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Now, this section of the Christian Anime creators is devoted to plot. Before we start making charaters, setting and stuff like that, we need to create the plot line or as I like to call it "the play book" of the story. So I shall give an example that we can use a an idea or you can post your own so that we can have more sussesful ideas to start this group.

PLEASE NOTE!!!!: No stealing entire plots of animes already created! We don't want that, BUT you can make a similar idea from that anime or show but change it around that it does fit THEIR idea.

Example: Idea came from Tokyo Mew Mew;
When you hear the words "Spiritual Warfare", you think it you against the devil in your everyday life. But what happens when several Christian girls are given the weapons they to fight the spiritual warfare that has now come to the REAL surface with demons and evil minions of the devil that only they have the ability to see? The evil is here, and it's not stopping until it whips out all of God's children. So, are you prepare to take up the challenge and the risks it brings?

So that an example of what this forum section is about. Once we have a couple of more great ideas, we will start the character section of this group.

Now let's get to work!
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Is anyone there? I have lots of Ideas.......
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