Tarot Organisation Rankings/Classification
Il Mondo
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Posted 5/12/12 , edited 5/21/12

0 - Il Matto ( The Fool )
Leader: Lee Go [ RiN-X-Chi ]
Members (10):
Info: Il Matto is the 'tricksters' of the organisation. They trick their opponent as they attack.

I - Il Bagatto ( The Magician )
Leader: Yasmin Li [ Keith_The_Awesome ]
Members (10):
Info: Il Bagatto's specialise in magic. They attack their foes with powerful spells.

II - Il Papessa ( The Priestess )
Leader: Mikuni [ Anime_Freakxoxo ]
Members (10):
Info: Il Papessa's specialise in Healing Magic and remedies. They are very useful.

III - L'Imperatrice ( The Empress )
Leader: None [Mod Only]
Info: L'Imperatrice is the 2nd in Commands. They Command in a fight. Imperatrice's are women.

IV - L'Imperatore ( The Emperor )
Leader: None [Mod Only]
Info: L'Imperatore is the 2nd in Command, they mostly command in a fight. Imperatore's are men.

V - Il Papa ( the Hierophant/Pope )
Leader: None
Info: The Leader of Il Papessa's, the greatest healer of the organisation.

VI - Gli Amanti ( The Lovers )
Leader (2): None
Info: Gli Amanti, the inseparable duo who fight together t'ill the end. Powerful as they work together.

VII - Il Carro ( The Chariot )
Leader: None
Members (5):
Info: Carro's are useful as they are the one who are in charge of transportation. They're roles are usually to transport people from a place to another.

VIII - La Giustizia ( The Justice )
Leader: None
Members (3):
Info: Giustizia's are self proclaimed heroes of Justice.

IX - L'Eremita ( The Hermit )
Leader: None [reserved]
Members (10):
Info: L'Eremita's are the assassins of the Organisation. They hide in darkness with their leader and only come out when assigned too.

X - La Ruota ( The Wheel of Fortune )
Leader: Aviorra Cul [ DarkLover101 ]
Members (3):
Info: La Ruota serves a big purpose to the organisation, they're fortunes are accurate and are very useful

XI - La Forza ( The Strength )
Leader: None
Members (10):
Info: La Forza is the military department of the Organisation. They're strong troops can fend off demon armies.

XII - L'Appeso ( The Hanged Man )
Leader: None
Members (2):
Info: Appeso's might not seem useful at all, but they are in charge of executions and they can easily fake death when in danger.

XIII - Il Tredici ( The Death )
Leader: Rose Redfeild [ BK02_ ]
Info: Not much is Known about Tredici, he/she is known as the nameless Tarot Card.

XIV - La Temperanza ( The Temperance )
Leader: None
Members (3):
Info: Not Provided Yet

XV - Il Diavolo ( The Devil )
Leader: Cebrosa Vosmus [ ItsAShowdown ]
Members (5):
Info: Il Diavolo's are the 'Devils' of the Organisation. They are evil, mean and can kill as much as they want. They are demons that have crossed to the humans side.

XVI - La Torre ( The Tower )
Leader: None
Members (10):
Info: They protect, build and repair the Defense Tower, they are mostly the defense of the organisation.

XVII - La Stella ( The Star )
Leader: Mika ( xXNenekoXx )
Info: Specialise in Star Magic. Related to the Zodiacs.

XVIII - La Luna ( The Moon)
Leader: None
Info: the Yang to the Yin. Specialise of Dark Magic only available at night.

XIX - La Sole ( The Sun )
Leader: None
Info: The Yin to the Yang. Specialise in Light Magic only available in day time.

XX- Il Giudizio ( The Judgement )
Leader: None
Members (10):
Info: Il Giudizio, under the orders of Il Mondo, they judge the execution of people who betray Tarot.

XXI - Il Mondo ( The World )
Leader: Rann Mao [ iSugarStars ]
Info: the Leader of Tarot Organisation. 1st in Command.
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