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Closeted Anime Fan
Posted 5/26/12 , edited 5/27/12
I'm not really closeted. The majority (96%) of people I know aren't into anime, so it just isn't a topic that comes up all that often. I myself give off sort of a weird vibe, as confirmed by anyone asked, so I don't really care if someone knows about me being an anime fan; it wouldn't make much of a difference.
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Posted 5/26/12 , edited 5/27/12
I hide it . Its just not socially acceptable in the circles I am in.

I have noticed that depending on the anime you watch it creates different types of people.
Such as me DBZ, Berserk, Hellsing, Bleach, Death Note = more laid back kind of person and able to deal with people in the real world.

Vs. people who watch Naruto.... Im sorry but these groups have kinda killed it in most areas these are the headband wareing kids who dont take care of them selves.

Not meant to offend anyone with that just a observation I have noticed sens i was in college.
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