make your own fight card game
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Posted 5/24/12 , edited 5/25/12
well wonder how it works

1.make 4 or 5 matches of any kinds with any person real or fiction
2.person below will pick the winners of matches
3.after person pick winners then will make matches sets & so on everyone else

so here it goes

match 1 batman vs iron man in a street fight
match 2 godzilla vs king kong in barbed wire steel cage
match 3 tarzan vs george of the jungle in a ladder match
match 4 kobe bryant vs lebron james in i quit match
match 5 john cena vs superman in a last man standing match
Posted 5/31/12 , edited 6/1/12
Match one- Batman
Match two- Godzilla
Match three- Tarzan
Match four- Kobe...
Match five- Superman...

Match 1 Abe Lincoln vs. George Washington in a televised debate.
Match 2 Johny Depp Vs .Nicolas Cage in a hunt for treasure
Match 3 Courage [the cowardly dog] vs. Fang [harry potter] in a who is the bravest contest.
Match 4 Snow White vs. Cinderella in a who has the worst step mother contest.
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