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i do not own any of the art. this story is entirely fictional!
the art may be some random anime person from any anime. i do this bcuz that is how i see my
character in my story!


The next day, I nervously got dressed. I brushed through my hair, and pulled up my two usual mini tails on the top of me head. i dreaded going to school. i ate my cereal very slowly. everytime i look at the heart locket Otonashi gave to me, my heart sank to my stomach. i dont seem to remember him... but he remembers me. usually, the guy never remembers childhood friendship... but this time, its me.


"Ugh!" I pulled my hair, and fell on my bed.

"Miyuki, are you ready to go?" my mom called from down stairs.

"C-coming!" i called. i sat up quickly, and grabbed my bag from my bed post. i swung the door open, stopping in mid tracks. while i was hesitating, i glanced at the heart locket. i rolled my eyes, stomping over to my dresser. i picked it up, and quickly put it over my head. i hid it in my sailor shirt, and ran out the door.

I slammed the door car, and waved to my mom as she pulled away from the school. i walked to the side walk. i heard a little whiney squeel from far aways...

"Miki-chan!" i swung around, and saw my friends- Haku and Yuu running over to me. Yuu was smiling at Haku, as they approached me.

Haku(left) Yuu(right)

"Miki-chan!" Yuu laughed, and hugged around my waist.

"how was your summer, Miyuki?" Haku said cooly.

i nodded. "great! how was urs, Haku-chan?" i said, smiling, glad to finally see people i know very well.

"Miyuki!" A boy called from behind.

"oohhh, Miki-chi... whose tht?" Yuu winked. i swung around.


Otonashi Karou was waving to me, and walking this way.

I hung my head.

"we'll leave u two alone." Haku said, winking at me. she grabbed Yuu's arm, while Yuu started fussing, but eventually got somewhere.

"w-wait! don't leave me..." i tried to call out, when i felt a hand on my shoulder. i shivered.

i swung around.

"so, do u finally remember?" Otonashi Karou asked, softly punching my arm.

i scrunched my eyebrows together.

"i-i.." Otonashi rubbed my head, before i came out.

"nah, its okay. i wouldn't be surprise if u dont. it was only for one day." he said, chuckling. he looked up at the sky.

"u were at the ice cream shop. that same one we went to yesterday. u were so cute.!" he said, rubbing my head and messing up my hair again. i blushed.

"u and i got a big fat sundae, bcuz our moms somehow knew each other... over work or something..." he scratched his head and after a second of thought, he snapped his fingers.

"i remember! it was at our parents work party! and thats where we first met, and shared a sundae! i was trying to jog ur memory." he smiled at me.

i tried digging deep in my memories. i felt so bad for forgetting... but how could he remember from just bumping into me?

i somewhat remember now... only slight memories of us holding hands and running around.

"but, i moved out of Japan, to Germany." Otonashi continued, interrupting my thoughts. The bell rang, and Otonashi and I looked at each other.

"let me take you out tonight, now that we know each other. the same place. we'll walk their after school!" he said, taking my hand. he slid away, and walked into the building.

"wait!" i called. he swung around.

"... see u then." i said, smiling. he smiled back, and cooly swished around, running a hand through his hair. i felt butter flies in my tummy. his assertiveness drove me crazy, but, i might as well go along with it. i held my stomache, and swung my bag over my shoulder, walking in the building.

(to be continued!)

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