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Early today, Pinkrusse gave us the idea of a story line in the middle of a island of amazon women, since this is different from Ougiyan's Fight, then none of the characters suppose to know each other yet, so its basically starting anew.
The entire island will look and have the same bases as how Pinkrusse showed us, and for also this, Pinkrusse is promoted to our first Senior Rper

*A large airplane loses its wings by an explosion in midair and falls down close to a chain islands, inside the crash, Kaito Kuroba came out*

Kaito Kuroba: what was that... i knew public lines were terrible, but this is beyond that... *walks deeper inside the island from the beach to the jungle*
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Deep within the jungle lies one of the Amazonian women's civilization, they slaughter men and keep the outside women as their sex slaves. Lady Q is one of the sex slaves (refer to first image below) and she has just been beaten 100 slashes by whip for eavesdropping at the Lark Lake where the Amazonian leader of the South bathes regularly. Upon Lady Q's capture, the South Amazonians believe that Lady Q is related to the Amazonian women of the East (whose race is intermixed with dragon blood) and fear her a little bit but hold her captive in hopes of starting a war.

Amazonian Leader of the North (House of Lust (Dark-haired women)):

Amazonian leader of the South (House of Greed) (Blond-haired women):

Amazonian leader of the East (House of Pride):

Amazonian leader of the West (House of Wrath):

Amazonian smaller civilizations spread throughout the Amazonian islands (3): Sloth, Envy, and Gluttony. They do not slaughter men and keep the women and children as slaves. They rape them and then eat them. They differentiate themselves from the North, South, East, and West by keeping a clean and shaven head but they are as strong as all other Amazonian women.

*Note to group: Each house has their own rules, just remember they are made up and influenced by the 7 Deadly Sins. If you desire,feel free to make up rules for each house. As much as we want all our RP characters to be invincible in some way or another, I'd prefer to keep this an active area where there are Amazonian women we can all battle with or with each other. Anyone who has ideas and suggestions, please chip in. Thanks.
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Thats a really nice way to put it ^.^
Kaito Kuroba: *walks around the jungle, later to find some women walking around, detecting some hostility, he decides to stay on the shadows, but as he walked along the path, he sees the most surpring sight, a large city filled with women, but not men, curiously, he heads along a path where he fins himself in a large green lake*
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The Amazonian women of the South begin to relax with the traditional-style of hookah. In their foreign tongue, they exchange sexual innuendos with one another. Lady Q stands by, serving them wine and fruits. Her wrists and ankles are in chains and she wears dirty, ragged clothes to differentiate herself as a slave than a part of the village. The majority of the women are natural blondes. Others use plucked blueberries or raspberries to dye their hair different colors.

A scout from the House of Wrath hears of this dragon slave (Lady Q) being kept captive in the South civilization and shares it with her leader. They begin to plot schemes.

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Kaito Kuroba: *Walks his way around the village unnoticed, then he sees Lady Q* Maybe she is a prisoner of some sort... *decides to get closer to have a better look*
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The naked and drugged Amazonian women have lessen their keen sense of smell for intruders much less the stench of males, they continue to rudely ask demand for wine and fruits. Lady Q does her best to walk and serve with chains around her wrists and ankles. She already has blisters and is slightly bleeding because of the rusty metal rubbing repeatedly against her skin and flesh.

She looks in the direction of where Kuroba is and thought she saw a shadow but ignores it, thinking it may have been a wild animal curious of the commotion.
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Kaito Kuroba: *reaches the first steps to the small group, cautiously, he takes his card gun out and looks around, then sees Lady Q in chains* i wonder who is she... *a group of amazonians appear behind kaito taking him by surprise* This is bad... *rather than fighting it out, he throws a silver ball which flashes and blinds the amazonians, then he hides inside the cottage*
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Lady Q: *sees Kaito tumble into the cottage and she pushes herself against him, backing the both of them into a dark corner of the kitchen* Whoever you are, you are going to die if you stay any longer. These women are man eaters.
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