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Can you drive with a manual shifter
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Posted 6/30/12 , edited 6/30/12
i learned on a manual because otherwise i wouldnt be allowed to drive a car with manual transmission here in germany.
for older cars i think manual is better because its just way more efficient than old automatics. but for new cars i would prefer an automatic(as long as its not a sports car). the new automatics are really efficient, easy and relaxing to drive and most new cars have a double transmission. the default is automatic but you can switch to a semi-automatic where you can shift gears yourself.
for driving in a big city automatic is just the most relaxing(for traffic jams too)=).
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Posted 9/29/12 , edited 9/29/12
Locked because OP has nuked.

Anyone, feel free to recreate this topic as your own.
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