The Rules Yo :]
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Posted 3/9/13 , edited 3/10/13

.:The Rules:.

♦ Be Friendly. There's no need for drama outside of the forums.

♦ No God Moding or Invincible characters, otherwise your ass is grass ^^.

♦ The Maximum amount of student characters you can make is four. Other people need partners too you know.

♦ Stay Active.... Please?

♦ If you absolutely must 'do it' time skip, put it in spoilers or move it to pm. Please just don't over due it =__=;

♦ If you read this put "Pineapple" at the bottom of your character sheet

♦ Don't force others into relation/partnerships

♦Fighting is only permitted outside of the school building or in the training grounds. Otherwise Mandatory self defense is excused.

♦Have Fun!
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