the plan
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Posted 5/20/12 , edited 5/20/12
*walks and cage lands on me and i go through it and i fall in a hole and a person puts a rope on the hole so she can climb up* person: its ok i wont do anything bad *i climb up* person: i had a id your age *holds up a pic of a man with bunny ears and a bunny tail* me: um thx for saving me! * i bow then i i touch a string * person: o its no prob- ah! *a log hits him and he flies in the sky* me: huh where he go? *keeps on pulling strings and stuff happens to the bad guy like exploding* person: i hear the crying of a demon! * i pull a string again and soldior gets caught in a trap and he is on the tree like a money* me: how is this the plan! friend: isnt clumisness the smartest way to get rid of the bad guys?
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