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Posted 5/6/12 , edited 5/7/12
What makes this show so great?

Been seeing this question asked more than a few times since the anime started and it is a very reasonable question. Judging the series on what we have seen so far, anyone who hasn't read the manga probably doesn't get what all the hype is about yet.

Frankly you are right to wonder,

what we are seeing so far is basically prelude. It is a very slow build up to what this series ultimately becomes.

So I figured I would start a thread to give people some idea of what to expect from this series and why so many manga readers are looking forward to it.

You can probably expect spoilers but I'll try to limit myself.

This school has 3 types of students

1) The Normals - Everyday, hardworking normal people. Zenkichi fall in here.
2) The Specials - Students who are naturally gifted in one area or another. Akune, Kikajima and Ex-Judo Captain (AKA" King of Foul Plays") Nekomi fall in here
3) The Abnormals - Students who's abilities are so high off the chart that are basically superhumans. Medaka falls in here and she is not the only abnormal at this school.

the 2nd Abnormal should be introduced around episode 8 or 9 of the anime.

Most of the Abnormals (Including Medaka) are part of Class 13. Class 13 has some special rules governing them, including the simple fact that they don't actually have to come to school. they are pretty much all Self-Study and free to do whatever they want. (Can you honestly imagine a teacher able to teach Medaka anything? or a class full of Medakas)

The goal of the school is summed up in the Flask Plan

They seek a means to elevate Normals to the level of Abnormals.
An entire world of people at the same level of Medaka.

All students at the school are pretty much lab rats for the perfection of this experiment.

Needless to say Medaka objects to this plan and the Real Story begins.

A Full on Battle Manga pitting Medaka's Student Council against the Abnormals of Class 13, full of many students as over the top as Medaka but with their own specialties and idiosyncrasies.

and it builds from there

It is this battle Manga series that those of us who are raving about the series are talking about when we say it's so great.

This is a great series but it needs a bit of time to get to the good stuff.

Reborn took 20 episodes to get to the good stuff, I think this one will take about 10, so I encourage you to either stick it out or come back later.

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Posted 5/6/12 , edited 5/8/12
Kumagawa Misogi

It might not be the same for others but a Big part of why this series is great in my mind is the character Kumagawa Misogi.

Kumagawa is the one person Medaka can not tolerate.

He is probably the only person that has ever made her question her policy of Making everyone happy.

In Middle school she damn near killed him (and for good reason)

and he is (in my opinion) one of the best Villains ever

Kumagawa is probably not going to show up until this series hits around episode 30, though we will get some for shadowing of him before then

I for one am chopping at the bit waiting for Kumagawa to appear in the Anime and I am extremely curious to see who they get to voice him and how they do it.
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Posted 5/8/12 , edited 5/8/12
Though it has a few spoilers (there not too important) here & there,this should give people questioning the series popularity a good idea of why we like it & where this anime could go if they stay faithful to the manga & runs long enough .
One Piece didn't get good till a certain point,so give it time people.
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