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Posted 5/26/12 , edited 5/27/12

Raira Academy (formerly known as Raijin Academy) is a private high school in east Ikebukuro. It is considered a pretty good high school, with good facilities and well maintained grounds.
Current students:
Anri Sonohara
Masaomi Kida
Mikado Ryuugamine
Kyouka Hachisaka
Ryo Takiguchi
Rio Kamichika
Mika Harima
Seiji Yagiri
Mairu Orihara
Kururi Orihara

Takashi Nasujima (Teacher - Class 1-C)

Former/Graduated students:
Shizuo Heiwajima
Izaya Orihara
Shira Kishitani
Kyohei Kadota
You can make new staff members for Raira. They are allowed to have affairs with their students, if they are kept secret.
Any inappropriate RP should be put in a spoiler!
Don't be too OOC
Don't kill other people's characters unless they allow you to do so.
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