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How piracy is killing the anime industry.
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Posted 5/24/12 , edited 5/24/12

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I think in a way some companies have no one to blame but themselves especially when it comes to anime. I'm sorry Funimation but I'm not paying $50+ for an anime that is only 6 to 12 episodes long. Bring down the price and we'll talk. I say this but I absolutly hate piracy. So when situations like this arise I turn to Crunchyroll and Hulu. Low monthy rates with unlimited viewing. Can you get any better? I'll be waiting on that free month now Cruchyroll.

FUNimation/Sentai/Media Blasters' prices for anime is still far cheaper than the Japanese prices. Also what anime that only has 6 episodes and is $50? That's Japanese pricing there. I have never paid more than $40 for 12 episode anime from FUNi.

I'm probably over exagerating on the 6 episode thing. I was more than willing to pay the $30 price tag for the Fooly Cooly blu ray, but it was only because it was an excellent series. Like I said some of the more borderine anime I liked I probably would have bought had it been about half the price they were asking for. I guess I just miss the days of buying an anime that had four to five episodes and never paying over $20 for it. I have found really good deals on blu ray anime on Amazon along with very well priced Jrock albums as well.

Your argument is flawed. If you are willing to pay $20 for 4-5 episodes ($4-$5 each) then you should also be willing to pay $48-$60 for 12 episodes ($4-$5 each). Anime in the US has not increased in price. In fact, a lot of the time it's cheaper than it used to be from the prices I've seen. Also, that $20 for 4-5 episodes would have been DVD price, right? You can't really compare that to BluRay prices. If you want it on BluRay then you pay the extra money. Otherwise you should just be cheap and buy the DVD version for less. You are just trying to justify being a leech, and failing.

Wow did someone wake up one the wrong side of the bed this morning? You don't know me or what my financial situation is. $50-$60 is a lot of money for me at one time. $20 spread out over a couple of months is something I can live with. You can argue all you want but you shouldn't make things personal.

I didn't make it personal. I simply pointed out the fact that you stated you are willing to spend $4-5 per episode, while also stating that you aren't willing to pay $4-5 per episode. That makes no sense, and made your entire argument seem like an excuse for justifying piracy. The only difference is the amount of money spent at once, but considering that most DVD's that had 4-5 episodes were actually part of a 12/24 episode series, it still works out to $60 over time for a 12-13 episode series. If spending $50-60 at once is really that much of a problem for you, then you could always save up some money like everyone else does for things they can't easily afford. Treat it as if it is just a $20 purchase every couple of months. I'm not saying you have to, but it's a good idea if you really hate piracy as much as you claim.

On topic:
Some of the points made in the video are incorrect or I disagree with. He got the Funimation 'hacking' thing wrong. It wasn't really hacking, seeing as it was as simple as changing the episode number in the URL of the video. It was an act of negligence on Funimation's part for putting the file up early on a publicly accessible server with such an obvious file name. AnimeNewsNetwork and Kaze (French anime company) also made the same mistake. I'm anti-piracy by the way.
Edit: I didn't realise it was only part 1. I thought it had parts cut out to save time. I'll watch more of it later.
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