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Posted 5/20/12 , edited 5/20/12
Howdy folks, sorry for the delay-real life getting in the way again!
Thankyou again to all the people that read this ( or click on the wrong page by accident!!)..either way welcome and thanks!
On with the show!


Nyaruko-San-Another Crawling Chaos as its also known is a series ive been watching over the last couple of weeks..and i LOVE it,seriously love it.
The show is all about 17 yr old Mahiro Yasaka and how he is saved from a huge demonic creature by a silver haired girl. The girl is actually an alien deity called Nyaruko-the crawling chaos..and has been sent to earth to protect Mahiro and to gather information on earths entertainment ( which is big business in space bizzarely!)

Anyway, its a show where poor old Mahiro is soon trying to fend off the advances of Nyaruko-who is mad about him,and contend with other aliean freeloaders who come to stay at his house and make his life more troublesome!

As you can see above, Mahiro is yet again fending off Nyarukos loving-and ever so slightly perverted advances..this usually ends up with her getting hit with a fork,which is Mahiros weapon of choice and a skill he picked up from his diety hunting mother (below).

My brief explanation of the plot does not do it justice...its easily one of the best light-hearted shows out for a good long while in my opinion.
Its very very funny, the charachters are nicely drawn and voice-acted..theres basically not one element of the show i dont like-even the opening and ending credit music is great.
If you havent seen this show, go and watch this amazing show now! ( screening on CR too!)

Its also worth noting that theres a series of short flash cartoons for Nyaruko-san that are pretty funny and help set the atmosphere of the longer episodes..worth watching for a few mintues entertainment.

Let me know what you think of the show..this is one of my favourites now and the 'mad as a box of frogs' Nyaruko is a new fave charachter!


Ive been playing MP3 since it came out in the UK on Friday 18th..The main campaign is really good..its like starring in your own tv cop show..the sound,graphics and action/acting are all top rate and well worth your time playing. Easily a triple A title.
The multiplayer is the main reason i got the game to be honest,adn it hasnt disapointed.
The Multi-player game is based around factions found in the single player campaign.
You have a choice of different street gangs,cops and para-militaries and a vast wealth of options to upgrade weapons,abbilities and even how your individual avatar looks.
The maps are well made and range in size depending on the game mode chosen-but all look really good and you truelly feel your in the back streets of Sao-Paulo.

Its a third person shooter like Gears and its also like playing in an episode of some gritty cop show..im loving it so far. The famous 'bullet-time' from the main game is present in the multiplayer too. This abbility basically slows down time in front of you and allowing you to dodge incoming bullets and fire your own off at your enemy.
It looks cool and is fun to use,but not an invincible move which is good.
The MP gameplay seems to be well balanced so far..no weapon or abbility without a counter..so your free to use what you want without pressure to use the OP (over powered) stuff to stay alive as in other games (cough MW3,BF3 cough).
You can even join or start up your own 'crew/gang' where other people can join and you can fight against other gangs in modes like 'Gang wars'- a running series of five games that follows how well or bad you do and chooses the missions accordingly..its amazing fun!
Id say give it a whirl if your fed up with the usual suspects like i am..its a change of pace and fun too.
As always rent it first just to be sure if you like it ( i think you will!)

Have you ever wondered this?..i have, and recently a friend asked me who i thought i was most like.
I straight away thought of some of the nobler people like Saber from Fate stay night/Fate Zero..but realised im only slightly like her,shes special to people because of her strength of charachter,nobility and loyalty..all grerat aspects.

Anyways,l sat there and looked up at my anime collection and smiled..id seen who i was resembled charachter wise..for better or worse..

Yep..im a composite of both Rock and Revy from the amazing BLACK LAGOON show.
I have the calm (relatively) aspects of Rock,and his negotiation skills along with his diplomatic way of talking and sorting things out.He also has a strong loyal core too and stands up for his beleifs and his friends.
Revy?..well i dont carry around a pair of custom Thai Beretta 92f's..but i do have the easy going, loyal, easily pleased side and then the fast acting angry side that erupts (like i said,its not all good!) like the Incredible Hulk!
I also swear too much to,just like Revy-which im working on cutting down!

It was an interesting exercise...would you choose an honest choice if you tried it?..or more of a 'i wish i was like this' kinda choice?
Again, let me know what you come up with :)


If you read my last 'Week in Gaming'..entry #6..then youll know im planning something for a future issue of my Gaming thoughts.
The question i have is this,what sort of prizes would you like to see?..keeping in the realms of reality obviously,but id like to hear your suggestions.

Well i guess thats it for now..have a great week and as always,feel free to leave comments and thoughts!

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