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Several goths and supermodels both dress up?
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tortoiseshell wrote:

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aprilisagoner wrote:

You mean to say there may be different types of materialism? Or are those people not being outwardly spiritual?
I do think there is a difference.

Lol you know I like Myers-Briggs, and that's what my hypothesis is circled around. I don't believe being materialistic is ever a bad thing. But if you had an ESTJ, someone all about order and logic and works externally vs. internally, I would call that person materialistic. I don't believe there is such a thing as being too materialistic or spiritual - whatever your personality enables you to be.

Lmao I actually just answered your question with the post above.

Um, my response is in the quote -_-" Sorry. On my Kindle.

Not exactly. I'm saying materialism can be part of spirituality. And materialism and spirituality can be separate, or no.

For example, I think Mirander Kerr, the Victoria's Secret supermodel is very spiritual.

No. I believe spirituality is the essence of all humans, like what Adam said. Don't matter what personality type you conform to. My ESTJ sister is spiritual in her mindset and way of life, and I can tell, even if she never has anything to say on these topics. I do notice Sensing types tend to focus on the material, external world, but I can assure you that a lot of them are spiritual beings even if they do not realize it.

I don't think that being aware of what spirituality is or studying it is necessary for a person to be spiritual.

I'll have to think more about this because clearly I have a hard time believing anyone could really be both. Thanks XD
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they probably all just have daddy problems, let it be.
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It's not really possible to distinguish or distance yourself from a human social group because'll be conforming to someone or something out there.

You want to be smelly, wear raggedy clothing, and crusade against the materialism and superficiality of the human race? I guarantee you there's a local chapter near you meeting up weekly to share how truly different and enlightened they are.

What to be a non-conformist? Join the non-conformists lol.

Rebel against the douchey jocks and cheerleaders in high school who acted elitist and all looked and dressed the same to you? Dye your hair black, listen to depressing music, and exclude people who don't do that from your own inner circle.

I am happy and content because I've realized a universal truth: there is too much shit in the world and not enough toilet paper.

So instead of getting angry over it, I just accept it. The world's a pretty hilarious place if you don't take it too seriously.
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