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Posted 5/22/12 , edited 5/22/12
honestly im just hoping this will help people with ideas, i want to make my own manga but i have no imagination when it comes to writing my mind kinda goes blank and im sure there are other people like that so i was kinda hoping this would help people out there, because i can draw just not tell or wright stories.

heres some of my ideas

At the age of ______ in a futuristic time that has become more of a steam-punk Victorian like era, children who are found to have “the light” are taken from their homes to train at an academy known as ______________. This academy was made to destroy the ominous evils that lurk in the world, “the darkness.”

A girl wants to get revenge for her family and then ends up changing her mind and decides to get rid of the evil, so that what happened to her won’t happen to anyone else.

A girl was abandoned as a child and taken in by a __________

yeah not very good but eh
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Posted 11/4/12 , edited 11/4/12
2023: a war has broken out against an unknown enemy, almost a quarter of the population has bitten the dust, armies are working together to hold back the threat, Zero( the lead character) and his crew where on a patrol when they got orders to head south of London, people were trapped in the building, and so begins the first episode, where Zero and his crew fight trough enemy hords and manage to save the people, back i camp, Zero looks who survived the attack and he meets Lilith, his old girlfriend, both are very happy to see each other, and then they are having a little conversation, Lilith ask to Zero what for creatures they were, Zero tells her that he doesn't know what they were... but that many people call them the bearers of the apocalypse, also known as Demons... then, officer Torg rushes in the tent and tells Zero that a spawngate has opened close to the camp and that all radio signals are being jammed, except the communication lines, Zero and his crew go for the assault, killing a lot of Demons, many man die, Zero, Torg, Shaon and John managed to stay alive, when they are planting the bomb they became shocked, there was not enough wire to get to the safety zone, Zero tells his man to fall back while he would stay and finish the job, Torg says that he wants to finish the job for Zero but Zero replies with: i said fall back.... that is an ordor.!and Torg, Take this to Lilith and tell her i am sorry. Torg and the rest fall back while Zero stays ready waiting for the sign to blow everything up when some demons come through the gate and start shooting Zero, Zero shoots back but his hand gets shot off, he fals on the ground and tries to stay alive, the demons come closer and try to take the final shot, but then, the signal.... Zero starts laughing and presses the button, causing a huge explosion..........

Back on camp, the three survivors walked towards the tent with all survivors... giving Lilith the dog tag of Zero, Lilith starts crying ;-;.

Zero wakes up in a dark place... he can't feel anything....... a few minutes later, a man with a black cloak walks toward him and starts speaking to him : ???:You are Zero right, good to see you and you are just on time Zero: what do you mean, on time for what? ???: on time for your destiny, but i think that Lucifer could explain it better, come with me. Zero: Lucifer???? you mean the Lucifer ???: jup, thats him, but if you would be so kind, please walk with me... Lucifer doesn't like waiting.... while the man and Zero walk through the dark place Zero asks some questions and then they reach the door that leads to the Underworld.

Finally in the Underworld Zero asks some to the man with the black cloak: Zero: why is this place so... beautiful, i thought hell would look like... well, a hell ???: oh no no, Hell is still Hell, this is just the first ring, the place for Lucifer.. good Demons, Soul hunters and for my species... The grim reapers. Zero: so you are a grim reaper? ???: jup.

Zero has an conversation with Lucifer about that he is the last DemonBane in all the dimensions( a lie, because the arch nemesis of the series is a DemonBane, and Zero's father who he thought was dead is also a still breathing DemomBane.) And that he needs to protect the whole universe plus all dimensions..... Zero accepts his Destiny and starts training... while his crew is till fighting.

then his crew were shocked when a new gate opened a huge gate.. and they were even more shocked when they saw Zero walk out of it... they started shooting on Zero but the bullets didn't hurt him at all and while they were shooting Zero shouted: Torg, please let them shooting me, and just want to talk with everyone about how we gonna kick some demon ass. Torg: man, stop shooting, i think one of our allies has returned...... thats the end of part one.

hope you like the first thingie, i will tell you the story line soon :D
am i doing this right???
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