Time for Kingdom Hearts to return to Consoles!
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Posted 5/8/12 , edited 5/9/12

Since its PlayStation 2 debut back in 2002 the Kingdom Hearts series has spanned six different platforms.

Despite its console origins over the past seven years the franchise has found a home mostly on handhelds since the PS2 release of the second installment back in 2005.

With the most recent title, Kingdom Hearts Drop Dream Distance for the 3DS, completed and shipping this Summer in the West, series creator Tetsuya Nomura sounds ready to bring the action rpg back to its console roots.

“We have been invited to make games on different new platforms, and every time we have created titles making sure that they are highly compatible with the platform,” Nomura recently told Game Informer when asked about the PlayStation Vita.

“The PS Vita is definitely a powerful device that is very interesting, but because of it’s high power, there isn’t much of a difference with a console.”

“So even if we were to make a game, we would have to be very careful about how to create it for that device. I also feel that it’s about time that Kingdom Hearts should go back to being on a console.”

Earlier in the interview when the question of a possible HD collection of the Kingdom Hearts series was raised Nomura stated that he does have an “interest” in HD versions, and is “currently researching them”.

“If it is possible, I would like to do something about the series being spread over so many different consoles, too. I am thinking a lot about the future,“ he continued to say.

While the esteemed director and character designer remained quiet on what fans can expect from Kingdom Hearts 3, he did note that those who play Kingdom Hearts 3D to the very end may be able to find a hint regarding the next installment of the series.

This gives me hope! Especially that HD talk!
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Posted 5/9/12 , edited 5/9/12
Yes, yes, yes!!! Please bring KH back to the console! Release KH for the PS3, please T_T
Enough with this DS crap. Seriously.
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