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Posted 5/26/12 , edited 5/26/12
So, it really surprised me when i realized that there are actually sho x kyoko supporters out there among the sea of all skip beat fans. i mean, i knew there were fans of sho, but not SHO AND KYOKO. in fact, i was so surprised that i now have to ask: WHY IN THE WORLD DO PEOPLE WANT THAT?

how could he and kyoko ever happen? it's not even LOGICAL if they get back together. if that is seriously how skip beat ends, then kyoko as a strong, female heroine falls flat on her face.

but nevertheless, these are the arguments that sho x kyoko fans use to justify their argument (at least the ones i heard so far):

1) he's changed

HOW? because he finally starts showing attention to her? because he treats her like he owns her? because he gets jealous? that's change?

2) he doesn't know how to show his love for her

So his answer for "not knowing how" are using her as a maid, then tossing her on the street, insulting her as a girl, stealing her first kiss, and basically using her "hatred" of him to his own advantage.

3) he's always loved her

No, he sort of cared about her. and when he realized she actually LOVED him, he used her to his advantage as he pursues his own dreams. sho STUPIDLY thought that a girl like her would never leave him so he mistreated her in any possible way he wanted because he knew "she loved him." if you really love someone, you would show them the respect they deserve no matter what.

4) Ren is just as bad as sho. he's manipulative.

Manipulative? how is ren manipulative? he doesn't toy with kyoko. (when he kissed her on the cheek, did he not talk to her so that she wouldn't be so distressed? when she showed up with kajima at the party, did he even TRY to get her away from him? did he ever once badmouth sho? does he use kyoko's emotions and behavior for his own purposes?) Ren rightfully respects kyoko in every possible way. he's giving her the space he thinks she needs AND THAT'S WHAT MAKES HIM SO FRUSTRATING! Ren x Kyoko fans WANT HIM TO TURN ON HIS PERSUASIVE CHARM...but he doesn't

5) He's cute.

I'm not even going to bother with that one.

so now i want to ask, sho x kyoko and ren x kyoko fans alike. what do you guys think?
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Posted 11/3/12 , edited 11/3/12
Kuon/Kyoko =) I think Kyoko is the only want that can truly accept all of him and help heal his wounds. They have to withdraw from their masks of protection. This is a long process and will probably take another 200 chapters at this rate lol. XD
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