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High School of the Dead question
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Posted 5/19/12 , edited 5/20/12
I also believe the team behind this series is doing another manga series along side this one. TBH I wouldn't mind a anime only interpretation of this series just so we get a full 26 episode series. It also be interesting to see if they finally fall into familiar zombie series format where the majority of the main cast eventually dies off or if they actually survive which does not happen in zombie series/films.
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Posted 5/20/12 , edited 5/20/12

MillerTime45 wrote:

timmay0000 wrote:

its on hiatus....has been for over a year, and at this rate i doubt it will resume. no, they're no other manga/anime like it, sry

Ah that kind of sucks. I'm seriously surprised there aren't more zombie survival/horror manga out there. Thought H.o.t.D. was a good seller, but maybe it's not as popular in Japan as it appears to be here (even Netflix has the anime listed as one of the most popular atm).

And I love The Walking Dead even back before the show started (from the comics). This next season is going to get pretty crazy if they follow the story from the comics. a great manga and anime. it has nothing to do with the popularity though, it was extremely popular. something is going on with the mangaka. they already planned for a second season of the anime before the manga went on official hiatus. before thatr chapters were coming out very irregularly, like once every couple of months. like i said, check out Cradle of Monsters. its not as good hotd, but its still pretty decent. its basically about a zombie outbreak on a capsized ship. there's no fanservice or anything like that but its definitely worth checking out. its not licensed yet in americia so you would have to read the scanlation. you can find it on batoto.

the walking dead is amazing. the directing and cinematography are great, and so is the acting.
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