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Posted 5/11/12 , edited 5/12/12
1: There can ONLY be Two Masters. 8 gym leaders. Obviously 4 in the Elite Four. 1 leader of Team Sky.
2: No killing people OR pokemon!! Only Team Sky can if GIVEN CONSENT by the partner they are rping with. If your pokemon are killed you can replace them. Edit your character creation form and message a mod.
3: Only the Masters, Elite Four, and leader of Team Sky can have legendaries. ONE per party so two at MAX.Do not use a legendary that haad already been claimed. Now Mew or Mewtoo. ANYONE CAN HAVE a shiny pokemon. ONE per party so TWO at max.
4: NO STEALING pokemon! If you want to trade edit your character form and inform a mod after.
5: No GOD-Modding! IF your in the MILITARY against someone in Team Sky, check the rank. If Team Sky is higher level then Team Sky wins. If Military is higher level then Military wins. The Military in Unova is the strongest after all. But even they don't always win. So loose from time to time.
6:Your character CAN use hand-to-hand combat. Military HAS to be able too. NO WEAPONS! You can only fight after a pokemon battle. Don't just go around punching people. Protect your region and pokemon after all.
7: 3 characters per person. I high leveled character. Military, Elite Four, Masters, and leader of Team Sky MUST be ACTIVE.
8: Romance is fine. Keep it PG-13 though. No sex! Take it to the PM!
9: Break any rules and you WILL be warned then Banned after the warning if you continue breaking the rules.
10: HAVE FUN!!! XD

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