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Posted 5/9/12 , edited 5/9/12
song part 2 [ dance moves]: Just shoot for the stars if it feels right * takes out a gun and shoots the first star i see * And aim for my heart if you feel like * shoots my heart with a gun * And take me away and make it ok * drags someone away from monsters and there happy * I swear i'll behave * is a statue * so you wanted to know * someone wants to know how awesome i am * so we waited * waits in a street and a car runs over me * I put on a show * puts on a show about chickens ruling the world * you say i'm a kid * a baby turns into a kid * take me by the hand and i'll know you * holds someone hands and data goes into my head * dance until were done * dances out of this room *and i'll show you * shows someone i got the power to be awesome * maybe its hard * hits wall but its hard to break * when you feel like your broken and sccared * falls apart * nothing feels right * feels dizzy and falls * but when your with me * someone comes in my sight * i'll make you believe * makes someone believe i am awesome * that i've got the key * has the key but eats it and says i am the key and i turn into 1 * oh so get in the car we can ride it and you want to steer i'll take it from here* gets in a car that can break down and rides and drives and person drives then the car breaks down *
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