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Posted 5/22/12 , edited 5/22/12

On March 1st, it was announced that actress Gouriki Ayame will be playing the heroine in the upcoming drama ‘Mirai Nikki -Another:World-‘, starring Okada Masaki.

It seems like there won’t be a drama season without an appearance of Gouriki anytime soon. While other actors usually take a break for at least one season, Gouriki has been keeping herself busy as she has been appearing in dramas for five consecutive seasons, with ‘Mirai Nikki‘ to add to the list.

As mentioned in the previous announcement, Fuji TV will be reviving their old and popular Saturday night time slot (‘LIFE’, ‘SP, ‘LIAR GAME’) with ‘Mirai Nikki -Another:World-’. The drama is based on a popular manga of the same name, but features an original story and characters, in an attempt to bring about even more exciting love-suspense drama. However, the basic story line will remain the same; young individuals will still obtain mysterious mobile diaries (‘mirai nikki’) that can change the future, and a survival battle of life and death connected to those diaries will unfold.

Gouriki will be playing the role of the beautiful ‘Furusaki Yuno’, an original character, who will be as important as the heroine in the manga (‘Gasai Yuno’). She and ‘Hoshino Arata’ (Okada) are two of the young people who possess the aforementioned mobile diary. ‘Furusaki’ starts to develop feelings for ‘Hoshino’, and even begins to stalk him. She appears wherever ‘Hoshino’ is, and her obsession with him often make her do strange things.

The producer stated, “While we are trying to keep the charm of the original manga, we reconstructed a new ‘Yuno’ for the drama adaptation. We think that Gouriki is the perfect choice to bring to life the new ‘Yuno’, while still appealling to the fans of the original ‘Yuno’.”

Gouriki commented, “I’m really nervous. It would be great if it could become an exciting drama for fans of the original and those who are new to the story. The manga always makes you worry about what will happen next and I hope the drama will create the same anxiety. I’ll work hard in order to create a heroine that is going to let you have an exciting Saturday.”

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Posted 5/22/12 , edited 5/22/12
The first episode was not good... =S
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