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Posted 5/26/12 , edited 5/26/12
This is gonna be a rant based on the 8 episodes I seen thus far. I will not explain the plot, you can just view the description, watch some episodes or research on your own. As far as I can tell, this anime focuses on 2 characters with almost no background, dimension or personality. They also have no social life, its always basketball and you never see them do any outside of school activities. I only saw up to episode 8 but that was enough for me to tell where the direction of this anime was heading.

Problems I have with this anime:

Generation of miracles- Group of 5 bad asses that dominated their middle school league. Each individual is superior in their own form of basketball talent. They all separated and went to different high schools. Kagami and Kuroko took down one of them in their very first practice game... You're telling me a mediocre team with no team chemistry and 2 above players, beat one of the generation of miracles team in a practice game...

Gameplay- A member of the generation of mriacles is a shooting specialist. I dont have a problem with that but when you portray the character with a surreal shot, it just makes the who thing unwatchable. His shooting arc is so high that it can almost touch the ceiling of the gym... I kid you not and that is when I finally give up and lost all credibility for this anime to be deemed watchable.

Okay, I understand how this is appealing to people who don't watch basketball because they get to learn and see how fun basketball really is but for those who are fans and are looking for a real life or mirror reflection of the NBA, you will be disappointed.

Everyone that is good in this anime can dunk and score easily with no trouble. Kagami can do anything from scoring, dunking, fade aways, rebounding, defending and is basically the Kevin Durant of this anime. Kuroko is the phantom sixth man and is praised for his passing abilities. But that is all... This kid has no endurance, speed, agility and the anime portrays him as a pointguard that can only pass and can't make buckets so that already sums up this anime. This Anime will just show a lot of Kagami scoring and a lot of Kuroko passing. There I told you the main plot, there is no point in watching something that is redundant. This anime focuses on 2 players instead of the whole team.

Slam Dunk has many characters and backgrounds. I don't want to go into detail but as you can see Akagi is a devoted player whose dream was always to strive for the best. Sakuragi joined basketball to impress a girl but ended up falling in love with the game. Rukawa is basically Michael Jordan and plays to be #1. Slam Dunk is also realistic and point out the flaws, fallacies, cohesion and all intangible aspects of the game. No one is perfect and everyone has flaws. Mitsui can't play more than 3 quarters, Rukawa is a ball hog, Sakuragi has no offense, Akagi is a liability at the free throws. Slam Dunk presents the basketball inside and out. What players have to go through and the struggles they must overcome to help their team.

I just couldn't keep this all in, I wrote this in like 10 minutes without thinking twice. I wrote whatever pop up to my mind so there you have it, I will put some more thought into it later on if I feel like I miss anything but I am in a hurry so toodles.
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Posted 6/11/12 , edited 6/12/12
first quote:
Gameplay- A member of the generation of mriacles is a shooting specialist. I dont have a problem with that but when you portray the character with a surreal shot, it just makes the who thing unwatchable. His shooting arc is so high that it can almost touch the ceiling of the gym... I kid you not and that is when I finally give up and lost all credibility for this anime to be deemed watchable.

I can understand ppl in NBA dont shoot that many high angle shots for they are more inacurate then lower shots. Still I think a lot ppl can do it, rly with practice u'll get a feeling for those high angle shots. I studied on a border school for 4 years. All I did was getting the basket ball and try to shoot and hit. At some point this became soo easy i started at 3 pointers after that i wanted to do them without touching the ring. The only way to go is doing it from a higher angle. At some point I got some feeling for it. Ofc i dont shoot a 100% but lets say 40% hit on 3 pointer circle other 60% bounce off on the ring. But to get to the point people can get a feeling for it so dont say its impossible to hit a shot like that.

Second quote:
This anime focuses on 2 players instead of the whole team.

Well its true but doesnt every anime has that in the end. Ofc there are multiple characters but in the end its only about a small group of characters. In the 9th episode both Kuroko and Kagami where send to the bench. It was time to show what the seniors can do.
The captain is a good shooter, another guy has great insight and a tird has a good hook shot. Mby a bit late but its not those 2 all the time.
Further more Kuroko is the main character with the smallest screen time in anime history as far as I can remember.
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Posted 1/14/13 , edited 1/15/13
You may not like the show but I do! I also liked slam dunk but I liked the animation of Kuroko and Kagami a lot ! I also liked the other players a lot and can't wait for a secon season. Wish Slam Dunk was longer. I also love soccer animation too
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Posted 8/15/13 , edited 8/26/14
I am only on the 5th episode of this anime but i remember reading that you were on the 8th. Maybe have to give the anime more time to see new characters come out. Slam dunk did not start getting good until about episode 17. It took time for the anime to create a team
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Posted 8/26/14 , edited 8/27/14
@Kenshin3017 and anyone who got the same opinion , I have watched both Season 1 and 2 and currently reading the manga online (now at chapter 274). And i can tell that u can't base this anime on the first couple of episodes cuz i swear it's a "if u it hate now, u'll love it later" anime. Because the plot really seems simple and maybe seems only focused on Kuroko/Kagami...AT FIRST but the plot gets deeper as it goes and will give the other characters some spot light too.

Anyone who have ever watched/read Slam Dunk got to know at least 3 things:1) KnB is simply just not as realistic and that what makes it different so deal with it. 2) It focuses more on the characters, their determination , and having fun playing the game/teamwork than the basketball itself. 3) VERY IMPORTANT 2 KNOW: In the manga it is stated that the rules VARY from NBA official rules and the author didn't really know much about basketball when he first started writing this so...

About Kuroko Tetsuya: i know it seems like it makes no sense that the main character sucks at everything besides passing and can't even shoot and that his personality might seem bland but 4 things: 1) That''s what make the anime so original in the first place! 2) The twist is that the main character is a supporting character (he said it himself in the first episode) and that Kagami is THE sports-anime-main-character stereotype (i'm sure the author did it on purpose to point out how much of a supporting character Kuroko is even though he's the MC) so... 3) Also the character development will come, so patience, and also u'll understand why Kuroko is the way he is, how close him and the Generation of Miracles were and how they were back then in middle school (but sadly much later, based on the manga, they'll probably have the Teiko Arc in around season 3, if not 4 ) and u'll know the background of the senpais and Kagami too (in season 2 ). 4) It's not like he doesn't know to shoot r dat no one taught him, its just he's really bad at it ( even though he's been practicing it since a long time). And there's a good reason why (in season 2 u'll know). Besides, he's not all about passing, he got more than one trick up his sleeve, u'll see

Like I said, Kuroko's Basketball is not too realistic but almost all the moves (and some things) u see were done by NBA players, but in an exaggerated way and with a bunch of special effects. Don't believe me? Go check youtube, no jokes (for example, Kagami's Meteor Jam was Dwight Howard's Superman Dunk). And besides if it was realistic it wouldn't be an anime, or it would be a copy of Slam Dunk and who would want that? Also there r stuff that only make sense like a lot later (either in season 2 or the manga mostly) 4 example some moves are like magic at first (cuz of special effects), but there's always trick behind it and u'll also know the reason Kuroko couldn't shoot, why Aomine's a jerk, what made Akashi the way he is, how come Kuroko seem emotionless, etc. and other important details are reveled pretty much later. In other words what seems ridiculous now makes sense later. So really, the anime gets better as it goes.

As mentioned earlier, the plot ,at first glance, is this:' Kuroko with his new light have to beat his former teammates (the Generation of Miracles) one by one to prove "his basketball" (teamwork and having fun while playing) and make his team number 1 of Japan'. But don't worry, there's more 2 that,. I'll try not 2 enter in the details but: its he's not just trying to prove his basketball but he want to help his former friends re-find their love for basketball... The plot gets deeper overtime (especially after season 2).

Side note: I pretty much only watch sport anime, so I've also watched Baby Steps, Yowapeda, Haikyuu, Free! (didn't watch Free! 4 the fanservice, just wanted 2 know the story...). I've only watched the first episode of Slam Dunk though, there's just something with old anime that makes me get bored of it for no apparent reason... Same thing after I've watched a couple of episodes of Hoop Days(or Dear Boys), Prince of Tennis and Initial D. couldn't stand them after a while (still trying 2 watch them anyway but occasionally) . But I'll give Slam Dunk a 2nd chance and will maybe check out Buzzer Beater. Last thing: if u'll ever come 2 like KnB, I'll seriously recommend u Haikyuu (about volleyball) u'll see why...

P.S. I'm sorry 4 making this SO long, I guess I got carried away . I hope i didn't miss anything, might edit it if I did. Plz don't mind any spelling errors, bye all
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