Draco's Adventure Saga
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Posted 5/6/12 , edited 5/7/12
Draco VS. The Dark Lord
Once in a universe called Dracoland there were a peaceful race of humans who have the extraordinary powers of 5 elements fire water earth thunder and wind. Though there were two they were dark and light the man who could control these to elements as well as the other five will be crowned king and before that he must find his true love to share the throne with him. This man who was crowned king was Draco and his true loves name was Raven. They had two sons one was with out the power of dark and light and one was born with them. on their 18Th birthday they were separated by the evil ruler Dark Lord. The one without the powers was taken away to be raised as the next Dark Lord. His older brother named drake was bound on saving him. He met many companions along the way like Leon who had the powers of the sun and the moon, Beast who has the power to use the three strong beast one of the sea one of the land and one of the sky, and Ace who used the power of cards to boost his powers and to fight. These young heroes set out in a epic adventure to save Draco's brother but what twists and turns can they expect.
End of Prologue

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