One Piece Trivia!!
Posted 5/27/12 , edited 5/27/12
This will be the last trivia game of today, same rules, same everything

Rules are simple
1. If you answer correctly and the person who put the question agrees that is correct, then you can put a new 2. Questions can be about seiyu's and such of the real life, like the editorials in which they first appeared. trivia question
3. if no one answers for a week (7 days) the peron who put a question can leave another one, if the person who put the questions doesn't appear after 2 weeks,(such as no agreeing or disagreeing with an answer or leaving a new question before the 2 weeks period) a new user can put another question
4. Do not repeat questions
5. remember to have fun

6. I will be adding more as the game contineous to ensure enjoyment for the members

Here's the question

Who is luffy's dad and what does he work for?
Posted 7/8/12 , edited 7/8/12
Let's try something else, What's the name of straw hat's first large ship?
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