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Post themed stories for Diverting from the path here~

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“The wolf lives right here. In this village...
he is among you. It is one of you.”

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Rain covered the village as the annual festival of the blood moon began. A huge bonfire stood in the centre of the town. Children wearing wolf masks danced and sang. "Scarlet , Are you listening to me?" A teenage girl with straight shoulder lengh blonde hair sighed taking a bite into a candy apple. "Red apples are poisonous"mumbled a girl wearing a red hood.Her eyes were covered the tip of the hood."Scarlet your imagination cant be healthy , All this talk about magic,Fairies and Wolves" Scarlet's friend mumbled giving scarlet a small poke on the forehead.

In the distance was a loud scream filled with fear."Emma..."Scarlet mumbled looking over at the crowd of confused villagers."Scarlet it couldn't be" Emma said stepping forward ,"Even if it was a wolf doesn't mean your using witchcraft they cant charge you for it" emma answered turning back to where scarlet was meant to be.

Tree branches snapped as Scarlet's boots trod through the woods.the Children got taught when they were growing up to never enter the forbidden woods.They were told that your darkest fears lived in the woods.

"I know Grandmother told me to never enter these woods but i nead to know.If there are wolfs in this forest" Scarlet said in her head.
Scarlet had lived with her grandmother in a little cottage next to the entrance of the woods for all her life. They had baked cookies.When Scarlet was 6 years old her grandmother had a made a long red hood for Scarlet to wear along with the words "Always wear this hood!Do you understand me"

A red moon shone through the tree branches.The smell of blood started to fill the air.A layer of Silence filled the air.

Three Hour's earlier
Scarlet picked up a red hod of her black bed covers placing the hood on her shoulders and tying the ribbon.The smell of her grandmothers cooking filled the air."Grandmother are you cooking?" questioned Scarlet poking her head around the door as she placed the hood over her head hiding her jet black hair that swayed at her hips.A lady wearing a red dress stood in the kitchen placing cookies down on the kitchen table."Grandmother what should i wear to the festival?" smiled Scarlet leaning on the wall.Her grandmother turned around picking up a black dress what was laid down on the table and passed it to Scarlet."I thought this might happen Red , It was your mothers"answered Grandmother.Scarlet pressed the black dress against her to see what it would be like on."Thank you" smiled Scarlet giving grandmother a huge hug before skipping of to her room to put on the dress.After about 10 minutes the bedroom door drifted open as scarlet walked out of her room wearing a black cocktail dress covered by her signature hood."You look Gorgeous Red" grandmother smiled placing the cookies into a piece of red cloth. "Does it really look Gorgeous?"questioned Scarlet looking into a mirror.Grandmother nodded passing the cookies to scarlet,"You never know when you will need them" her grandmother resurged."Are you going to the festival?" Scarlet wondered tying up the ribbons on her boots.Grandmother had let out a huge laugh , " Me?Leave this cottage not in a million years especially not for some old bonfire". "Why don't you ever leave the cottage?" Scarlet picked up a two twin Katana's of the table sliding them at the back of her belt hiding them behind the hood."Red your grandmother was known as Green,just like you i had a responsibly , After the death of your grandfather and your parents i vowed to stay in this cottage with the warmth of the fire" Grandmother nodded as if agreeing with her own comment.After placing two clips shaped like bats in her hair Scarlet twirled around turning to face the door."Good bye Red and be careful" Grandmother said with a feeling of worry in her voice as she clicked the hatch and opening the door.

Present time
Looking all around her making sure no one was looking Emma took a deep breath and stepped into the forest.She was interested in what her best friend was doing.Her curiosity over beat the fear of the forest.Even know Scarlet's Grandmother had always prepared her just in chase of a wolf attack she was never allowed to actually go looking for it.Then there was a Howl . . .

Two and a half hours earlier
As Scarlet walked on along the path to get to the middle of the village a voice mocked behind her. "The devils child is out again" "She was born on the red moon , Only wolfs and witches were born on a red moon" another voice mocked.Looking behind her there was a group of four girls about the same age of Scarlet were standing in pink dress's with the hem flowing at there knee's. "Susan becareful you might be cursed by voodoo" a girl with brown hair laughed."Chloe's right we might be cursed" another one of the girls who had a darker tone of brown hair laughed.The girl in the middle walked two steps."Jade what are you doing?" Susan wondered moving her finger across her neck to show someone dead."Your Grandmother calls you red right?" Jade asked taking some some interest. Scarlet twirled around the bat charm , " Yeah she does" "Red ... Interesting nickname the same colour as the moon when you were born" Jade smirked,"The name scarlet ... its a shade of red" continued Jade.Chloe checked her hair in a mirror , "You still see things right?" she whispered not wanting Jade and Susan to hear.Scarlet nodded.

6 years earlier
"Ready or not im coming for you"a little boy with blonde hair chanted with a blind fold over his eyes.He started to walk around arms out in front of him trying to found the others.A little girl with brown hair wearing a blue dress decorated in flowers looked up at a tree branch. "Scarlet is that you?" she shouted looking up at the tree next to her.A girl wearing a red hood with black hair hanging out looked down."Chloe? " she mumbled twirling around and jumping out of the tree."How can you jump from that height?"Chloe asked, " Anyway i heard theres a new girl in the village" "New girl?" repeated Scarlet. " I think her name is Emma something" Chloe smiled,"Lets go over and say hi " Scarlet paused for a moment , "You better go on your own" "Huh why?" "I tend to scare people of" "Not me , Well not yet" joked Chloe grabbing ahold of Scarlets arm , "come on Scarlet lets go"

Chloe knocked loudly on the door to a cabin next to the local market."Okay coming" a young voice called from inside.As the door opened a little girl with short blonde hair stood in the doorway , "Yes hello?" she asked."Hi im Chloe Mcgree"Chloe smiled , "And this is Scarlet Cross she's shy " "Im not shy" mumbled Scarlet stepping out from behind Chloe. "Nice to meet you , Im Emma Chen" Emma introduced trying to look under Scarlet's hood , "are you eyes red?" Scarlet's checks flushed which showed up on her pale skin.A burning appeared in Scarlet's throat.Her vision faded to black and then edventualy to an image of a wolf tearing up a blonde haired teenager.

"Scarlet ! Are you alright!" panicked Chloe and Emma in unison."im fine" mumbled Scarlet wiping tears that had rolled down her check away. "What happened ?" Chloe asked making eye contact with Scarlet." I .... I just saw something" "What did you see"wondered Emma. " Someone being tawn apart by a wolf" cried Scarlet.

Two hours earlier from the present
"Anybody else you've seen you know what?" asked Chloe." no one , Ever since when we first met Emma it hasn't happened. Recently ive just seen scythes hovering above shadows that's all" answered Scarlet."What are you two doing?Having a mothers meeting? " Jade moaned walking of.Susan followed behind her. "Well say hello to Emma for me" Chloe said running of behind jade and susan.

At the bonfire Emma was passing wolf masks too children who seemed to have better things they wanted to do then stand around deciding what mask they wanted.Scarlet waved to Emma with a smile as she walked over to where Emma was standing."Hi" Emma giggled passing the last mask to a little girl before the girl ran of. " Chloe says Hello by the way" Scarlet sighed.

All of the sudden Scarlet's vision faded.First she saw a scythe covered in blood being hold by someone wearing black.The same vision she saw six years popped in her head with someone else ripped apart laying on the ground.Scarlet let out a scream.

Her eyes opened to see Emma standing in front of her.Everyone in the village was looking at her.Shaking her head Scarlet stormed of and hid behind the tree she would always climb. "Whats wrong?" Emma asked peering around the tree making Scarlet jump. "The vision..." mumbled Scarlet."The one from when we first met? Dont worry its fine" "Emma you dont understand" "Understand what" "The person i saw back then was you, dressed how you are now" A fog started to float in the air.Everyone back at the festival continued on with the festival."What else did you see?" "Jade ... with the same thing happen" "Well that's weird" "And a scythe"

One hour earlier ...
As the villagers cheered the bonfire got lit on fire.Scarlet was sitting down behind the tree."Are you here putting a curse on me?" Jades voice called from behind the tree as she appeared.Scarlet stood up and walked past Jade. "Running away Chicken?"Jade said .As she said this Scarlet stopped in her tracks."Jade please go away i cant deal with you right now" "Because its almost birthday?" Emma walked over to Scarlet."Lets go get candy apples" Emma said walking of with Scarlet. "Soon everyone will know the truth about you Scarlet"Jade called walking of into the woods.

Scarlet and Emma brought a candy apple each and went back to the position they were in before Jade had made them walk of. Emma took a bite into her candy Apple. "Are you not eating yours ?"Emma wondered taking another bite out of her candy apple.In Scarlet's head she replayed the conversation she had earlier with her grandmother. "Scarlet are you listening to me?" Emma asked waving her hand in front of Scarlet

Present Time
Scarlet quickly rushed to the place she has heard the howl.All she could smell was blood. Surprisingly fear wasn't the main feeling that covered her heart.Her Grandmother had once said that the Cross family is not all what it seems.She was determined that she would find the answer to her Grandmothers comment.

A tall black wolf stood in front of Scarlet with its back turned.Without making a sound Scarlet looked around the wolf to see the body of Jade covered in blood.Scarlet let out a small scream quickly stopping herself from screaming by wrapping her hands in front of her mouth.The wolf turned ,his eyes pitch black.Staring right into Scarlet's face.Her vision faded once again as she fell to the floor.

"Scarlet? What happened?Please wake up!Were both going to be killed by a wolf!" Emma screamed. Scarlet's eyes fluttered open.Her hood fell backwards revelling blood red eyes."Im not dead ..." mumbled Scarlet confused seeing Emma crouched down next to her.Scarlet could hear loud breathing.Looking up she saw the wolf standing there staring her right in the eyes.

"How come you didn't get eaten before i got here?" "Huh?" "When i got here you were asleep"

Because she's the crimson Princess . . . a voice whispered creepily.

"Who said that?" Scarlet said confused wiping tears away from her eyes."Who said what?" Emma asked."Someone one just said 'because she's the crimson princess'" "What when the wolf Howled?" "The wolf?"

She cant understand me . . . the voice whispered again.

Scarlet stood up and stepped forwards."Okay fine if it is you who's talking to me then what's with the hood?Its meant to keep away Wolves"

Its ment to keep you in that form.its meant to hide your sensors ... the voice called out.

Scarlet looked at Emma whispering , "Run now i'll keep it here long enough for you to run ..."Scarlet cried.Emma nodded and started to run of."What am i then if this isn't my true form?" Scarlet asked once Emma had gone.

Your the Crimson Princess... the voice smirked.

"You keep saying that, but what's a crimson princess?"

A immortual girl with red eyes with wolf like senses who can create stuff out of shaddows. . . the voice answered, The Cross family , a family full of human looking creatures.

Taking a breath Scarlet untied the hood taking it of her. She gripped ahold of the katanas'.Awaiting for the wolfs next move.

"That child . . . " The voice mumbled.

"Leave Emma alone" cried Scarlet.

The voice of the villagers spread through the sky.

The wolf growled, "Ill be back before the end of the red moon" as he growled he disappeared into the darkness.

One days remain
A cold wave drifted through the air.Villagers wept as the snow cold body of the deceased Jade was carried across the village being carried on the back of a large wheelbarrow.Scarlet sat on a tree branch observing the scene below."Scarlet" a voice shouted below."Emma?"questioned Scarlet jumping down.As she did Emma jumped at Scarlet giving her a long hug,"I thought the wolf had got you.What happened?"

"The wolf got scared of by the villagers shouting.But its not over .... " answered Scarlet. "Not over?"Emma repeated confused." Just don't tell the villagers what happened..."Scarlet cried.Before Emma could reply the sound of a bell echoed through the village. Scarlet and Emma both exchanged glances before heading to where everybody else was.

Everyone in the village was standing in the village centre as the village chief stood in the middle of the crowd. "alright everybody calm down and listen" he announced in his Western accent.The crowd's volume became quite as the chief began to talk."As you may know the wolf has haunted this village for generations killing countless villagers.We must stop the wolf before it kills again" "Your tecnics will not work"a voice called from behind Scarlet and Emma.Everybody turned to see a group of men dressed in gear. "Sorry who are you?"the chief demanded walking towards the mysterious strangers."We are the Wolf fighters generation"One man introduced.Scarlet pulled her hood over her eyes catching the attention of one of the younger looking guys in the mysterious Wolf Fighters Generation.

"My name is Larten together with my team we will stop this werewolf and put an end on all supernatural Forces" The man standing infront of the rest of Wolf Fighters Generation announced with a confident look on his face,"We will stand guard,ask questions but live your life as you would any other day"Larten continued.

"Emma i need to get back home. Can you....?"Scarlet whispered without moving so it wouldn't seem suspicious."Sure i understand.I'll divert them like you did last night and you sneak away.Ok?"Continued Emma whispering back.Stepping forward Emma asked,"So you'll kill the wolf?How?" she made sure that she stood infront of Scarlet.A few other people stepped infront of Scarlet to get a better look at Larten."Don't worry little lady we have top of the range weapons that would and will stop the Werewolf"Larten replied.

As the rest of the villagers started to ask questions Scarlet quickly walked away from the village centre ,her paste getting faster but still being slow enough that if she did get seen she would less be framed Guilty. Until she got behind the large red bricked Inn her paste went back to normal. The sound of the villagers talking filled the air.she sighed with relief. "Few i got away"She sighed out loud.Turning around she saw one of the members of the Wolf Fighters Generation sitting on top of a stack of hay."Not quite"he answered. It was the person who noticed when she pulled down her hood back when the Wolf Fighters Generation had just made there introduction.His hair was as black as night just like Scarlet's.His Sky blue eyes looked towards Scarlet. "I...I...I suddenly remembered that my Grandmother told me to get back as quickly as i could because she wanted my help with cooking...."Scarlet quickly said ,saying the first thing she thought of.
"You don't seem like the girl who cooks.Such good timing you had when you walked of"The boy questioned stepping off the hay stack.Scarlet walked to the side trying to get away.The boy reached out his arm stopping her from running away."You should at least stay till after all the information's been give out" "I need to go"protested Scarlet walking to the side."You know you just seem more and more Guilty running away" "Perhaps you should look inside the forest for the wolf and not in the village"suggested Scarlet walking off."Why?Is there something your hiding?" the boy smiled walking after Scarlet. "Where does your granny live?"
"Why? You giant stalker!" Scarlet asked turning around."So i know where to go to ask for proof that your not just a sweet and innocent kid who helps her grandmother" "Just ask anyone if you want stupid rummer's"mumbled Scarlet running off.

Scarlet slammed the door as quickly as she could."Red?Your home already?Whats wrong?" Grandmother asked from the kitchen."There's people here called the Wolf Fighters something ... There here to look for supernatural things and the wolf"explained Scarlet."Don't Worry Red , I'll protect you"smiled Grandmother giving Scarlet a hug.For the rest of the day Scarlet stayed in her room thinking why she saw Emma get slaughtered in the dress the night before.Flashbacks of the night before played out in her mind.Getting interrupted by a large knock at the door.Looking through the peep hole in the door Scarlet opened the door to see Emma standing there holding a bag full of Make up and other Accessories."Hi Scarlet , As its another Moon Festival i thought i could give you a makeover for tonight"giggled Emma walking into Scarlet's house."Ok thanks" "Where's your Grandmother?" "I think she went out earlier"

Scarlet and Emma sat down upon Scarlet's bed."So what are you wearing tonight?"questioned Emma leaning backwards looking up at the ceiling."No idea ,Its weird that Grandmother went out she said herself yesterday that she wouldn't in a million years"sighed Scarlet walking over to her wardrobe.She started to chuck things out of the wardrobe and onto the floor."There's nothing to wear i could always wear the same dress as yesterday..."Scarlet sighed pulling the black cocktail dress out of her wardrobe. "You cant wear that,here"giggled Emma passing a wrapped parcel to Scarlet.It was decorated in Blue poke a dots and a large white ribbon."For Me?" questioned Scarlet."I was going to give it to you on your birthday but i thought that this might happen so here" "Thank you"Smiled Scarlet untiring the ribbon.

As she pulled away the wrapper it reviled two dress's neatly folded on top of each other."Since there's two you could wear one tonight and the other tomorrow"explained Emma."Thank you i love them!" Smiled Scarlet hugging Emma with one arm since in the other she had the dress's."Come on i wanna see them on you"Emma smiled Jumping up of Scarlet's bed and leaving the room ,"Come out when you've changed into one"

Emma looked in the mirror and nodded.The door opened causing her to turn around.Scarlet walked out of her room holding her red hood in one hand.A shocked look was on Emma's face."Does it really look that bad?" panicked Scarlet.Emma shock her head.Scarlet was wearing a dress that started of as black at the top with a pleated pattern and a giant black ribbon and bow as a belt just under her bust turning the dress into a pale pink Dress with three layers of pleats on top of each other.The dress had black straps for sleeves."Adorable!" Nodded Emma grabbing Scarlet's arm spinning around.And skipping of ," Ok be back in a minute im going to change" Emma hyperly said as she disappeared off into Scarlet's room returning in a plain blue cocktail dress."Ready to go?"asked Emma.Scarlet nodded placing the hood on and tiring up the string .

Fire dancers were twirling around the centre of the village.All the children were wearing wolf masks as they ran around playing.Members of 'Wolf Fighters Generation' were spread out around the main square."Im sure everything will be fine as long as no one goes into the forest"Emma reassured looking around at The Wolf Fighters Generation . "Earlier did you see one of them walk away after i left?"questioned Scarlet trying to spot the boy from earlier."No why?"replied Emma Looking at Scarlet."Don't worry about it" Scarlet sighed.

Susan and Chloe were sitting on the well talking about what happened to Jade. "Maybe she's dead because she was so mean to the devil's child"Susan stated loudly so Scarlet would hear. A tear formed in Scarlet's eyes."She went into the woods its her thought" Chloe sighed stepping up,"You always blame Scarlet , I've had enough of it" Chloe stormed of towards Emma and Scarlet. "Why did you do that?"Emma asked."It got really annoying,Scarlet?"Chloe asked noticing that Scarlet wasn't paying attention. "Im fine... Just trying to find someone..." answered Scarlet. "A boy?" Emma joked watching Scarlet Blush. "I'm going to find Grandmother"Scarlet sighed waving and then walking off.

Scarlet looked around the village.There was no sign of her Grandmother.The red moon was high in the sky.A hand grabbed her arm pushing her into the alcove ageist the wall."Kya..."Scarlet cried closing her eyes. "what are you hiding?" a voice called from in front of her.Opening her eyes Scarlet saw the boy from yesterday. "Get of me!"cried Scarlet trying to push past him."What are you hiding under your hood?" he placed his hand inside her hood pulling it back.A shocked look appeared on his face,"Red?...." "Help!"shouted Scarlet,"Emma!Chloe!" "Shouting won't help you.The music from the party is to loud for anyone to hear you"he smiled.All of a sudden Scarlet's throat started to hurt.Her vision faded as she collapsed.In her head she saw Susan standing in front of the large mysterious wolf.

She woke up to the sound of someone talking to her."Hey red eyes wake up" Scarlet's eyes fluttered open to see the boy crouched down next to her with his hands on her waist."Are you alright?"He asked."What happened?"mumbled Scarlet not realising that he was holding on to her waist."You suddenly collapsed"he replied. Scarlet's checks suddenly turned red."Get of me!"she cried hitting him.

"Vincent ... where are you?" a voice called of in the distance. Scarlet quickly covered her eyes with her hood.Someone wearing the Wolf Fighters Generation uniform came around the corner."Vincent!You got a job to do you can find her after you've finished.The Wolf isn't going to wait for you"One of his colleges called pulling him backwards.

Emma and Chloe came running up to Scarlet."There you are!"Chloe painted,"What happened"Emma asked,"Why are you so red?"
"I saw something..."mumbled Scarlet,"And..." Vincent and the person who came to get him were standing the other side of the well.Larten walked over to them ,"Vincent there you are.Were where you?"Larten asked. "Long story"answered Vincent noticing Scarlet talking to Emma and Chloe ,"Be back in a minute" he quickly zoomed over to Scarlet grabbing ahold of her wrist turning her around to face him."Look i know your secret"started Vincent pointing to his eyes,"I need you to do something so i wont tell anyone" "Secret?"Repeated Emma exchanging looks with Chloe,"Did you see them?" A small smile appeared on Vincent's face ,"So im not the only one who knows" Scarlet pulled her arm away ,"Im going home"

"The wolf!" one of the villagers shouted.Everyone turned to see the wolf standing on one of the roofs.Everyone started screaming and zoomed to the nearest safe place."Vincent"shouted one of the members of Wolf fighters Generation."Got it"nodded Vincent running towards where the wolf was.Chloe grabbed ahold of Emma's and Scarlet's hands and started to run.A large high pitched scream filled the air."Susan..."started Scarlet."Huh?"Emma said confused."When I was with the stalker i passed out and saw Susan with the wolf..."continued Scarlet."Stalker? You mean that guy just now?" asked Chloe.Scarlet nodded.Without thinking she started to run to where the scream was.Chloe and Emma chased after her.

In an ally way Susan was standing with her back ageist the wall.The wolf Stood in front of her.Members of the Wolf Fighters Generation were spread out holding weapons towards the wolf.The girls stopped running."Its the same one as yesterday..."Emma mumbled."Yesterday?You saw the wolf and didn't get eaten?"one of the member's of Wolf Fighters Generation. Emma looked at Scarlet."The villagers came and scared it of" answered Scarlet. Vincent turned his head around to see the conversation."Is that right?"Larten questioned.

"Are you ready to come with me? "..... the wolf growled

"No..."cried Scarlet making everyone turn around to look at her.Being embarrassed Scarlet ran of. Larten turned to Vincent,"Chase after her,Find out what happened.She might be a witch" Vincent nodded chasing after Scarlet.

"Are you alright?" Vincent wondered. Scarlet stopped in her tracks."Your sent to see if I know who the wolf is?"Questioned Scarlet not turning around. "So you know?"Joked Vincent. " Im going home"Scarlet mumbled walking of. "At least let me walk you home.Its dangerous with the wolf about" "I'll be fine , Stalker"

A Large scream filled the air."The wolf..."started Vincent pulling Scarlet towards him."What are you doing"blushed Scarlet trying to get away."Chloe!Emma!" Scarlet said panicking trying to run back to where the wolf was.Vincent grabbed Scarlet, "If you rush in there your gonna get killed"Vincent argued. "But what if..."blushed Scarlet."Lets go back but stand behind me ok?" Scarlet nodded.

Blood was spatted all over the ground.The body of Susan was laying covered in blood. Several bodies of Wolf Fighters Generation were spread out on the ground.Only six out of the seventeen were alive.One had a bite on his arm. The tooth marks stood out , blood was dripping.Emma and Chloe was no where to be seen."Did you find out anything?"Larten asked not noticing Scarlet behind Vincent."Where are the girls?" Vincent asked watching the wolf fight ageist two men. "The two girls ran of down that way towards the church"replied Larten pointing a gun towards the wolf and shooting.

"Foolish humans they cant kill me" Growled the wolf.

"They cant kill it .."Mumbled Scarlet using her free hand to grab a hold of the katana's,"Maybe i can..."

"You want to try to fight me?" The wolf moaned.

Vincent's grip on Scarlet's hand grew stronger,"You want to try fighting that thing are you crazy?Leave it to the professionals.Plus fight it with what?"

"With these" whispered Scarlet showing Vincent one of the Katana's. "We need to get out of here"whispered Vincent."Don't you need to stay here to fight?" "Hey Larten , I think i heard another wolf over there im going to check it out" Vincent shouted over to Larten turning around and waking behind Scarlet so no one would see her.

"Where abouts do you live?"asked Vincent. "Stalker..."mumbled Scarlet pulling away from Vincent."We need to get inside away from the wolf" "We?" Scarlet asked stepping forwards away from Vincent. "Look iv'e just basicly left my team to die i might as well protect you from it" "Why protect me?" "There's something about you"

Scarlet and Vincent walked up to Scarlet's house."You live right by the edge of the forest?"questioned Vincent looking towards the woods."Problem with that?"Scarlet asked opening the door , "I suppose you want to be invited in"

"So wheres this grandmother your always talking about?" Vincent leaned back onto the table.Scarlet had a look in her grandmothers room."She's not here yet... weird"mumbled Scarlet . "She might be at the church... or be the wolf" Scarlet looked at Vincent."Alright Sorry just stating a fact" "How come you didn't tell Larten about me?" "What would be accomplished from that?" "A promotion or something"
Vincent sat down on the sofa,"You should get some sleep ill stay here shout if you need me"

As Scarlet closed the door she quickly rushed over to the window opening it. "I wonder where Grandmother is"sighed Scarlet stepping onto the window sill,"I need to go find her" The next moment a pair of hands wrapped around her pulling her backwards,"Your Grandmother will be fine.But if you go out i cant be too sure"sighed Vincent as he fell backwards onto the bed."Let go of me i need to find her.She never goes out but she did today"Scarlet cried trying to break away."You can find her tomorrow i'll help you just don't go outside when the wolf is around" argued Vincent."It wont hurt me" mumbled Scarlet pulling away from Vincent. Vincent quickly moved in front of the window stopping Scarlet from jumping out, "Why?" "In the forest ... i was there.I fell unconscious while the wolf was there"Answered Scarlet Kneeling down on her bed,"And it talked to me" Vincent sat down in front of Scarlet."What did it say?" "That it was coming for me by the end of the red moon and..."Scarlet mumbled starting to cry.Shocked Vincent pulled Scarlet towards him giving her a hug to stop her from crying.

11 hours remains
As Grandmother opened the door the sight she saw shocked her more than the thought of a wolf hunting the village.Scarlet was asleep on her bed with her hood down in the arms of Vincent. "Its morning already?"yarned Scarlet sitting up. "I guess the wolf never made it this far" Vincent sighed,"You ended up crying yourself to sleep" "Sorry..." mumbled Scarlet,I wonder if Grandmother is back yet..."Scarlet went over to the door opening it slightly."She's in the kitchen" "Should i sneak out of the window?"wondered Vincent picking up his gun from the bed placing it into his pocket. "It will look even more suspicious just tell her the truth" "What if she's the Wolf?"asked Vincent standing behind Scarlet. "Even if she was she wouldn't hurt you if you protected me so..."started Scarlet. "Morning Red ,Morning Red's friend" Grandmother suddenly said.Scarlet and Vincent both looked at each other.They both nodded and walked out of Scarlet's bedroom. "Its not what it looks like"Vincent blurted out."I know ,i know I heard the conversation you had before you came out" "That's why i told you to not sneak out of the window"mumbled scarlet. "Eggs Red's friend?" Grandmother asked getting three plates out of the cupboard."Erm yes please,And its Vincent"he answered politely."Where were you last night?"asked Scarlet sitting down at the table. "i was hiding in the Inn you two must be close"Grandmother answered."Huh?Why do you say that?"blushed Scarlet. Grandmother placed the eggs with toast onto plates.She sat down opposite Scarlet placing a plate in front of her,one infront of Scarlet and one infront of the seat next to Scarlet. Grandmother signalled Vincent to sit down.A smile appeared on her face."Because your hood has been down all this time.You only done that with me and Emma"answered Grandmother watching the reaction of Scarlet as she quickly put her hood up."Don't worry Red you can have it down since you've had it down this long"Grandmother laughed eating one of her eggs.Scarlet pulled down her hood.

"Its not my fought he pulled down my hood the second time we met"mumbled Scarlet biting on a piece of toast."Oh really?When was this?" Grandmother asked fascinated."...Yesterday"Assured Vincent. "And the first time?"Uttered Grandmother. "Yesterday" Explained Vincent being kicked under the table by Scarlet. "Hey what was that for?" argued Vincent.Scarlet started to hit Vincent on the shoulders, "Are you sure its a good idea to say you only met me yesterday?"admitted Scarlet.Grandmother laughed."What's funny?"cried Scarlet as she got stopped by Vincent grabbing a hold of her wrists."How close you two are "Grinned Grandmother."Were not close"Denied Scarlet embarrassed. A large knock was at the door making everyone jump."Vincent we know your in there with a supernatural creature"Larten shouted through the door."We need to go,Is there a back way?"Insisted Vincent. "There's a door that leads into the forest" informed Grandmother."Ok thanks"Vincent thanked grabbing a hold of Scarlet's wrists running out of the door.Tree branches scratched there arms as they ran through the woods."Vincent please slow down" begged Scarlet. "Huh oh sorry"Vincent expressed looking down at Scarlet's shoes,"Forgot you were still wearing heals" as she stopped running."Im glad im wearing shoes though"mumbled scarlet,"What are we going to do now?" "Well you said that the Wolf will come for you before the Red moon ends so we just need to get away now away from this town and live somewhere" "But i dont have any of my stuff,And what about Grandmother? " "We'll go back after the red moon"

Scarlet moved her hood over her head,"Why should i trust you?" "Your only asking that now?" A smile appeared on Vincent's face."Fine then is there anywhere we can hide in the village?" Mentioned Vincent."I suppose we could hide at Emma's" "The other girl who knows your secret?Ok lets go"They started to walk to Emma's house.Vincent held his hand out towards Scarlet."Need any help?"wondered Vincent being surprised when Scarlet atchualy grabbed a hold of his hand,"Thanks its hard walking in heels at the best of time"smiled Scarlet.

Scarlet knocked loudly on a door in the ally way the wolf was the night before,"This place..."stated Vincent being interrupted by the door opening."Emma ,Can we hide here?" "Sure" replied Emma letting them in.Emma was looking at Vincent."Is it the Wolf fighters that your hiding from?"questioned Emma.Scarlet nodded,"Yet there's the wolf fighter that you call 'stalker' here" noted Emma confused. "Really you think of me as a stalker that much?"sighed Vincent."You are one!" "So that's why you let me into your house?" Emma coughed.Scarlet blushed,"Its not like how it sounds" "Of course not although he knows about them?"smiled Emma pointing to Scarlet's eyes."Its because he..."started Scarlet.Vincent wrapped his hands around Scarlet's mouth."Anyway thank you for letting us hide here" Vincent thanked. Scarlet's eye's suddenly closed as she dropped being caught by Vincent."Not again"He moaned. "You've seen it before as well?"questioned Emma."Yeah just after i pulled back her hood yesterday"replied Vincent."Oh so that's what she meant yesterday.What did she say after she woke up?" Vincent picked Scarlet up , "She asked what happened.Why what did she tell you?" "That she saw something again" "Again?" "It happened when i first met her.She gets visions about the wolf and stuff"explained Emma.

"Is there somewhere where I can lay her down?"Wondered Vincent still holding Scarlet."She should wake up in a minute but you'll have to put her in the attic just in chase the Wolf fighters get here"Emma opened up the attic showing Vincent the way.Vincent layed her down on a couple of sheets that was on the floor."How come she trusts you even though your a stranger and a wolf fighter?"asked Emma kneeling down next to Scarlet placing a pillow under head while Vincent held her head up."Maybe because I didn't tell anyone about her eyes"suggested Vincent placing Scarlet's head down on the pillow."You think she's cute right?"Emma teased. "what kind of question is that?" "But you do?" "fine alright she's cute can we leave it at that?"revealed Vincent. Emma burst out laughing. "Whats funny?"snapped Vincent,"...she's awake is'nt she?" he pleaded watching Emma nod.Scarlet sat up falling into Vincent's lap."How much did you hear?" "when you said that i was.....i was.... C-cute"blushed Scarlet getting out of Vincent's lap."Where are we anyway?" "In my attic"replied Emma."You have a attic?"

There was talking in the street below.Emma looked through a small hole in roof."The wolf fighter's"whispered Emma.Scarlet and Vincent moved over to where Emma was."What should we do?"Emma related moving back to let Scarlet have a look."The wolf will be back tonight"mumbled Scarlet moving away from the gap."Did you see it?"Emma asked."I saw it talking to me" "What did he say?"Vincent asked taking a look through the gap. "She , And something about burning down the village"answered Scarlet falling backwards on purpose and landing on her back."Whats going to happen?"sighed Vincent leaning back ageist the wall.Knocking sounds came from below.Emma put a finger to her lips.There was a sound of a door smashing.Vincent quietly crawled to the entrance of the attic pulling his gun out of his pocket. Down below there were footsteps.Crash's started to appear.Scarlet,Emma and Vincent all sat there in silence listening to what's happening underneath them."There not here"someone called out."Is there an attic?"someone asked.Scarlet reached for the Katana's."Ok look for a way to a attic"someone else shouted."There's someone saying something about who they think the wolf is" "Ok lets go"Larten called out storming out of the door.

They waited till everyone was gone."Scarlet you have swords"panicked Emma moving scarlet's hood."There Katana's, Japanese swords"mumbled Scarlet,"Grandmother told me to keep them with me" Vincent leaped across the room moving one of the Katana's so he could see."W-What are you doing?"blushed Scarlet. "When i was forced to train as a Wolf Fighter we learned about this symbol that represents wolves its a image of a full moon with two tree's either side of it" "So?" wondered Emma. Vincent pulled the Katana out more revealing the very pattern he just explained."Proves it like i said earlier" "It cant be! Grandmother would of told me" "Really?She would of told you that she was a werewolf ?" Vincent said not believing.Scarlet stood up and stormed out of the door connecting the attic to the rest of the house."Why did you say it like that?"nagged Emma. "Say it like what?" "Her only family is her Grandmother!Don't you think that she would of taken it seriously?" Scarlet walked out of the back door."I cant believe him!" Scarlet cried. The pair of hands grabbed both of her arms. There was a scream.

Vincent zoomed over to the gap looking through he saw Scarlet being dragged away by two members of the Wolf Fighters. "Let go of me!"cried Scarlet.She got pushed over to the ground.Villagers gavered around.Scarlet stood up.Larten walked next to her grabbing her shoulders. "Everyone as you may know that wolf is still alive however this girl is not what she seems"Larten started.He pulled the two katana's away from her."How did you?...."mumbled Scarlet.Chloe was standing at the front of the crowd."Chloe you didn't..." Chloe looked down on the ground."These Swords have the mark of the werewolf on them"continued Larten.Vincent appeared at the back of the crowd.He zoomed through it.Once he got in front of Larten and Scarlet he pulled out his gun , pointing it at Larten."Let her go"Vincent demanded.Larten pulled back Scarlet's head seeing the colour of her eyes.A smile appeared on his face.He untied the string on her hood letting it full to the ground.Pushing Her head forwards showing everyone the colour of her eyes.Everyone in the crowd gasped."In two hours the moon will come up and when it does the wolf will take this girl"explained Larten."Let her go now!"shouted Larten.

The two Wolf Fighters who dragged her away came forwards pushing her onto the floor."Tie her up" ordered Larten looking straight into Vincent's gun. Scarlet kicked one of the wolf Fighters who was tiring up her feet. "It will be less painful if you stop struggling"he suggested tiring up her hands."Please Stop"cried Scarlet trying to struggle free."Sorry kid" he apologised grabbing a piece of fabric that Larten passed to him. BANG

The man who was tiring up Scarlet fell down next to her.A puddle of blood rolled away from him.All the villagers Screamed.Vincent rushed over to Scarlet pointing his gun at Larten trying to untie Scarlet's hands. "No body touches her understand?"Vincent shouted."Vincent...the moon"mumbled Scarlet.She was so close to Vincent that she could hear his heart beating.As Vincent turned his head he could see that the moon was already up in the sky.The wolf growled."Where are your Katana's?" asked Vincent."He has them"mumbled Scarlet pointing towards Larten. "Give them back"He ordered. "Why would i do that?"laughed Larten. Vincent sighed turning back to Scarlet,"I'll get you out trust me"informed Vincent untiring some of the ropes around Scarlet's wrists. "Ow"Scarlet cried."Sorry" one of the ropes fell to the ground.

There was a large breathing coming from behind Scarlet and Vincent."The wolf"All the villagers screamed running away."Wolf we sacrifice the devils daughter to you in return you never take a human life again"Larten announced."Are you crazy?"Emma called running around the coroner."That's human sacrifice!You cant" Emma stepped forwards ."She's not human so its not human sacrifice"Objected Larten."Not human?"repeated Emma."You don't seriously believe that , that child is human?"laughed Larten."What is she then?" Emma asked.

"If only they knew" growled the wolf turning to face Scarlet.

"If only they knew what?"Vincent called out.Scarlet looked at Vincent."What?"wondered Vincent."You understand the wolf too?" "oops didn't mean to make you aware of that" "What are you talking about?" "Don't worry about it Princess" "You called me Princess" "So your taking everything i say into account?" "Whats wrong with that?" "Do you really wanna know?" "Just tell me everything" "Define Everything" "Whats going on with you and this princess stuff"

"Why dont i just tell you" ..... The wolf growled getting annoyed

Scarlet and Vincent both looked over to the wolf.The final piece of rope tiring up Scarlet fell on the floor.Vincent stood up helping up Scarlet."How are you two so calm?"shouted Emma."Emma you need to get out of here"Scarlet begged."Why?So you can have a little scene with your boyfriend" "Your wearing that dress" replied Scarlet.Emma looked down at her dress realising that she was wearing the same dress Scarlet said that she would die in. "no body's escaping till the Werewolf is dead"instructed Larten. "Emma go please"cried Scarlet.Emma nodded and slowly walked away backwards watching the Wolf.

"Now she's gone lets get down to business" snickered Larten pointing a gun at Scarlet.Larten clicked his fingers as he did Vincent went flying back ageist the wall. "Vincent!" cried Scarlet about to run to him."Stay there Missy or I shoot" scolded Larten,"Did you think that i manished to kill all those wolves before without any magic?"questioned Larten."Why?" cried Scarlet."I've been asking myself that all these years"Larten laughed pulling the trigger.

............ BANG ............

The bullet zoomed past Scarlet's shoulder leaving a scratch. Scarlet fell to the ground.A pile of blood formed underneath Scarlet.THe wolf jumped forward at Larten ripping off his head. The wolf then turned towards Scarlet .

"Are you coming with me?" the wolf growled.

Scarlet stood up looking brave holding onto her arm where the bullet zoomed pass.Scarlet's hand slowly moved down going back to her side. The Scratch started to heal leaving only a little blood left behind."You hurt the villagers" Scarlet mumbled. "I had to eat and plus its not like you were friends with them" "Grandmother..." "Excuse me?" the wolf stated shocked.

"Your Grandmother right?"Scarlet said showing no emotion on her face.A creepy smile appeared on the wolf's face revealing all its teeth."Miss Cross,How your mind works its fascinating" it snarled taking one step forwards."Answer my question are you Grandmother?"

"Not quite" the wolf hissed.

"Who are you then?" insisted Scarlet looking straight into the wolf eyes.

"Oh your so dense i would of thought you would of realised this they both died,Come we can be together at last"it hissed once again.

"...Chloe?"mumbled Scarlet stepping backwards by a step. "Finally"laughed the wolf. "But you told them that..."Started Scarlet. "That was a good trick right?"the wolf laughed again,"We grew apart when Jade and Susan became friends with me but its over now"

"So are you coming?" Chloe hissed.

"No" replied Scarlet grabbing ahold of her Katana's rushing over to Vincent,"Hey Vincent are you alright?"Scarlet panicked.There was no answer. Scarlet gently lifted his wrist feeling a pulse beating slightly slower than it normally should. "You care about him,Come with me and i'll save him" Scarlet turned around to face Chloe."How?You cant save him" Scarlet cried leaning scarlet agenst him picking him up. "i'll burn this village"

"Just don't kill Emma or Grandmother" Scarlet said walking of carrying Vincent. "There both dead" snarled Chloe. "What?" SCarlet said shocked. "Your grandmother killed by that Larten guy,And Emma well Emma got in my way of my plan she was'nt hard to get wolves in to take care of her if you know what i mean"

"You killed them" Scarlet cried. "Well not logically,And that Wolf fighter is next , Princess""The weight of Vincent got to much making Scarlet fall down.As she fell her leg got scarped healing after a few seconds. "Life never works out"Scarlet cried looking down at the ground. Vincent's arm grabbed ahold of Scarlet's."Vincent!"Scarlet said sounding both worried and Afraid."You have the ability to stop that thing"He mumbled. "How?"Scarlet cried."Why are you asking me Princess?" "Your the one who's meant to know" "Somehow unlock your powers?" "I need your help" "Princess im the one who is meant to help you and look what's happened" "Please tell me what to do"

"If your not coming with me than your going to die" The wolf leaped forwards going to scratch Scarlet.Being interrupted by Vincent grabbing ahold of Scarlet jumping onto the roof of a building. "You flew?"Scarlet panicked grabbing ahold of Vincent. "Now princess time to shine"Vincent smiled letting go of Scarlet.

Suddenly building's started to catch on fire.People ran out of there homes away from the fire.Scarlet closed her eyes.The sound of Screaming filled the air along with the sound of fire roaring.Taking a deep breath Scarlet's eyes opened. "Chloe,Your pain and suffering will come to a end"Scarlet said aloud with no emotion on her face.A small red sparkle appeared in the corner of her eyes spreading all around her eyes making them glow Crimson Red. A beam of black light wrapped around Scarlet.Slowly her dress morphed into a black dress of the same length.White lines went straight across the lower part of the dress.Two white ribbons hang on the sides of Scarlet's hips just under a red corset belt with small red bat wings hanging of the back. Ribbons in a corset styled was in the middle of the top half of the dress leaving a small black ribbon spread across the top with frills over the top.The top hang in place with a pair of black straps.A red ribbon hang in her hair.

"So the Princess does have it in her"Smiled Vincent stepping forwards,"What do you think of it?" he watched Scarlet blush."No idea how it happened but its cute"she sighed flicking her black hair,"Time to deal with Chloe" A Jet black Scythe appeared next to Scarlet's hand.Grabbing ahold of it Scarlet jumped of the roof towards Chloe's wolf form making a cut on her arm.The Wolf growled pushing Scarlet towards a wall.Blood dripped down her face.One of the villagers went to help her but got interrupted by Scarlet standing up catching the drip of blood with her finger licking it.She jumped towards Chloe once again entering the side of the wolf with her scythe ripping it through."Hah thought that would work did you?"Chloe laughed.Blood dripped onto the ground underneath her."What?" "Check mate"smiled Scarlet swinging her scythe around .Chloe's body fell apart quickly turning back into her human form.The villagers screamed.Scarlet turned around as Vincent jumped of the roof holding out his hand."Ready to go home Princess"Vincent smiled."More than you would think"Scarlet smiled Grabbing ahold of Vincent's hand.And with that they disappeared never to return to the village.

Scarlet stepped forwards.A large room was decorated in black roses."Princess Scarlet"A voice called from infront of her.A lady with Gold eyes and golden hair sat in a thrown wearing a long black ball gown."I trust that your butler protected you when mother had to go somewhere" she said."What happened to her?" mumbled Scarlet.Grandmother appeared to the side of the lady who just spoke."Grandmother"Scarlet smiled as she quickly went over to her giving her a hug."Sorry i had to somewhere"She apologised. Vincent walked up to Scarlet."So Princess what do you want to do now?" he smiled. "How about playing"Scarlet smiled.Her Grandmother handed Scarlet her red hood tiring it around Scarlet's neck."Ok lets go"

Ever since that day Scarlet and Vincent have travelled around the world.Getting rid of the bumps in the night.You could of walked past them Yesterday. Have you?
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I walked hurriedly through the rain. To the unknown, to a place I've never been before. I cut my face on branches and tore my dress, but I didn't care. I wanted to get to the place in my dream. I've seen this place before. I came to a fork in my path and I spun, spraying water from my bangs. I pushed up my hood further up than it already was, but it still fell over my eyes. I heard a low growl. I knew what I had to do. But... I wanted to run away as fast as I could. But I wanted to go see it , even though I knew I would get devoured.

HI, everyone! I just joined this group so I decided to try my hand at this. I wanted to just show the girls feelings, not what she saw! xx Thanks!!!xx
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