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i do not own any of the art. this story is entirely fictional!
the art may be some random anime person from any anime. i do this bcuz that is how i see my
character in my story!


we walked in, the ice cream parlor bell jingling as we swung the glass door open. A burst of candy-sweet smells blew past me.

I guess I wont get any studying done tonight... i thought to my self as we walked inside n took a seat.

"so, whats ur name? im Otonashi Karou." the boy asked me, as he sat down. a glimmer shined in his eyes.

Otanashi... Karou? that sounds familiar.

"uh, Kurumi Miyuki!" i stuttered. he smiled.

"kawaii!" he winked at me, crossing his arms on the back of his head. i blushed.

"so, what would u like?" he smiled, holding up a wad of cash.

"its on me!" he pointed to himself with his thumb.

"no... im not really hungry.." i shrugged, smiling.

"i insist! lets share a sundae!" he laughed.

a chill ran down my spine. i pictured him feeding me a spoon of ice cream from our gigantic sundae.

but there was a... familiar feeling as well.

"o-otonashi-kun-" he got up before i even spoke. he walked over to the counter and smoothly ordered a sundae. he refered to me as "his lady." i felt steam coming out of my ears.

i dont really go for "smooth" guys like him. but, why all of a sudden is this happening to me?

he sat down.

"uh... i really have to go." i said, smiling awkwardly, n picking up my bag.

"Miyuki, what about our sundae? u mean i wasted money for nothing?" he said, grinning.

using my first name already?!

"this.. is kind of sudden. i'm.. leaving." i said. i waved to him, running out the door before he could say anything. my feet hit the side walk, as i ran in the OPPOSITE direction of my house. i realized this, and stopped in mid tracks. the sun was setting.


i swung around, n gasped to find a dark figure. i sighed in relief when it was Otonashi.

WAIT. why am i relieved?!

"u forgot this." he said, breathlessly. he handed me a tiny heart necklace.

taking it in my hands, i examined it. but this...

"this isn't mine." i said, handing it back to him.

"it is now." grinning, he winked at me, and ran away.

"wait!" i called back.

"see u at school!" he called back from his shoulder.

i sighed, examining the tiny heart necklace he gave to me. i found an opening to it. a locket? i opened it. there was an old, dirtied picture in it.

its me when i was a little girl.. and... I gasped.

the boy next to me in the photo resembled otonashi karou. we were sitting down together... sharing a...


(to be continued!)
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