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F / ?lost in my castl...
Posted 5/11/12 , edited 5/12/12

1.Mod Requesting:
2.Text :
5.Cropped or Not
6. Did you upload your payment of 5 pics:
To upload payments quickly click here.
7.Pic DON'T put ur pic in spoiler tag. max of one request

8.Did you invite your friends? :)

1. Put pending//[ur username] so no other mod will do the same request
2. Put the form in spoiler tag ---> only the pending//done should be visible
3. Put done//[ur username] after you are done

Sometimes we lock the forums so we can get ur reqests done.

For the requestors:
And one last thing, PLS. DO NOT REQUEST AN graphic if you're not going to use it. You're just wasting the mods' time and effort, the next time we saw you not use it, we will not do your request anymore, sorry!

To upload payments quickly click here.

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