Posted 5/7/12 , edited 5/8/12
1.) Be respectful - This club was created for people to have a good time. If someone doesn't want you to do something, you will be expected to acknowledge and abide by their wishes. Harassment (stalking, unnecessary quoting, etc.) is completely forbidden. Do not hurt others for your personal pleasure unless they want to be ; )

2.) Quote your replies - Clients and hostesses must quote the others responses, so they know that you've replied.

3.) No nude pics - This includes no exposure of the MALE or FEMALE aureola and genitals.

4.) No flooding - Do not post several comments or replies at a time in the forum and/or on the wall. And do not repeatedly send other members multiple messages. If you are experiencing this from another member, please take a screenshot as evidence (press "Print Screen" on your keyboard, and then open up your paint program. Once in the program, click "Ctrl+V" and save the picture on your browser. Then PM me the image. I will kick them from the club ASAP and you may report them or block them if you would like.)

Failure to follow any of these rules will result in one strike against you. Our strike system is explained below:

Strike one: One verbal warning.
Strike two: Temporarily kicked from the club.
Strike three: Permanent ban.


I tried not to make rules that might distract you from the initial purpose of this place, so I hope they don't take away from any festivities that you and your partner could both enjoy. If so, please PM me with an explanation as to why you think one should be removed or added. Your participation will be greatly appreciated. Thank you :)
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