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25 / F / A very very FAR a...
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Chapter One
I felt the heated water hit my skin and start to warm my body up. keeping my eyes shut so none would get into my eyes. I reached my hand out to the familiar shelf in front of me, searching for the shampoo.
I found it, in its usual home, and squirted a good amount into my palms then rubbed it into my scalp, scratching the skin a little and bunching up all my hair. God there was so much hair.
I lightly smirked to myself however; my hair was unique, different. It had always grown quickly and over the years due to stress its colour had spread to a platinum like shade. I tilted my head back so the water could warm my face and rinse the shampoo- I didn’t bother with conditioner so I just turned the taps off quickly and reached for my towel which was hanging over the glass screen.
The softness of the white towel dried my skin and I dabbed it on my face a few times; making sure the moisture and water was all gone. I then wrapped it around my slim figure, tied it up at the front and stepped out of the shower, walking to the average sized sink and mirror.
Cold, grey eyes stared back at me through the steam that was clearing- there was no emotion present in them at all. My eyes darted to the sleek black phone that started to move around on the marble. I picked it up and flipped it open- pressing the speaker button. “Aluette speaking.” My tone was clipped and almost harsh sounding.
“I have a job for you to do.” The male on the other end stated, getting straight to business. I glanced at the name briefly.
“What job Mr. Sanders?” I asked, grabbing my underwear that was placed atop of the white toilet seat.
“The usual as always, but it needs to be done tonight.” He added. My eyes narrowed when I hooked up my bra. Mr. Sanders was never this pushy, for a job he would give me a months’ notice and pay me half in advance.
“Tonight, that’s a bit of a late notice,” I paused for a second. “Why so soon and how much?” There was silence on the other end of the line, my right brow rose. Mr. Sanders would usually have said it in a second. I could almost picture the man; behind his desk in the large skyscraper building.
I could imagine his graying and depleting hair would be as neat as always- But I couldn’t imagine his face right now.
I heard him let out a sigh and the sound of rustling papers. “500,000, without questions.” He said.
My eyebrows shot up. “Fine, send the details to my email. And the money in my bank account when I give the word.” I ordered and shut my phone. I glanced in the mirror and folded my towel up, throwing it in the laundry.
I strolled out of my bathroom and into the small apartment I called my home; it was only three rooms joined together. I opened up my trusty Toshiba laptop then walked over to my set of standard draws- the flat pack kind.
I heard the startup tune of my laptop as I slipped on some dark green cargo shorts; they were splattered with a dark crimson liquid and were very worn out. As I grabbed an old black singlet I got up and went back to the laptop, logging in and opening my email.
My fingers strummed over the keys as my emails loaded. A new message from Mr. Sanders; well he was faster than I thought. I loaded up the document that was attached.

Name: Zero [Last Name Unknown]
Age: [Unknown]
Skills: [Unknown]
Location: The Lotus Flower Hotel- Room 23 level 48
Notes: Will be in that room all night. Clean up needed.

My jaw tightened. “Are you kidding me,” I hissed. I had nothing to work with. No picture was attached either. I tapped my fingers as I grew impatient. I think I could tell why this paid so well. I opened up my internet browser and typed in the address. At least this “Zero” was close to me.
I skimmed over what the hotel looked like. “Shit…” I looked down at what I was wearing and sighed. I tugged off my cargo pants and kicked them aimlessly across the room. This time, I strolled over to my draws once again and pulled out a sleek black dress that had been folded.
I struggled to get into the tight garment, but managed. After that I put on some skin toned stockings and a pair of black stilettos. I was thankful of the thick band around the ankle for support.
I glanced up at the table beside my bed. In a soft green light the numbers ‘6:43pm’ were shown. I relaxed my tense shoulders and walked closer to the bedside opening the first draw, my eyes grazed over the magazine clips. I grabbed out my Jericho 941 handgun. It’s other name- which I prefer, is the Baby Eagle. The gun was a coal black all over but was surprisingly light for a weapon, I grabbed one of the magazines, loaded it into the empty gun and cocked it so it was ready to use.
I grabbed my make shift gun holster, hitching up my dress I put it around my right thigh and shoved the gun into place firmly.
All I had to do was style my hair and add make up, then I’d start this job from hell.

I walked into the large lobby of ‘The Lotus Hotel’ my expression was blank as I walked across the white marble floor to the front desk with my head held up in confidence. A young woman was reading a magazine behind the modern looking desk; her hair was blonde and out of the way from her face; she looked up briefly and then took a double take.
Her green eyes blinked in shock, most likely at my appearance. The hair was always a shock to people. I stopped in front of her; my fingers ran across the smooth of the upper desk.
“I need a key to room 23 on level 48,” I stated smoothly. “My husband is in that room and I need to speak with him. Now,” I growled in mock irritation.
The blonde forced a smile and flashed her white teeth. “I’m sorry miss, but you can’t do that,” She said as she typed into the computer; the keys clicking.
My eyes narrowed a little and I let out a sigh. “Please,” My tone softened. “I think… he’s cheating on me.. and I need to see,” I shut my eyes momentarily, forcing water into them.
“O-Oh, I understand,” she said quickly as she reached under the counter. “Take as long as you need, but my records say that he might be in the bar, the last bill to his room was a glass of Scotch around five minutes ago,” She said; handing me a key card.
“That’s okay. I can wait for him, Thank you,” I said as I took the card and went to the elevator; my heels clicked on the floors and I pushed the elevator button. The doors opened a few seconds later.
Stepping in I kept up the watery eyes. But, as soon as the doors shut I wiped them with my thumb- carefully so I didn’t smudge my mascara. My hand through my now curled hair in slight relief. “How gullible~” I mused with a slight smirk on my lips, watching as the numbers lit up on the elevator.

When I inserted the key card into the slot of room 28 I walked in and shut the door behind me. I couldn’t see much in the darkness though but I could still see basic shapes and letters on packets.
Looks liked this Zero guy was neat; all he had out was a change of clothes on the bed. “How boring…” I thought aloud. There wasn’t even a trace of someone using the bathroom at all, no toothbrush or towels had been used. ‘I might have to book in at this hotel…That bath looks amazing’ I mused to myself, making a mental note.
As I walked out of the bathroom I heard the door click, my eyes widened a little. “Shit,” I opened the wardrobe to my right, next to the bathroom door, and jumped inside, placing my hand on my gun and halting my breath.
This wasn’t how I planned things; I wanted to snoop around more.
As the man entered the room, I saw the silhouette of a slim figure in the darkness. The silhouette shut the door behind him and proceeded to take off his vest and tie. He tossed them aside, where they landed neatly on the table next to the couch.
The figure then walked towards the blinds and proceeded to open them, revealing only clear glass where there should be a wall. The entire wall was the window. He opened the blinds completely and gazed out into the city for a few minutes as he undid the top buttons of his dress shirt. He left the rest of the lower buttons untouched as he walked towards the couch and lied down.

The figure just laid there for several minutes without moving. I bit my lip and my index finger tapped itself on my gun. I was thinking of a million ways I could do this.
After a few seconds I put my hand on the knob of the closet door and opened it without a sound. I silently walked over to the glass window and looked outside, hand still on my gun.
“So,” I started. “ Why would you be up for assassination with such a high price?” I asked. My curiosity had gotten the better of me. I never did this when I was on a job- but then again I was given information about the target.
I waited for a reply and started to grow impatient. “Great,” I seethed; I walked up beside the couch, my gun already in my hand, aimed at his face in case he tried anything. I kicked his bed.
“Wake up.” I ordered in an almost military sounding tone.
As I grew closer I noticed that a smirk had formed on the figure's face. "Way to wake someone up." He removed his arm revealing his face, I flushed a little. His skin was perfect, grayish golden eyes glinted with mischief but they also complimented his messy golden hair.
His top three buttons to his shirt were unbuttoned, revealing a bit of his lean yet muscular body. He didn't seem intimidated by my gun. "Dare ya to shoot." He said. The smirk got wider.
“Not yet.” I stated, cocking the gun. “I want to know why you’re worth 500,000,” I paused as a lopsided smirk fell on my lips. “You look like you’re only worth 50,000,”
"That's nice." he replied as he let his eyes close again. He let out a long, steady yawn.
I let out a sigh in irritation and sat next to him, pushing him over and placing the gun on his forehead. "Who are you..." I muttered, more to myself than anything. "and why the hell does he want you dead on such short notice." I didn’t realize How deep in thought I was getting, but my finger was on the trigger.
"Well if you were sent here to kill me..." He murmured softly. Suddenly in one smooth motion, he had grabbed my wrist and pulled me down. Before I knew it Zero was on top of me, holding both arms above my head with his left hand.
His right hand twirled the gun around his finger teasing me. The twirling motion stopped with the barrel of the gun straight on my forehead. "Should I do the same?" his sweet breath hit my face, sending goose bumps along my skin.
I looked up into his gold-gray eyes through my lashes. A sadistic like grin broke on my laugh and I let out what almost sounded like a laugh.
"Go ahead.” I dared "Mr. Zero, I honestly don’t care. I kill for a living and if I’m killed then so be what fate desires." My eyes a lit up and adrenaline was flowing through my veins. "I just want to know why I’ve been called out to kill you."
“So once again I dare you-“
A gunshot echoed within my ears. I prayed to god that the room was soundproof .A smirk grew on Zero’s lips. He had shot the small area right next to me.
He slowly moved off me and he stood next to the couch, slipping the gun into his pocket. "I have no reason to know or care who you are." He replied. With his back turned to me, he walked towards the window and looked out upon the city scape.
Then, he turned around and made eye contact with me. His eyes, however, were cold and emotionless. He walked over to his vest and pulled out an envelope. Then he tossed it to me, it landed on the ground. "If its cash you need, there's more than you'll ever need in there. It’s a check for two million."
I blinked and picked up the envelope. Sitting up and crossing my legs, I opened it. "Holy. . ." I ran a hand through my hair and then shut my eyes, ripping up the check. "I don’t need your pity," I muttered, standing up and straightening out my dress.
"Pity? Wrong." A smirk appeared on his lips. "I just want nothing to do with someone that kills for a living."
I let out a frustrated sigh. Rubbing my eyes I spoke out loud "I was paid to kill you for Mr. Sanders. I don’t know or care why, But for once I’m surprised." I looked out the window.
"You have to be the youngest person I’ve agreed to kill," I glanced at him. "I don’t know how deep you are in this underworld but you must have done something to piss him off...I suggest you get out of that life Mr. Zero" I took in a deep breath and was about to continue when I heard him laugh lightly. I looked at him as he put a pink lollipop in his mouth. I licked my lips subconsciously.
"You know, for an assassin, you're pretty chatty. Not only have you revealed to me who sent you for the assassination, but you've left yourself vulnerable many times. Sanders is a sad man for hiring you."
I kept my cool composition up. “Mr. Sanders hired me at the last second. Literally.” I said. “I know plenty well that I have left openings, but, you see Mr. Zero.” I got off the couch and strolled over to him.
“Like I said earlier, I want to know why he wants you dead.” My tone was low and out bodies were centimeters away from each other. My hands snaked around to his back pocket and just as my fingers brushed my gun he grabbed my wrist.
I looked up at him with a lazy smirk. “I’m not going to kill you,” I stated. “You...intrigue me too much.” Zero let go of my wrist and I took my gun back, slipping up my dress and locking it back into its holster. I kept my eyes on him however, in case he decided to just suddenly snap my neck.
Zero suddenly let out a soft chuckle and I blinked at him in shock. "I won’t kill you." He then ruffled my hair as he walked towards the bed and sat down on it; creasing the crisp sheets.
"It’s getting dark, so I suggest you spend the night here. You can take the bed." He then looked over and grinned mischievously at me. "Since you're not here to kill me anymore, you're a guest. Guests are welcome."
I raised my eyebrow and my body leaned back a little. “Stay? Here?” I asked. “Like hell. I don’t do petty little sleep overs Mr. Zero,” I stated. I turned on my heel and started to walk towards the door.
My hand skimmed the golden handle. “Zero, I’ll ask one more time before I take my leave. “What are you involved in?” my tone was low yet serious and I suddenly could feel his body temperature behind me.
“Why do you want to know so badly?” He asked, I could hear the grin on his face.
“Because, I want to know why someone with your…looks is up for being assassinated,” I said simply, I glanced back at Zero.
"My looks?" he chuckled, a grin forming on his face. "What, have you fallen for me already?" He mused.
My eyes narrowed at him. “I don’t ‘fall’ for anyone, that emotion is useless.” My teeth were grinding against each other. “I just meant you looked young.”
Zero grinned. “You stole the words right out of my mouth,” He replied, he scanned me. “You look too young for someone who kills for a living.”
I smirk played on my lips. “Oh did I now? Well, I look young. So what,” I stated. I watched as Zero walk back over to the bed, I turned around to watch him; he un buttoned the rest of his buttons- a dazed and sleepy look over his eyes.
“You still haven’t answered me.” I stated. “What are you involved in?” I muttered, My patience was wearing thin now.
Zero's lean yet muscular body was fully revealed when he peeled his shirt off. "More than you think, and more than you'll want to know." He cocked his head towards me lazily. "It's got nothing to do with you, anyway." He grabbed a towel that was folded on an armchair by the window and flung it on his shoulder.
I watched him as he walked to the bathroom and shut the door; I then heard the taps start to run. ‘Is he stupid?’ I thought to myself as I started to maneuver around his room, He hand no wallet, no identification. Nothing. I frowned when I saw a laptop under his pillows. I opened it up.
My eyes widened and my brain just stopped thinking. I was staring at files, a lot of files. All labeled with my name at the start;


I swallowed the lump in my throat, my breathing was irregular and heavy. My eyes darted on the screen. “How…fuck.” I breathed out. In the top right corner of the screen there was a search bar.
[Gathering Information: 2% completed.]
“Holy shit…only two?!” I gasped in shock as I then heard the bathroom door My head whipped up towards the sound and I saw Zero; wet and in a bathrobe that covered most of his body except for his chest. He was drying his hair with a towel in one hand while his eyes looked at me and the laptop. ‘Fuck.’
He smiled. "Thought you said you were leaving?" he said, walking over to me.
I stood up quickly and dusted myself off; I then got out my gin and shot his laptop three times. “I am now,”
Zero didn't seem affected by me shooting his laptop. That made me wary. "There's more where that came from." He said, referring to the information on the laptop. His hands brushed over my own and the gun, holding it in place. Zero smirked, leaning his face close to mine.
“But, it still wasn’t a nice thing to do,” He whispered into my right ear. I could feel the heat from his breath and smell the shampoo from his hair. It made my head clouded with confusion.
I shut my eyes briefly to compose myself and tested how his hold was on my pistol. "Neither is snooping into my life." I hissed. I slowly rubbed my smooth leg on the side of his, slyly hooked it around and suddenly swept them; causing Zero to fall backwards.
During that moment I yanked my gun back and landed on him, my knees pinned his arms down to the ground.
Zero's bathrobe had gotten loser, revealing more of his upper body down to his stomach, but luckily covering his lower half. Zero didn't seem to be bothered by anything I just and that made me tick a little on the inside.
"Snooping?" a smirk was on his face. "I call ‘information gathering.’ It's always best to be prepared, especially when it’s of someone that's about to kill you."
I just looked at him, masking the emotions on my face. "Snooping in my books.” I stated in annoyance, I was aiming the gun straight at his heart. My finger tapped the trigger impatiently
"Shoot." Zero dared. He lifted his head so his face was closer to mine. I could practically feel the confidence in his eyes.

Just then, the door opened and I saw a man in a suit walk in; His hair was black as coal but slowly greying. "Mr. Zero, I have a few--" He stopped speaking when he saw us.
His eyes widened. "Err... sorry for interrupting; Ms. Aluette, Mr. Zero." I arched my eyebrow at the newcomer.
"It's alright. Just leave and we'll take it as if it never happened, right Aluette?" Zero said in a sly manner. I saw the man bow apologetically and in a hurry. Who was he? He looked very familiar.
I glared a little at Zero. "Why would you do that?" I muttered. "You could have said; help! Help! Whatever." I held the gun more firmly and then pulled the trigger.

The gun had jammed. "Oh you gotta be fucking kidding me"

"I didn’t need help, better to make people think we're lovers than enemies. That'd cause problems." He smirked and winked at me.
I coughed in embarrassment and threw the gun away, making sure I still had him pinned down. "Lovers? Tch, Stupid." I growled.
I then stopped and blinked. "Wait...How the hell did he know who I was?" I asked, the realization hitting me.
"He was going to hire you, and asked me to do a background check on you to see if you were safe to invest with." He stated.
I blinked in shock. "Well...This is awkward." I thought aloud. My mind ticked over. "Oh fuck. He's going to think we're-" It was just hitting me now
"Glad you can put two and two together." Zero replied with a smile. "Mind getting off of me now? You're all over my chest."
I realized then that my hands were on his chest and had slid down to the sides, holding the robe down and revealing his chest.
I felt my face heat up and got off him quickly, wiping my hands on my dress. "Tch," I glared at him to hide my embarrassment .
"And we have the usual glare." Zero said like an announcer. He smiled and ruffled my hair. "Just spend the night here. Mr. CEO's probably waiting in front of the door for you to leave. I don’t feel like talking to him and he won’t bother me if he thinks you'll spend the night here." His smile curved into a smirk.
"He won’t make the mistake of interrupting us again." He removed the bathrobe and changed into normal clothes, I turned away. Was he even bothered that I was in the same room. "You can have the bed, I'll take the couch."
I rolled my eyes. “I’m not staying. For one fact I have no clothes, I also don’t spend nights with anyone.” I walked over to the door for the millionth time that night.
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