Posted 5/24/12 , edited 5/24/12
___________Abyss (アヴィス Avisu?) The world that chains come from. It exists in a different dimension as the world, and as thus, time doesn't truly exist in the Abyss. A person can find themselves in any random time period upon exiting the Abyss, though usually the person is transported forward in time. According to Break, the Abyss can appear as a prison or a broken toy box, depending on the person. Intention of the Abyss (アヴィスの意志 Abisu no Ishi?) The existence that governs the Abyss. Usually appears in the form of a bloodied rabbit doll with big round eyes. The real form of the Will of the Abyss is similar to Alice but with white hair and wears white or light colored dresses whereas Alice wears dark colored ones. Apparently the Intention of the Abyss wants Oz to go back in the Abyss, and is revealed to be Alice's twin.________________

__________The Intention of Abyss and Alice were both conceived in the human world and born in the Abyss by Lacie. The Intention of the Abyss hates Alice and wishes to destroy her. It is revealed her real name is Alice as well and that the name Intention of the Abyss was only a title given to her by Revis as his expirement. She is Lacie's daughter who remained in the Abyss and became the human vessel for the Core of the Abyss.______________
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