Post Reply [HOSTESS] Making Rooms - Rules
Posted 5/12/12 , edited 5/13/12
Hey, again I would like for every hostess to have her own room, but in order to do that, I need for us to set some standard rules. Hopefully, they'll provide you with enough freedom to still be yourselves.

1.) Please title your room "[Name or Nickname's] Room." Any symbols you'd like to include, such as "*" or "~," are allowed.

2.) Your original post should include a copy of your application, a picture of what your room should look like, a picture of you or your character (whatever you're most comfortable with,) and a proper introduction of yourself ("Hey, I'm such and such. It's very nice to meet you!") or your own variation IN THAT ORDER.

3.) Your second post should start the RP ("I lay across the hotel's bed dressed in red lingerie waiting for the cute gentleman from room service to knock on the door.") or, again, any other variation you can think of.

4.) ALL HOSTESSES MUST BE ACTIVE. If you are inactive for more than a month, you will be kicked immediately.

5.) With rule #4 in mind, you have as long as a month to reply to any clients in your room.

6.) If you are interested in having a #-some with other hostesses, you simply approach that hostess in her room as a client would approach you. Your title will be defined above your avatar, so other hostesses are able to identify you. ALL HOSTESSES HAVE THE OPTION TO ACCEPT OR DENY ANOTHER HOSTESS. If you don't want a #-some, please refrain from quoting them back.

7.) You will not deny a client unless they are disobeying the rules and/or you are already serving one. #-SOMES BETWEEN CLIENTS ARE NOT PERMITTED since they do not have their own special set of rules to adhere to.

8.) To see an example of what your room should look like, please visit mine

Thank you! I hope you may all have a good time <3
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