendary League Champion Natsume Spiral played by LamiaZlogonje

Indigo Kanto League Champion Conner Cross played by carlrules097

Indigo Johto League Champion Okami Yamashima played by okamihakumei

Hoenn League Champion "Reidan" played by Rai-Kage

Sinnoh League Champion Sinaku LeBeau played by akumalevel4

Orre Colosseum League Champion Eric Roseguard played by NT_Pokemon (Finish your character first!)

Orange Island League Champion Morgana Jackson played by shinsonic23

Battle Frontier League Champion Vincent "Green" Onigami played by deyone5

Former Indigo Kanto League Champion "Red"played by Moderators Only

Former Indigo Johto League Champion Lance played by Anyone

Former Hoenn League Champion Steven Stone played by Anyone

Former Hoenn League Champion Wallace played by Moderators Only

Former Sinnoh League Champion Jade Quartz played by crono1036

Former Sinnoh League Champion Cynthia played by Moderators Only

Elite Four Bruno played by Anyone

Nimbasa Gym Leader Elesa played by Anyone

Cinnabar Islands Gym Leader Blaine played by Anyone

Sunyshore City Gym Leader Volkner played by Anyone

Blackthorn Gym Leader Clair played by Anyone

Saffron City Gym Leader Sabrina played by Anyone

Ace Trainer Tsunami Reiko played by deyone5

Ace Trainer Kenshin Sagara played by okamihakumei

Ace Trainer Xayne D'Angelo played by haruka-chan21

Ace Trainer Patchy Wilkes played by BentoBoxxe

Ace Trainer Zane Justice played by shinsonic23

Highy Talented Under- Achiever Ace Childs played by TheKon004

If your name is not on the list and if your not apart of Black Dawn, And you wanna join the Event then PM a Mod and we can make that happen. And remember EVERY CHARACTER MUST CHECK IN.

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Posted 5/4/12 , edited 5/5/12
You see a bunch of lights and cameras flashing. The red carpet to the door of the World Pokemon League Tower Ballroom in Hoenn, Ever Grande City. It's 15 minutes til 8 and a few of the guests are already arriving.

PokeNews Reporter Tyler:"Hello TV land, I am Tyler and with me is Kelly and we are here live at the red carpet of the Annual Pokemon League Dinner Conference"
PokeNews Reporter Kelly:"The Conference is being held this year in the Hoenn Region in the big city of Ever Grande City"
PokeNews Reporter Tyler: "Tonight we'll be seeing so of the biggest names in Pokemon attend this grand event....Oh Here are a few now!"

The camera pans to the left and you see this nice looking car pull up and out comes and old man with two bombshell dates on both his arms.

PokeNews Reporter Kelly: First to arrive is the Cinnabar Islands Gym Leader and fire master Blaine.
PokeNews Reporter Tyler: He may look old folks but as you can see this old man knows how to get down.
PokeNews Reporter Kelly: Yes he is still the perverted old man we all know

A noise could be heard from the sky like a jet was coming in. The Camera pans up to the sky and sees a Dragonite soaring though the sky. The great dragon pokemon lands on the red carpet and hopping off its back was a red haired man and a blue haired woman..

PokeNews Reporter Kelly: Yes Ladies it is the dreamy Dragon Master Lance and his cousin Blackthorn Gym Leader Clair

She says fanning her self. Then A long yellow limo pulls up and the driver opens the back door and two sexy legs pop out and with those leg came the beautiful and sexy Pokemon Model and Idol.

PokeNews Reporter Tyler: And There she is fellows One of Pokemon's Beauties, Nimbasa Gym Leader Elesa.

Elesa waves at her fans and blows kisses out

PokeNews Reporter Tyler: and coming out the same limo as her is....Sunyshore City Gym Leader Volkner
PokeNews Reporter Kelly: There was a rumor floating around saying that these two electric master hooked up during the start of spring. I guest that rumor was true.

One after another more famous and important big wigs started to show. It was turning it a night to remember......

OCC: Ok Guys Your Turn

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Posted 5/5/12 , edited 5/6/12
The crowd gathered outside the Pokemon League Tower was enormous. It was going to be a big night.

A white limousine drove up and stopped right by the red carpet near the rotary. Camera lights began flashing furiously.

"Oh my gawd....There he is!" A few young woman screamed.

An agent walked around and pulled open the door, the flashing camera lights became more frenzied. Out stepped a young man with blue hair and an elegant white robe complete with a very fashionable white cap.

"It's him! It's Champion Wallace!"

Several of the female crowd fainted immediately upon seeing the dashing fellow. He threw a dashing smile and raised one open hand at the crowd to greet them. He is then quickly escorted by the Pokemon League Security through the red carpet and into the Tower.

One of the journalist who was observing the entrance of the Former Hoenn League Champion frowned slightly.

"Odd...usually Champion Wallace would be far more cheerful and energetic than that..." He rubbed his chin in thought.

"Didn't he go away on a long trip and didn't say where?" One of his colleague beside him asked.

"Dunno...that was the rumor...Maybe its because he hadn't seen his friends in awhile."

"It's getting late and they're not here. Think they'll show?"

"Yea...I wonder where they are..." The reporter looked out towards the rotary. There were more celebrity figures approaching as the clock grew nearer and nearer to 8:00 pm.

There was another frenzied flashing of cameras as another notable figure arrived....

"Well well...look who has arrived..."
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Posted 5/6/12 , edited 5/6/12
The Cameras flashed as what came into view was a Red corvette sat then five beautiful women emerged the voices rose in cheers once the last person got out showing Green snickering he tossed the keys to a random person in the crowd "Now go try to be somebody not that you will ever reach my level."

Reporter Tyler: "Its the Battle Frontier champion Green! when we say a pokemon master he is one of the prime examples this trainer is skilled in every form of battling and his pokemon and him fight as if they are one!"

He walked up with the ladies as he saw Wallace "So they let you in? I guess they needed to fill up seats." The girls aroun him laughed as they continued to go inside to check in.

more and more Celebs showed up until a roar of a Chopper was heard pulling up onto the carpet not stopping until the door the women pulled off her helmet waving to everyone "Hey Ya'll!! Miss me?" Reiko Stepped off her bike in her black dress as cameras took pictures and people cheered loud.

Reporter Kelly: "Now this is a surprise i saw her name on the list of special guest but didnt think she would come since she was back in the Unova region after not being a champion but Tsunami Reiko has made an appearance in her dazzaling dress the former Johto League Champion from the Unova Region on the other side of the world."

Reporter Tyler: "Don't forget that she is sexy and has not changed a bit since we last saw her! stay tuned folks there are still more big names on the way!"

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Ace walked up to the event in his cheep suit and watched the red carpet affair from afar. Gym leaders, regional champions and even league champions were rolling by limo like the celebrity trainers they are, in fact it was all quite intimidating.

Well... This is it. He said to himself as he took a deep breath and mustered the courage for the first and hardest step. Then, he made his way across the street and to the red carpet. One of the men working door detail for the limos stopped him when he came close.


Ace looked around and saw the door man walking his way, he points at himself as if making sure he was the one he was talking to. At the same time the news reporters noticed what was going down and fixed their cameras on the new comer.

Yeah Im talking to you. You cant be here its invitation only. Beat it. The man said with a stern look. He was a little bit bigger than Ace height wise and looked something like a Machoke with his muscles.
Its a good thing I was invited then. Ace said. Keep opening those doors, you do good work fellow sir. Ace chuckled to himself as he reached into his coat pocket. The door man talking his gesture as a threat grabbed the kids arm and twisted it behind him. Almost instantly Ruby, Ace's Shuckle, popped out of its pokeball and slammed into the man's side, knocking him to the ground. With his arm free, Ace strightens his jacket and pulls the invitation from his pocket, while Ruby stood next to the mans head.

To the highly talented under achiever Ace Childs, thats me asshole. Ace began to read him the invitation like he is a kindergardener, making sure to speak real slow so he understands. You are cordially invited to attend the Annual Pokemon League Dinner Conference tonight in the World Pokemon League Tower Ballroom at 8:00 pm. Ace puts the invitation away and points at the tower above them. You see that big tower in front of us, do you know what building that is? Yes your right, it is the World Pokemon League Tower. Now do you want to take a guess as to what time it is? No? Well its... 7:53 and the dinner starts at 8. That means I have 7 minutes to stay out here and watch Ruby kick your ass. Luckily for you I dont really want to waste any more time here so Im going to walk inside, SHOW THE BOUNCER MY INVITATION!, and then enjoy a nice dinner. Come on Ruby. Ace turned on his heels and walked inside, Ruby following closely behind. Stupid door man...
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Xayne gulped a bit at the whole flashy scene that unveiled before him. Haah...I really am bad at these sort of events. He looked down at his suit and straightened out his tie. He let out a breath before continuing down to get to his dreaded entrance. Zes popped up out of nowhere and shook his head at Xayne's look. Eh, seriously? Zes nodded. The cameras turned to him and everyone began to wonder just who this guy was. Xayne sighed and loosened his tie some before taking off his jacket and unbuttoning the top button on his shirt. Thus leaving his black vest on. Zes gave him a grin before throwing him the invite that Xayne had forgotten. Thank you Zes. All the while the people were staring at the funny scene before them. Xayne hung his jacket on his arm before placing said hand in his pocket and they both continued down towards the big event. He stopped when he noticed the stares, he did what he best in these situations. He flashed them a smile and waved at them slightly before casually walking down to the entrance.

The cameras continued to flash as some squeals were heard. Xayne was confused on the inside for all the commotion before he was stopped at the door. Zes used his paw to fix the small bow on his chest as he waited for entree. That's when all hell broke lose, Zes flinched at the loud high pitch squeals, as did Xayne.
May I see your invitation? Xayne nodded and pulled out the invite. Xayne noticed the man on the floor and raised an eyebrow at him before taking back the invite and walking into the tower. Once in he let out a deep sigh.
Glad that's over... He muttered, putting up his respectful mood. Zes gave him a grin as they went forward.
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The open doors of the World Pokemon League Tower Ballroom, continued to hold the welcoming red carpet. And the treatment remained grand. Pokemon trainers who had proved themselves far and wide and continued to step in. Where they were greeted by fans and the flashes of cameras before they disappeared beyond the doorway. Where the ballroom was populated by those who would wait. Amagi wasn't dressed for the occasion but he'd been watching for a while now. It was definitely entertaining, seeing all of those "hot shots" get the red carpet treatment. His eyes settled on the reporters and how they eat up any and every word or movement they made.
Amagi: They make it look easy, I can get about just as much attention.
Mokai, Amagi's luxray looked in his direction.
Amagi: Don't look at me like that. You want to make a bet?
Mokai jumped down onto leveled surface and was received back into Amagi's pokeball. Amagi wasn't one for sharp clothing but it was a special occasion. After all, it was a red carpet ball. No one uninvited was about to get in without a little trickery. Stashing away his pokeball in his pocket, he climbed down off the rooftop...

PokeNews Reporters Tyler and Kelly had, had plenty to talk about. And the night was still young. Looking away from the carpet to have a look at their watch, the calming crowd raised again. Their excited commotion had yet to slow down to a crawl. And it wasn't expected to! The guards at the doorway keep a close lookout, keeping in contact with a few of their men checking the perimeter.

PokeNews Reporter Kelly: Well, the night may be young, but they're still coming! The ball will be ready to start soon enough, I'm certain. But just like the fans you see here, there's no relaxation.
PokeNews Reporter Tyler: Thats right Kelly. While the fans are ecstatic, the bouncers are on edge. Nobody's getting in here without first having to get through them.

Amagi had made it down to the other side of the street. He was sure the guards would be on his tail if he didn't find something to act as decoy, and soon. As one car drove off down the street from the red carpet, a little while after, another arrived. Coming a stop, the talkative reporters turned their heads. And the fans prepared, waiting to see who arrived from the backside. The drivers and passenger seat opened to reveal a Ms. Natsume Spiral.

PokeNews Reporter Tyler: Is that the Natsume Spiral?

PokeNews Reporter Kelly took a step forward and leaned around the heads of fans and nodded. Emerging from the passenger side of the vehicle was the driver who would take the car off while she attended the dinner. Quickly the cameras adjusted and the PokeNews Reporters prepared to speak again.

PokeNews Reporter Kelly: It appears that the Legendary League Champion has finally arrived. Yet another addition to the top notch, stylish and powerful pokemon masters attending this evening. Ms. Natsume Spiral has arrived fashionably late.

PokeNews Reporter Tyler checked his watch and back up his fellow reporter.

PokeNews Reporter Tyler: Fashionably on time, I'd say. Ms. Natsume Spiral has arrived just as planned. She has never missed an appearance yet, making sure to never disappoint her fans.

She walked around to the passenger side of the car to hand the keys to the driver. Taking the courteously he bid her well and closed the doors before getting in and driving off. Natsume looked to the red carpet extending like a welcome mat as the flashes of the cameras already began. This hadn't been her first appearance and certainly wouldn't be her last. The fans and reporters were already on standby. She approached the red carpet and walked across it, smiling and greeting everyone kindly.

PokeNews Reporter Kelly: There you have, its almost time for the dinner party to begin. And Ms. Natsume Spiral has arrived right on time, wearing the renown TepplinSpiral 2nd Version... Now thats a trainer who knows how to make an impression.
PokeNews Reporter Tyler: Thats a guarantee. Even though a few minutes away and already she had taken a few minutes to take autographs
PokeNews Reporter Kelly: Now thats, dedication!

After filling out a few autographs, she bid her fans well and walked over the red carpet stopping a few times for pictures. In a few moments she too had taken her leave inside the building. Amagi stood with the crowd now and had blended in quite well. The rough and carelessly clothed Amagi now appeared rather sharp. He wasn't in his usual attire. His hair was combined, tongue piercing hidden and wearing a pair of glasses and a suit. A bouncer from behind grabbed him from behind.

Bouncer: Hay, what are you doing here?

Amagi stumbled back managing to get free from his hold and turn around. In hand was a notepad, camera and a few fake signatures. The bouncer gave him a look over and stood behind his decision of calling him out. Amagi took the time to stand up straight and restrain himself from getting out of hand.

Bouncer: You heard me, are you on the list?
Amagi: I came here like everybody else pal, to see the stars and get a few pictures and maybe some autographs. Ease off man

Still not convinced, the bouncer leaned forward narrowing his eyes trying to figure out why Amagi looked so familiar. He leaned back and took the autograph book to give it a look over.

Amagi: Hay, hay, give that back. Do you know how long I've been standing to get those! I've been here all night.
Bouncer: I haven't seen you till now.
Amagi: Thats because you're blind.

Amagi snatched the autograph book from his hands and the bouncer huffed.

Bouncer: Fine, get back with the crowd and don't cause any trouble.

The bouncer gestured to Amagi of "i'm watching you". Amagi turned aside and rejoined the crowd rolling his eyes. This many fans were bound to get out of hand at one point. And slipping in would be as easy as pie when that happened. Until then, he was going to wait for the right one and walk right on in like a chess cat.
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Cynthia sighed, as she reached across and patted down the front of Reidan's black mandarin suit.

"Your suit's a little dusty." She commented.

Reidan looked out the window as the city lights flashed by. They were on the way to the Hoenn World Pokemon League Tower for the Dinner Conference, however they were slightly late and he was to blame for it. He was caught up in his discussion with Former Champion Jade Quartz that he didn't realize that he had 15 mins left to head back to the estate, get dressed, and be at the dinner by 8. Now it is about 7:55 and the clock continues ticking.

He ran a hand across his face as he looked to Cynthia.

"I'm sorry, I shouldn't have let myself get caught up like that. If I am ever late like that don't wait for me."

"Hmm...well it's always a blast to be fashionably late as I always say!" Cynthia's childhood friend Morgana quipped, who was sitting next to him.

Cynthia grinned at Reidan.

"We're never on time whenever I'm around you. I'm used to it by now."

Reidan looked to her and gave small chuckle, shaking his head. Eevee was sitting on Cynthia's lap as she purred fondly at the woman. The Former Sinnoh Champion looked to her and gently patted down her smooth fur.

"And this young lady here is looking rather gorgeous! Aren't cha?" She asked chuckling.


Pretty soon the limousine slowed to a stop and outside the windows, lots of camera flashes could be seen.

Morgana suddenly grew more energetic.

"Here we are! Can't wait to show everyone my new outfit!"

She did indeed look very glamorous, wearing a fine looking hat with a cute but elegant looking dress to complement it. She was the first out as the door pulled open. The crowd immediately gasped as the beauty exited the vehicle smiling, waving, and blow kisses at the crowd. The camera flashes and clicks were so furious now.

"Morgana! We love you!"
"Will you marry me?!"
"The best trainer ever!"

She giggled at all the attention she was getting. Then, she walked forward on the red carpet her hips swaying provocatively as if she were modeling for some sort of outfit on a catwalk. Behind her, Cynthia and Reidan were still in the vehicle.

"There she goes..."

Cynthia laughed. "She's made for these kinds of events. C'mon, lets go....Oh! I forgot..."

She reached into her pockets on her elegant black dress outfit and took out the invitations and handed Reidan his.

"I already gave Mo her's earlier. Alrighty...after you!" She said with a smile.

Reidan took the letter, returning the smile. He looked to Eevee, stretching out his arm for her to climb on his shoulder.

"Let's get this show on the road. Come on, girl!"

Eevee eagerly bounced off Cynthia's lap, climbing up his arm and taking her perch on his shoulder. Reidan then launched himself out the door into the sea of people line up alongside the red carpet to get better glimpses of all these notable figures. Cynthia followed soon after, and together they made their way down. People were cheering and hollering. Reidan threw a dashing smile at the crowd raising his hand in greeting as Cynthia did likewise, the two traveling side by side.

"Reidan! Master of Trainers!"
"Lookin' good tonight Cynthia!"
"Awww....Eevee is sooo cute!"

Not too far away the two reporters Kelly and Tyler was hard at work announcing what is happening.

" And here we now have the Champion of this very region of Hoenn, Reidan!" Kelly exclaimed.

Tyler looked towards the Champions. "Traveling with him was the Orange Island League Champion Morgana and Former Sinnoh League Champion Cynthia. Say Kelly do you, like many people believe that he has some sort of intimate relationship with one of these woman?"

"Well, Tyler it is a plausible assumption, seeing as they are always around him, Cynthia more so than Morgana. However, neither of them has officially announced anything of that sort yet."

"The people could only speculate huh?" Tyler replied with a laugh.

"Looks like it, also it should be noted that Former Champion Wallace was seen arriving earlier. Him, Cynthia, and Reidan were extremely close friends during their Pokemon Travels when they were in their teens and still remain so to this day."

"Kelly, I'd say that tonight will be a happy reunion for them." He checked his watch. "And it looks like they just made it with only 3 minutes left to spare! At 8 pm sharp, I believe the door will be closed and no other guests will be admitted."

"Yep. Security is definitely on their game tonight and they have to be...with sooo many huge players in the Pokemon League in one building."

Reidan and Cynthia arrived at the entrance to the Tower and both displayed their invitations to the security guard in front. The guard in charge nodded.

"Welcome back, sir." He said curtly, nodding at Reidan.

"Enjoy yourself tonight, ma'am" He said to Cynthia nodding at her as well.

The two thanked them as they walked in to see Morgana waiting for them at the Entrance Hall.
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Once having gotten through the security check point near the elevators and upstairs to the ball room, Ace started to relax. The door man put him in a bad mood, not to mention the lack of respect from security on the first floor, but being on the top floor of this tower put him at ease. There was a stage with a podium on one side and a band on the other, tables were lined up near the walls and a large open area in the center was for dancing he assumed.

The Maitre D', who was standing next to the door, welcomed him unlike anyone else tonight.
Welcome to the Annual World Pokemon League Dinner Conference Mr. Childs. May I take your jacket from you before I show you to your table sir? He asked politely, one arm outstretched and pointed to the event, the other arm tightly tucked at his side.

No thanks, its a bit chilly. Ace responded look around at the large upscale room.

Very good sir, you are at table 4, right this way. The Maitre D' walked to the side of the room and pulled a chair for him to sit in. Is there anything you might need before the event starts, something to drink perhaps?

A water would be nice, thank you. Ace said while taking his seat and with a slight nod the Maitre D' backed away and returned to his position at the front doors.

Well Ruby, what do you think?
Yeah it is pretty fancy, might even be fancier than the hotel in Fuchsia City.
Well hopefully something interesting happens. Go ahead and play with some of the other pokemon, Im going to wait here.
Shuuu- Ruby whispered as she hopped down from the table and went out to explore the grounds.

A waiter servicing the event brought Ace his water and a glass of champagne for toasting. Taking the water in his right hand he brought it to his mouth and took a sip.

"I hope he shows up tonight..."
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Green sat at his table drinking with the girls as they laughed and giggled "Go on girls go have fun meet the celebs these people aren't worth my time..." they squealed as they left to converse "They are all fools will anyone fulfilling show up tonight?"

Reiko Sat at her table acting as if she was looking at the menu but really scoping everyone out "Ah~ so many cute guys here and they are all rich....for the most part...." she said as she spotted a few in normal attire.
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Posted 5/8/12 , edited 5/9/12

OCC: WHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOA There Deyone. I love ya like a brother D but U cant just pop certain characters in your Post, Red is one of them. There is only one Red and thats Red Kurosaki and He is a NPC. Only MODs or Me are allowed to play as NPCs. Besides Red will show waaaaaaaaaay later in the Arch. And as of right now Me, Rai-Kage, and LamiaZlogonje are the only ones allowed use Red. He is just too powerful of a character to be thrown around like that. So you gotta edit this post man I sorry.
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Xayne and Zes arrived at the event after formally finding their way there.
You're the one that told me to go that way, so deal with it for now. He replied with a sigh. He asked the man at the door where he could sit and was told where. Zes once again used his paw to fix the bow on his chest and followed Xayne as he scoped out the place. Thank you.
Would you care for something to drink sir? Xayne smiled, not used to being addressed so formally. A glass of water if you can. The man nodded and gave someone the request. It wasn't long before a glass of water was placed in front of him. Zes jumped up on Xayne's lap and sniffed the glass before deeming it okay to drink. Xayne just chuckled at his antics before sipping some. He looked around and was a bit intimidated by all the big shot people.
Zozo... Zes said while nudging his hand.
Xayne just nodded before fixing Zes' bow tie.
Vincent sure went out of his way for us this time. Xayne told Zes with a soft smile. Zes gave him a grin before taking some of Xayne's water. You could have told me you were thirsty Zes.
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The ballroom of Hoenn's Division of The World Pokemon League was filled up with all kinds of royalties in the Pokemon world. The ballroom was filled up with all kinds of Masters. It was a sight to behold. As the guest where escorted to their tables. Waiters, Waitress, and World League stuff member ran around the floors trying to get everyone's orders and everything under order. Meanwhile behind the massive red curtains of the massive stage was an even more busy sence as the help was running around getting everything in order. Standing in the middle of this bee hive was the woman who runs the World of Pokemon, Chairmen Maxine Gibson

Chairmen Maxine: Hey Hey, Dont pull that there....You over there with the sand bag make sure you tie that tightly so the curtain doesnt fall on me. WHERE IS MY CAKE!
????: Jeezs Maxie....Chill out. They have everything under control your being here scares everyone and makes them nervous

Said a carefree voice from behind Chairmen Maxine. She turns around and sees her Secretary and beloved friend Lizzy Taylor holding a wine glass

Chairmen Maxine: Liz! Slacking off again I see! and A-Are You DRINKING?!!!

Maxine's right eye twitched and Liz laughed at her.

Liz: Calm down Maxie hahahaha its just cranberry Juice.

Maxine makes a growling noise at her Secretary. She huffs out and fixes her suit jacket as Liz starts to fixes her hair.

Chairmen Maxine: Lizzy you know how important this night is. For once be serious. Now have you checked the guest book?
Liz: Yea Yea Yea......Your going you grey hairs worrying like this. And yea most of the guest have arrived.
Chairmen Maxine: Has "He" arrived yet.
Liz: For the 10 years your have been Chairmen "He" has NEVER attend one of these events and thats before he vanished into air.
Chairmen Maxine: No not him. Red Kurosaki...

Liz gets quiet for a moment as she finishes Maxine's hair. She then looks at her boss with the look of I got bad news.

Liz: Yeeeh about Red..... *Rubs back of her head grinning*

Maxine gives Liz her signature "evil eye"

Liz: Dont give me that look.
Chairmen Maxine: My Phone Liz
Liz: Just leave the poor boy alone
Chairmen Maxine: Liz...Phone....NOW! * angry tone*
Liz: *sighs as she hands Maxine the cell phone* Alright alright...But your not going like what he's going to say
Chairmen Maxine: *Phone to ear* You talked with him?
Liz: Yeh.....and
Chairmen Maxine: *Holds up one finger* Hello Mr.Kurosaki......Yes this is Chairmen Maxine.......I'm wonderful and you?.........Now that we have gotten the greeting out the way.....WHERE THE HELL OUT YOU!!!??!.......On the the way Aye?.......Your in where? Johto!.....Red....I Dont care how sorry you are......How can I award the Jones Medal to you WHEN YOUR NOT HERE!?!!.......Two Hours?!.....Do you know how behind I will-..........Red I'm Kill you *Click* *Maxine looked at Liz and Liz give her a goofy smile*
Liz: Soooo how'd it go?
Chairmen Maxine: Not a Word Liz. *narrows her eyes at her and pulls her glasses back on her face.*

Liz just smiles as she puts her hands behind her head and follows behind the Chairmen.

Liz: This is Liz calling Main entrance, Do ya read, over
Guy on Walkie: This is Butch, read ya loud and clear.
Liz: Change of plans, Chairmen says continue to let invite only people after 8.
Guy on Walkie: But I thought-

Maxine takes the walkie from Liz

Chairmen Maxine: Your Thought Wrong....Now Do as I say before your Over, Over *Hands walkie back to Liz*

You hear a gulp on the guys end of the walkie talkie

Guy on Walkie: Y-Yes Ma'ma..

Liz just shakes her head at the Maxine. As the two head from behind the stage out into the main hall to meet and greet everyone.

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Green was now wondering around not speaking to anyone. "Why isn't there anyone interesting....or important." He spots two women pass him by. "At least the women are getting better..." He ran into a table with being distracted He looked up seeing Xayne at the table. "Ah my bad even though someone like you has a rare chance of having someone like me apologize."
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Xayne stopped the glass from tipping over and looked up when he heard Greens voice. Then I suppose I should be honored to have you utter a word to me, whether it be a smart remark or an apology. Xayne responded with a calm and plasant tone. Be careful, others may try to pick a fight with you regardless of status. He gave a small smile and returned to adjusting Zes' bow tie. Zes just snorted at Xayne's calm demeanor and used his paw to help him with the bow.
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