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Posted 5/26/12 , edited 5/27/12
What I liked about Toonamis return:

- Toonami coming back (obvious)
- Seeing Deadman Wonderland (and how their was little censoring of stuff)
- Seeing SAC 2nd gig (a nice refresher anime to see again)
- The video game review for " I am Alive" for the xbox 360.

Things that annoyed me about Toonamis Comeback:

- The amount of censoring that went into the anime
- The Adult Swim logo on the Toonami time block (You can't have 2 Time blocks within each other its' stupid)
- The advertisements that went up about Adult Swim on the Toonami time block (It's the Toonami time block not adult swim so stay out of the Toonmi time block Adult Swim)
- Disappointed with casshern sins so far (Hope it gets better)

Looking forward to seeing the next episodes of Deadman Wonderland
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