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Hey Hiiro fans! I know I posted this in a topic earlier but now the situation is desperate.
Yep, Hiiro no Kakera is not selling well. Please do read this!

Now, I know its not the greatest reverse harem anime or with the greatest plot, but we don't hate it do we? I mean, we like it enough to at least get it to a situation where its not a loss right? Right? Pretty please?

So, what do we do? Well, if you can, go to amazon japan and order it there! Don't worry, you can read it in English, there's an option for viewing the site in English!

If you can't buy it, at least post this message to other hiiro no kakera forums, blogs, livejournals and so on. Spread the awareness!
We always watch the shows for free which gives NO MONEY whatsoever to the producers and buying it if its licensed in english does NOT HELP AT ALL in this case. Please, let's at least get Hiiro no Kakera to 2500 copies? Currently, the estimates say it will only reach 1700 copies! That's a major failure! So please, if you can, buy it, or if not, please do post this message to other Hiiro fans! Thank you for your time!
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iSilentScream wrote:

forum made as requested by phoenixalia

thank you! You have my eternal gratitude!
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lol~ T'was nothing really~~~
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